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OT: Need to vent...kinda long
Okay, I'm a bit upset right now, but not as upset as I was 2 hours ago. I went to my first meeting at Curves, I'm taking the 6 week solutions class. I went with the intention (because I was told this) of not having to talk in front of people. I am the shyest person in america. I'm not kidding. Look up introvert in the dictionary and my picture will be there. I swear I have social anxiety disorder. I was also led to believe that the class would be small. (6-8 people) There were 15 other people in there!! So we all sit in a circle, me being a very old 29 yrs old, and the rest of them in their 40's on up.

Don't get me wrong, kudos to them for doing it, but I am the only one who isn't a member yet. I wanted to see how I'd like it there before I give them anymore of my money. The woman picked on me 3 times!!! I never asked one question, because I didn't have any!! My face got all red, I stuttered like I was put on the hot seat, which I was...

Why am I telling you all this? Because you all are so nice and kind and I just feel better getting it off my chest. Sorry, off topic here...

It was supposed to be a half hour, it turned out to be an hour and a half!! I was so sick from being nervous all day and then I needed to take some medicine and of course I forgot my stupid water bottle so I had to get up and ask for some and she didn't seem real thrilled with me for that, what was I supposed to do?? Then as I sit down, and me being a complete idiot, I put the water bottle between my knees - yes, I already opened it - and went to lean down to get my pill and squirt-all over my lap. (its okay to laugh here if you want :crying: ) All over my chair, so now I'm sitting in a huge puddle of water thinking to myself, okay who just saw that? I had basically wet my pants.

Okay, now as I type this I'm beginning to smile now. Am I the only person this stuff happens to? I have been cursed from birth and it just keeps going.

It was such a terrible night. I find out that I'm the only young person there - I mean no offense to the 40 somethings out there. Then I find out that the majority of the food I'm supposed to try and eat I can't. I can't eat like 80% of it. And the protein shakes suck, and I can't handle vitamins, my system just doesn't agree with them, I get so sick. Even if I take them with a meal. Ugh, why me???

To top it off, no one was nice to me. Now as I said earlier I'm quite the introvert, BUT I do smile and say hello to people. I may not make conversation, but I am polite. I'm not rude by any means. I wasn't raised that way. Sigh, even though I just told you all a very embarrasing story, I feel a bit better. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest.
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Sorry to hear about your rough experience! We all go through humiliation, and even much worse than yours! (IE: my mom peed herself in 9th grade because they wouldnt let her use the bathroom during a test, but that's only one example)

I'm sure you can find something out there that will work for you, there's something out there to suit everyone. cheer up, sugah

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I totally know how you feel. I'm a very polite extremely introvert as well. So sorry to hear that they weren't very nice to you. Sucks when

Doesn't sound like that's really the group/way to go for you. I'm sure there's another program available that's much more suited to you.

It's good to vent, too. I'm sure lots of us here can relate.

*hugs* for you! Hope the rest of the night is a little better for ya.

Originally Posted by humblestumble
Sorry to hear about your rough experience! We all go through humiliation, and even much worse than yours! (IE: my mom peed herself in 9th grade because they wouldnt let her use the bathroom during a test, but that's only one example)
My mom peed herself when she got caught shoplifting when she was a teen. (Don't tell her I told! )
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sounds like it might not be the right group for you. I think with those group meeting type things you might want to visit a few, if you can, to find one that you feel comfortable in. And, I think a 30 minute meeting should be 30 minutes. Good luck.
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The best way to find a good place is by word of mouth. Or if you are are a bit shy see if you can find a friend who would like to go with you and do the programme also. You could also try going somewhere where you have a 1 on 1 consultation like Jenny Craigs or Sureslim but that would probably be more expensive. Weight Watchers are an option also.

Good luck
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Awwww... I'm sorry that happened to you! (((((((hug))))))))))
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Sorry you had such a bad experience. I get nervous speaking to a large group of people, too. The adrenalin goes into overload. However, They may have just been trying to show some interest in you rather than wanting to embarrass you. After all you were new to the group. They may have been trying to make you feel welcome although they could have done it more gradually.
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Hugs to you!!

I teach and talk a lot here, but I am actually painfully shy and do not like being forced into group situations. If I choose them, I'm fine, of course because I'm prepared for them. So, I can completely understand how you feel. Besides, you went there expecting one thing, and they really pulled the rug out from under you--how disorienting! I agree with the others--it doesn't sound like the right atmosphere for you.
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:rofling: we have so much in common from inlaws to this LOL

I make myself sick before I have to do anything.. when I was expecting both of my kids the night before every dr appt I would be sooo sick.. I had to make my appts in the morning so I could get it over with... I turn red and stutter around too... very shy in person and I don't like huge crowds and stay away from things like this.. I even get sick before going to an air show with my husband... I hate feeling that way... one of the reasons why I haven't joined curves.. I've been losing weight for awhile now and was doing good got back into my old jeans and then I hit the wall.. can't get any lower and my mom has been telling me I should try this cause one just opened up in our area... I could go after dh is home from work but the thought.. well I can't do it... it took major forcing from my dh and my mom to get me involved at my LYS once the first few times are over I'm ok... unless I'm put on the spot... I'm sorry you had this experience but know your not alone!!!

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