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nadja la claire
Working the Gusset
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Nadja la Claire is a character in a book that my DH wrote. She's kind of my alter-ego.

Nadja xxx
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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I don't know how I missed this but I don't see my reply anywhere

Mine is easy too Dustina is my first name with C being my last names inital.. and the "a" isn't silent to many sub teachers or first day teachers that would think hmm must be misspelled.. Christina? no answer... Justina? no answer... Dustin? still no answer lol.. I didnt like my name till I was older cause I hated being called Dusty or Dust bunny or Dust to Dawn (middle name) but now I like it as long as its kept Dustina

A Mountaineer Knitter's Blog
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Knitting the Flap
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Floral designer--I love flowers (and knitting of course)--used to be petalpusher but shortened it to petals
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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Hooray for Watchmen! <3 I love Alan Moore.

My username comes from when I was 14...I was obsessed with "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe, and memorized it on my own. And my initials are "CAW," the sound a raven or crow makes. So it's caw the raven, which was too long for AOL at the time, like "Quoth the Raven." I was an oh-so-clever 14 year old.

My other handles...First ever name was "Didi1983" for my stuffed bear, Didi, and the year I was born...that would've been...oh, 94? We got rid of AOL and then got it again when I was 13, and I pickd Lazer1983, because I liked the way it sounded, but I funkified the spelling. Everyone always thought I was a boy. I used to use "Carai Aan" which was a character name for my online roleplaying game based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series, but that wasn't for long.

Started using "EvilBloodyDeath" when I was a junior. My friend used to draw cartoons at lunch based on the album artwork from Radiohead's Kid A--freaky little bears. The "star" was Map--based on our friend Pam--but other characters were The Tyrant Despot and the Industrially Friendly Reaper. I got Evil Bloody Death, which was just too wonderful a name to say no to. I use it almost everywhere but didn't think it would go over so well.

Myspace I use "X-tine"--like X-mas!--and ebay I'm "nofruitsharmed" because my friend was talking about a juice that had less than 1% real fruit juice. My livejournal (also cawthraven) used to be titled "Made from Concentrate: No Fruits Harmed in the Making of this Juice" with friends page as "Less than 1% Real Fruit Juice." Now it's from a Harvey Danger song.

Facebook and gmail are my real name.
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Witchy Mama
Ribbing the Cuff
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um mine is sort of an evolved name, when I first started using the net I chose the name The Witch Of Oz becuase I am Wiccan, I am from Australia (Oz) and I love the movie THe Wizard of Oz. When I had Shannon (my eldest) I changed it to Shannons Mummy but missed the witchyness so then it changed to Shannons Witchy Mama, then I had Rohan and I thoughg that Shannon and Rohans Witchy Mama was just to long so it got shortened to Witchy Mama, that is my only screen name now (appart from my IM's which are all Shannons Mummy and my Deviant Art account which is Shannons Witchy Mama)

working on
scarf [done]
booties [done]
baby sweater [stitching up]
pompom papoose [knitting]
bed socks [done]
scarf [sewing in ends]
pixie hat [done]
scarf [knitting]
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Working the Gusset
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Psammead from E. Nesbitt's "Five Children and It" - a psammead is a slightly sarcastic sand fairy that grants the kids a wish every day and does NOT like to get wet.

Red is from my hair!
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Turning the Heel
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Lily is my favorite flower, yarn is my favorite I could do with short notice in a sleep deprived state.

And for some very odd reason since college people call me Lily even though it's not my real name....I dunno where they get it, I don't look like a Lily and my real name is *nothing* close to lily....

And my cat's name is Kashmir
fiber is my life...
Ravelry ID: Liliyarn
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1st Leg of the Journey
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I believe mine should be closer to self-expanitory since I put this picture up. But anyway LoAnnie is short for Little Orphan Annie, which is what I've been called since childhood. And yes, I really do look like her.
Round and round we go, where we stop noboby knows.

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Alice's Restaurant
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I'll play!

The first message board I ever registered with was a breastfeeding site, when I was first nursing my daughter (Alice). Obviously, it's a play on the song.

I've used it for everything because my memory is bad enough. I don't need to add extra things to try to keep track of! But, I feel a wee bit jealous of all the cute knitting names here.
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Turning the Heel
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On parenting boards I was Babylove (and still am in my heart). And then I went through a period of reading my little girl stories of fairies and pixies. I thought it was a neat image a pixy whispering.

Its funny that you've bumped this because I've been seriously trying to come up with a new screen name.

There is a time to be born and a time to die. A time to laugh and a time to cry, but there never seems to be enough time to knit.-Anon. (or to visit KH!)

Come visit my blog.
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