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I live a pretty secluded life by choice (well, except for DH and kitty, and a few close friends). Because of this, I don't meet new people, much less knitters, very often. (I've never enjoyed being around large groups of people so I really don't care to go out to clubs or anything like that unless DH's band is playing. Well, okay... I guess I went clubbing a lot in my early twenties, but it was more to dance than to meet people.) I also do a lot of my shopping online (I heart ebay), so I don't patronize LYSs much. (I was a bit intimidated the couple times I have.)

I did see a gaggle of knitters at a coffee shop recently, though. They were mostly young women, chatting and knitting. (Funny how knitting is hip now, isn't it?) DH said I should join a group like that, but I'd really rather just knit by myself. I think I would get annoyed if someone tried to talk to me while I was trying to concentrate. I'm so glad I have the KH community to share my knitting experience with. :D
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this happened to me just the other day ... I had to go get my mammogram and I knew I was going to have to wait so I took some knitting ... and as I was in the room (after I "got ready") the radiologist (how had crocheted for years) had recently started knitting (self teaching) so she ask to watch me do a few knit stitches and asked me how to do a yo ... it was all very strange since I was still waiting to have my exam
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Looking at the knitting books in Powell's a couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman picking up several beginner's books. So I suggested the Stitch 'N' Bitch books, knitpicks, and this site (of course :D ). She even got a piece of paper and wrote the sites down. Another convert, hopefully!
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I've told many people about this site- I saw one woman knitting at a trade show that I was at- I stopped to ask her what she was knitting, and we ended up talking patterns and needles, and she wrote down the website address before I left!
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Homespun isn't a bad yarn, as long as you're not trying to do anything fancy with it. The triangle shawl I knitting is in a straight garter stitch, with front and back increases, and outside of accidentally knitting a few stitches together, , I haven't had any real problems with it. I must say that I'm lucky the pattern is very forgiving. The finished size is measured by the width, and the length, not by the number of stitches and rows.
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It's funny you say that, MrsH, because I was just thinking the same thing. I like Homespun from Lion.

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Originally Posted by kschmitz
Looking at the knitting books in Powell's a couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman picking up several beginner's books. So I suggested the Stitch 'N' Bitch books, knitpicks, and this site (of course :D ). She even got a piece of paper and wrote the sites down. Another convert, hopefully!
Hey another PDXer!! I meet and talk to women in the knitting aisle at Powells all the time. Also on the bus, standing in line at the store, at the dr office, at the library, at name it. I'm alwyas knitting so people are always coming up to me. Especially if I'm knitting socks "Oh I could NEVER do that" they say and I say sure you can look. I Portland. there's so many LYS here and so many groovey cool left over hippies who knit here. It's knitting mecca
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I meet other knitters every second tuesday, there is a knitting cafe half an hour driving from my house!
In the beginning I did not know any of them, and it was quite scary, but now I love it! We talk about yarn and knitting and children and cooking.. and travelling and and and.
Some of them dont know the internet at all, and it is quite exciting to show them new free patterns and places to buy yarn and so on!
On of the girls had her mother on holiday in canada, and you helped me to tell her what yarn to buy, and she showed it at the knitting cafe. The "old" ladies was thrilled!!
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At work, I'm a technical trainer, and when one of my new agents pulled out a crochet hook, we started talking. She had tried knitting but was confused over patterns and some of the terminology. Let's just say, she's been in class two weeks now, and has a gorgeous summer purse done. It's basic stockinette, but hey- you have to start somewhere!!

I like the baby homespun for the "Blanket Buddy" on lion brand's website. It's a very basic stockinette pattern for the most part, with some increases worked in. I wouldn't want to try any complex pattern, but I like how the texture comes out. The pattern called for the Velvetspun, which I love the finished feeling of but hate working with. It's also much cheaper to use baby homespun or the red heart baby clouds-- and at the rate I'm putting them out, I've gotten used to the annoyances. They're small project, and I can put up with it for how they turn out. I really do like the finished texture with the rippled yarn. I'll try to get some pictures up on my website... my DH seems to have run off with the USB cable for the camera again...

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I've chatted with a complete stranger-knitter. I was in Bellingham on vacation last year and I was making the rounds at lys. While I was at the 'super' JoAnns (or whatever it is - bigger and better than most), I met a fellow knitter in the books section. I can't quite remember what we shared - I think it was a website I gave her, maybe KH - but it was kind of neat. She was from Canada.

I'm always referring people to KH and recommending books.
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