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Working the Gusset
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Bitten off more than I can chew?
I'm so upset. I just got my very first order from Knit Picks, and I was SO HAPPY because I've been "lurking" on their site forever gawking at the BEAUTIFUL yarns, trying to make a decision!!!! :drooling: I ordered some lace weight yarn to make the feather and fan scarf they suggest on their site; I figured that since I already knew how to do the feather and fan stitch, it wouldn't be that hard. I was really wrong, and I'm so frustrated. It took me FOREVER to just knit the first row, and forget about trying to purl the second row--I can't even seem to get the first purl stitch done! The yarn is fine and it's splitting all over and I'm intimidated by the fine gauge of this yarn I think. I wanted so much to be able to do this project, but I don't think I can. I feel like a failure. This was going to be a special gift for a dear friend and I really wanted to make it for her, but I'm afraid I can't. Is what I'm going through common? Or am I just a big failure? Should I send my unused yarn back? I don't know what to do...I don't want to just give up, but I don't know what else I can do.
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Working the Gusset
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Don't give up! I have not tried lace weight yarn yet so I don't know about the actual yarn you are using but I do know that from reading through here that Most of the people here that have tried lace have gotten frustrated the first time. My advise? Put it down and come back tomorrow. Look at it with new eyes.
Good luck
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me too
I also ordered some of their lace yarn plus downloaded one of their patterns for a lace shawl. The yarn colors are beautiful but it's SO THIN I have not even attempted to begin knitting with it. I'm putting it off because I feel like you do....I'm not sure I can even knit with something so thin. But I will give it a try when I feel brave enough. Good luck
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Don't give up! Lacework with such a fine yarn is going to be slow-going. Try to enjoy the process itself or you'll go mad! And just keep remembering how lovely the pattern is. You'll get there!

To save your sanity, keep a simpler project going to turn to when the lace is too much for you.

You might try using a lifeline, too; it's a knitting lifesaver, really, particularly when working with lace. For instructions on how to insert one, go here and scroll down to "fixing mistakes."
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Instepping Out
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Keep going! The first few rows are always the most difficult. Once you get through them, it will get easier. You can do it!!
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You're not alone! My mom has been knitting for over 60 years -- she is quite accomplished -- but she had never knit lace with laceweight yarn. She did the same thing as you...ordered lace yarn from Knit Picks, and when it came she was all, "uh, I don't think I want to knit with this!" She said she'd give it to me but I'm not sure if I want it.

If you're detemined to forge ahead, I would definitely do the old trick of casting onto TWO needles, then remove one of them, so the stitches are loose and easier to knit into on that notoriously hard second row. Use a lifeline, and remember, lace usually looks pathetic on the needles, until you bind off and block it. :D
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Don't give up!
Is this the first bigger lace project you're knitting? The first lace shawl I knitted was made with slightly bigger yarn than lace-weight, it was also in feather and fan stitch. The first few rows really were the hardest, but with time I got more comfortable and relaxed which helped my knitting getting loser. It's lace, so you don't want it to be tightly knit. I think the tip about casting on with two needles would help a lot if your cast on is too tight.

And if all should fail, just put it aside for some time and knit something that makes you happy! Afterall the yarn is not going to run away
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I have some laceweight yarn from Knitpicks to work up the Elizabethan scarves pattern I bought. Well, I tried it with the lace yarn, and couldn't do it. Then I grabbed some larger needles and a slightly heavier weight yarn, and practiced the pattern with that. I think I've figured it out, and will now find some nice pointy needles and re-try with the lace yarn. I think the needles make all the world of difference when working with lace weight yarn.

Lynda M
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Grafting the Toe
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You are not alone....don't give up
I feel the same way about lace wt yarn...I love, love lace patterns and knitting lace patterns...with everything except lace wt yarn :D I have knit with lace yarn in the past and it's's just different to work with. I agree with everyone else that you should have a fun, mindless project on the needles at the same time so that you can work on it when you feel frustrated with the lace....most importantly, don't give up knitting If you don't like knitting with lace yarn...knit it with fingering wt yarn :D
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