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OT: Sick dd and update on stuttering toddler
My 5 yo dd Heather started with vomiting and bad diarrhea very early Monday morning. She was throwing up at least every hour if not more for the first day or so. She really couldn't keep much of anything down at all until Wednesday when she kept some drink down and she was sleeping a lot. Yesterday she finally seemed to start getting better, wanting to play a bit and watching TV and she even kept her drinks down all day and ate a tiny bit. She slept great last night, so I figured she was well on her way to getting better, so I let her have a bit of plain waffle and just an once or two of rice milk. Kept that down for a good couple of hours plus a cup of diluted juice as well, and then BAM the first time she's been in her room all week and she throws up a LOT all over the carpet. That was the last straw, along with the fact that she lost a lot of weight, and I called the dr's office to have her seen right away. Other than having lost about 4 lbs (which is a lot when you only weigh 38-39 lbs to begin with at 5 yo!), the dr seemed to think she would be ok as long as we could get her to keep more liquid down. She wasn't too dehydrated yet and she was fairly perky today so he sent us home with instructions to call back if she gets worse again. I guess there is a very aggressive stomach flu going around and it has just hit her really hard. I just got so worried when I saw just how skinny she is this morning when she took her jammies off - I could see all her ribs and her spine :-(. She has been ok since we got home, and has finished her first cup of drink, had a couple crackers and applesauce, and I'm trying to get her to drink another cup full this afternoon. Keeping my fingers crossed that we have no more vomiting!!
I did ask the dr about Laura's sudden stuttering and he said not to worry about it yet, just don't point it out to her or make a big deal about it, and to keep an eye on it and call to make an appointment to have her seen if it gets worse or she starts doing anything else out of the ordinary. Thanks to everyone who posted in my original thread about it, it made me feel better to hear others opinions as well. I'm just so totally worn out from a week of sick kids and I myself haven't been feeling great anyway, and I'm sure not getting better very fast because I'm not getting enough rest from taking care of everyone else!
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Oh, Mary, I feel for you, I know it breaks your heart to see one of your little one's sick! Thank God she's doing better :D I do hope no one else gets this bug!! I'm also happy to hear that the doc said that the stuttering seemed ok & to keep an eye on her behavior. Now, u need to try to get a good night's sleep & knit a bit for u to relax
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It is so hard when they're sick, and every ounce lost seems to show. My daughter used to get into vomiting cycles once in a while and boy, did she look skinny. Like yours, I guess, she was small to start and just having an empty belly made her look starved.

Hang in there! This will pass. Until the next time. :rollseyes:
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:( I hope that she's feeling better soon!! We've been sick here too- not the stomach bug, but colds and such. My youngest son has an ear infection and sinus infection. I know what you mean about worrying about the weight- he is 7 yrs old and weighs 45 lbs. He isn't a picky eater, but he eats SO SO SO S L O W, and recently has had an issue with chewing his food forever- he had a choking scare (wasn't really choking, but it was close enough to scare him) and so now he is afraid of not chewing his food enough. Last night during his bath I could count the ribs, too!

I hope that DD feels better soon, and good luck on the stuttering. I've heard of lots of kids going through a phase where they do that for a while.

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