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OT: Intermittent hypoglycemia?
Anyone have any experience with hypoglycemia that seems to come and go? I may be making this up or totally off base, but in the past few months I have had episodes where I suddenly get very shaky, sweaty and weak... I talked to my gynecologist about it, thinking perhaps it was perimenopause (I'm 44), and she had me get an ultrasound that, strangely, showed a (overshare alert!) baseball-sized fibroid - that's something I need to have checked again in half a year - but I don't think that's related. I also have IBS, familial tremor and Hashimoto's (man, I sound like a wreck...!), but the symptoms are more related to hyperthyroid than hypo, from what I've read. My blood sugar always tests within normal parameters, and my thyroid levels are under control with Synthroid...

Anyway, obviously if this continues I'll be bringing it up with my endocrinologist, but I was wondering if anyone's had this sort of thing. It happened again yesterday afternoon and I found that eating something helped... which does seem to indicate a blood sugar thing, yes?

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My 9-year-old daughter has problems with her blood sugar. She has literally been glassy-eyed and limp and lethargic from it. It's usually a problem when she's already ill and she refuses to eat. I usually have to give her Phenergan suppositories when she gets a GI virus to stop the vomiting or she winds up in the hospital with an IV. It's scary. Most of the time though she just gets very irritable and cranky when she hasn't eaten properly, and after she eats, like Sybil, her mood changes.

Her doctor recommend small frequent meals and protein (i.e. milk instead of juice when the blood sugar is low).

I, too, have had a few problems. I will get nauseous and break out in a cold sweat. Once I eat, I'm fine.

Good luck!
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I have the same problem that happens to me, and it's always food/hunger related. I'll be motoring along, maybe a little hungry but not noticeably. And then BAM--instantly my knees are shaking, cold sweat, dizzy sometimes, VERY irritable and I can't concentrate. I return to normal once I eat something (usually something carby). I've never spoken to a doctor about it, though I probably should, and just figure it's blood sugar/diet related.

Let us know how you make out. If I really pay attention to what and how often I'm eating, I can avoid the crash. But I admit I am not very good with being consistant on that front.

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misha rf
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Yup, I get like that too. Most of the time I'm fine. But every so often, it gets too low. I can tell when it's happening. My husband's learned to recognize it, too. He always comments on how my color's better after I eat.
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I'm really sorry that's been happening. Sometimes I get a little edgy when I'm hungry, but I'm never shaky at the knees or anything like that. My mom's friend has had a bad experience with it though, and got in a car accident because she was hungry and passed out at the wheel. She ended up losing all of her teeth. You should probably talk to your doctor if it persists, just to make sure nothing extreme happens.
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This happens to me too. I've had gastric bypass surgery so it's one "side effect" if you will. It usually happens for me when I've not had some good protein. It's also happened when what I have eaten that day gets "stuck" and then finally moves on through and I sort of get a "dumping" feeling that most people get when they've had something too sweet. I usually get sweety if it's really coming on but I can usually sense it when my arms feel "wiggly" and my hands get shaky. I grab some cheese or a spoonful of peanut butter or some milk and crackers. I know people that jam some candy but that turns me off, I sort of crave something not so sugary.
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Thanks for your responses! It's just odd, it wasn't until yesterday that I suddenly thought about it in terms of blood sugar. It's annoying that the "conditions" I have, the IBS and the hypothyroid, both come equipped with a set of symptoms that's different for each individual, and can't necessarily be said definitively to be due to it - but the other week my gastroenterologist said something I was experiencing is often associated with Hashimoto's, so perhaps this is too.

At any rate, now I have some idea of what to do when it happens - namely, eat something - and I'll keep an eye on it. Thanks again, everyone!

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I have some of the same problems also. If I don't eat, which I'm prone to do if I'm knitting, I get so shakey, hot, and weak I can't hardly walk. My mom has diabetes, but I go the other way... my sugar drops way low, usually around 45. I'm supposed to have something to eat at least every 2 hours. HA!! Which really is annoying with the IBS, more so when going through an active cycle. If ya know what I mean.
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I do get that way sometimes if I desperately need to eat. I also have low blood pressure, so it's easy to make me lightheaded!
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Yes , it does sound like low blood sugar, especialy since it goes away when you eat.

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