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1st Leg of the Journey
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mine is knotmaker because when I first started knitting DH would call me his little knotmaker ... and it stuck, I even use it for my blog address ... and even not knitting related site and such that I need a screen name for ... :thinking:
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Queen Knitsalot
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I have four brothers, no sisters therefore I AM the Queen. Got married, had son, no girls--still AM the Queen. Loved the whole King Arthur thing since Camlot came out yyyeeeeeeaaarrs ago with Lancelot being my guy and since I am addicted to knitting--Knitsalot. I tried to use "Knittingaddict" but so have others so I'll stick to being the Queen. I do love name origins--it bugs me when I can't figure out those vanity license plates!!
"Life is too short to eat ugly food."
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My name doesn't really have a backstory. I just thought "Hey, DreamWeaver's a pretty name, and it just stuck ^_^. But now that I see all of these stories, I might make a username with a story :rollseyes:
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My screen name is my actual real name which is "christy" but my mother apparently couldn't spell or else ever one else's mother who was born between 1975 and 1980 could...I haven't figured out which one yet....My mom says she just spelled it like it sounds! As a child I hated it b/c EVERYONE spells is wrong but as an adult, I don't mind it so much....I was just never able to have all of those novelty things as a child w/ my name preprinted on it....

For ebay, I just juliaannsmom b/c my daughter is Julia Ann after my Great Grandmother and my that I'm pregnant--I sort of feel bad like I should change my name b/c I'll be someone else's mommy too--but then what about my rating...

I don't use any other boards really except for penciljack occassionally and I only use it when my dh is involved in a draw off of some sort and then I log on to vote in his little competition!

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Knitting the Flap
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My name is for a few of reasons....

1.) I love hedgehogs - cute, cute, cute!! They're shy and sweet and non-aggressive yet prickly when need be

2.) They remind me of the years i lived in England when studying for my PhD (and for which i PINE daily as i try and get a job back "home" in the UK)

3.) I'm a molecular geneticist and i work on a specific class of genes (found in most animals) called "hedgehog" genes.

geeky, but true.

Ahhhh, healthy obsession.... How i love thee and seek thy comfort....

On Needles: Bobby from Rowan's Tadpoles and Tiddlers in KP Shine Sport on indefinite hold...
Reading: The God of Small Things by A. Roy
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Mine is just sooo creative. . .

j - first name is Jennifer
j - maiden name is Jarrett
minarcik - last name

I have been called JJ since I was little, but my initials were actually JCJ. So, when I got married I dropped the "C" and now the initials are JJM. And that's what everyone calls me. With such a unique last name, it's usually always available anytime I need a screen name.

I've never met any other Minarcik's. . . so if there are any out there, let me know! :D
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My parents picked my screen name and I have no imagination. :rofling:
"Trust the pattern!"

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Hop aboard while we follow the cloud-covered van of knitting harmony, man!! Woooo!! --Hedgehog

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I'm afraid mine's not very creative. jdee is just a combination of my first name, Jennifer, and my middle name, Deeann.

Visit my blog at
Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew as steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10
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Originally Posted by Born on 4 of 7
this is a fun topic. My screen name is pretty simple, Born on 4 of 7, cause I was born on the 4th of July. My mom will never let me forget that she missed a heck of a BBQ the day I was born.
Haha, I'm such a dork, I always thought your name was a Star Trek reference. From The Next Generation on, the Borg became a major influence, and they identified themselves with number designations, since they were the ultimate collective. So "4 of 7" would mean that you were the 4th member of a group of 7.

My dorkiness gets better, though--the officiant at my wedding used to dress up as a Next Generation character (Guinan, played by Whoopie Goldberg) and go to conventions. So when we first met to discuss my wedding, I begged her to wear her Guinan hat, and she did! :rofling:

Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
It's gotten to the point, though, where people think my name REALLY is hildegard... or Hildie. Who is this Carolyn person?????
Your name isn't really Hildegard? I think you need to change that. Yeah. Hildie really fits you for some reason.
Originally Posted by Hildegard_von_Knittin
Yeah, I like Hildegard :-) It's so..... German-opera-singer-sounding Just picture me knitting with a helmet, blond braids down to my waist and a big old bronze sheild slung around my back!
If you haven't done that for Halloween yet, you should.
Originally Posted by jamadian75
Next we'll find out Ingrid's name is really Ethel or something.
I know, and then my world will collapse.
Originally Posted by DreamWeaver
My name doesn't really have a backstory. I just thought "Hey, DreamWeaver's a pretty name, and it just stuck ^_^. But now that I see all of these stories, I might make a username with a story :rollseyes:
I think you should make a story for the username instead. :D

This thread has been so fun to read! I love it!

My name has kind of a long story to it, as well. My first name is Aimie (wierd spelling, I blame my mother's free-spirited thinking in the early 70s). When I was little, she would call me "Aimie my love" and it would get shortened to "aimalah" and then "ayla". Ann was my grandmother's name, but I thought it was spelled with an E for a long time, and I like how putting the e on my name makes it an even number of letters.

I almost always use this screenname when I sign up for websites. And people do call me ayla in real life.
On the needles: Falling Leaves Socks, Punkin Hats, Artful Afgan and another waterlily for a friend of mine (on hold until I feel like working with that yarn again)

In the queue:
Jack Skellington baby afghan
Finished: Warm Up America Square, Basketweave Baby Blanket (now to ship it), Massachusetts Dishcloth for the Yarn Harlot, Homeless Hat
, water bottle cozy

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Sock Yarn Bliss
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Well I for one am VERY MAD that Hildie's name is not Hildie. I feel cheated and deceived. :(

But, I guess I can learn to love a Carolyn too. It might take a while though, because the only Carolyn I've ever known was a real witch with a capital B! :rofling:
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