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OT-- Kitty problems - a little long UPDATE!!!!
Well, I am trying to be positive about my Oreo kitty (his picture is my avatar). He has been suffering from allergies since May. His poor little neck and head have been covered in scabs. He has been to the vet three times for treatment. This last time seems more promising. We have found the root of the problem. He has been getting bit by these little bugs called "noseeums" (at least that is what the vet called them). They are these little biting bugs that are worse than mosquitoes. The vet said she has seen more cats this year with this problem, some worse than him.

He is a great cat. I love him to pieces. Of course the feeling isn't mutual, more on that later. I got him from the humane society along with Cookie. He was returned once before he came to live with me. The reason he was returned, get this, "too affectionate". Stupid people. Only thing this little guy wanted was love!

Well me, being the care taker of all our pets. I have to be the one to give the meds. If you know cats, giving them pills isn't easy. It can be a little stressful for the both of us. Luckily, there are no pills involved in this case. I have to give him ear meds as well as putting cream on his scabs. Plus he has to wear a little sockette around his neck so he doesn't scratch his wounds. For sometime now I have found cat pee on some of my clothes and other items (that haven't been put away). When he went for his yearly check up, I had a urinalysis done as well, because of the peeing. No UTI or bladder infections. After his last visit to the vet my mom mentioned to the vet about his urniation habits, she said it's stressed related due the allergies. I am trying stay positive that this problem will eventually disappear once his scabs are gone. Tonight I found some pee on one of my yarn baskets.

I understand that he is not himself. I can't give up. I am not that type of person. I just wondering if anybody else has had this problem. I bought this in hopes to relieve some of the stress. It has been helping. I also bought special cat litter to help attract him to use the litter box. I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions, I know there are few cat owners on this forum. Has anybody use Bach's Rescue Remedy? I think I might try that next.

Sorry for such a long post.

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that is a lovely cat!! reminds me of one I used to have, he had that same black and white pattern...well I can't say I relate since I have no cats..but my chihuahua has been having some skin problems lately :( I have no clue what it is but he as well has scabs all over his skin and front legs, plus he had a fungus on one of his paws, my poor puppy has been licking and scratching all over...i'm taking him to the vet tomorrow, I hope its nothing too bad...I hope your kitty gets well after the treatment!!
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First of all, Oreo is such a gorgeous kitty! While my cat hasn't had skin allergy he used to have a very naughty problem with not using the litterbox. His was caused by stress too. He's a very anxious thing, the poor dear. I blame it on the fact that his former owners (my ex-roommates) kicked him outside after he kept pushing screens out to get outside. He was a declawed cat and was completely defenseless against the stray cats in the area! Ok, that's a whole other can of worms so I will stop!

I didn't use any medications or treatments for his allergies. What I did that seemed to help was provide multiple litterboxes, keep the boxes extrememly clean, and NEVER leave any clothes, towels, etc lying about to tempt him!! Plus, whenever I saw him use the box I'd praise him like crazy. I haven't had any lapses with him peeing on clothes, except for ones left in the basement(where the litterboxes are) when I haven't cleaned the boxes in a fair amount of time.

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Your kitty is so cute! It's horrible to think he has scabs all over his neck.

I don't have any answers for you, but I did want to ask you the name of the special litter you bought. We have been having trouble transitioning our kitty to a new covered box, and she has been, let us say, rebelling a bit by peeing where she shouldn't. (Yes, you're not alone!)

You also have to let us know your experience with the comfort zone product. I never knew such a thing existed.

I hope your kitty gets better soon.

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Over the years my cat has pee'd on stuff in the house, and it's always mine. Every time he has done it I have taken him to the vet. The first time I took him, the vet asked who was the primary care/love giver to the cat, I was, and that is why I was so upset about it.

The vet said that when a cat takes to peeing on one person's stuff, and that person is the main one to take care of the cat, that the cat is trying to tell that person that something is wrong. Generally they don't feel good. And it sounds like you cat doesn't feel good (obviously).

My mom's cat is having the same problem with bites 'n stuff. He's got little bald patches and he's gotten the nickname of Telly (for Savalas).

I'm sure everything will get better, and as soon as he starts feeling better he will stop peeing on your stuff.
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Originally Posted by janelanespaintbrush
Your kitty is so cute! It's horrible to think he has scabs all over his neck.
Thank you everyone! He is a beautiful cat in every which way (when he is feeling himself). He is our might hunter! He gets along better with our dog than with the other cats in the house.

Originally Posted by janelanespainbrush
I don't have any answers for you, but I did want to ask you the name of the special litter you bought. We have been having trouble transitioning our kitty to a new covered box, and she has been, let us say, rebelling a bit by peeing where she shouldn't. (Yes, you're not alone!)
The litter that I bought is called Dr Elsey's Cat Attract. I purchased it at PetSmart. It runs about $11.00 for a 20 pound bag. So far the cats like it. It clumps a lot better than the Costco stuff I was using. It comes with a little booklet that goes over litter box behavior and solutions. It mentions that the use of Feliaway along with the Cat Attract litter work together to help with behavioral marking.

I am going to purchase some of the Rescue Remedy today when I head into town. You put it in their water, it's to help calm them down and destress, from what I understand. I had a few friends that gave it to their dogs when there were thunderstorms. If you notice the ticker below I am adding a new dog to the family in December. I hope this doesn't stress kitty out. But I will have this stuff on hand just in case.

Thank you again for all your help!
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Oh... poor Oreo! We had a cat named Oreo who looked just like yours, and she was one of the sweetest cats I've ever seen.

I just read a book called "Is your cat crazy , which is written by someone who works with cat behavior problems, and I thought it was really helpful in understanding why they do the things they do.

It said that (among other things) you should make sure that the litter box is in a private area where the cat feels secure, with an easy escape route. If there are spots where the cat frequently urinates you should play with the cat in the same area, so it associates the things with play rather than the bathroom.

I know it's frustrating! My cats have had troubles at various times, but somehow we've always worked things out!
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Poor dear Oreo! I hope you come to a solution. We had a problem with one of our cats peeing on everything and she was SO stressed all the time. We used to put chamomille tea in her water dish. We soon realized that she was just not happy with us :( She really couldn't handle the stress and hub-bub of three active homeschooled kids being active at home all the time. We found her a home with an elderly couple that had no other animals and she is quite happy.

Hopefully once you get the allergy problem solved you will have a happy cat again. I know when our cats have had flea problems that they tend to behave in obscure ways as well. Sleeping on top of counters or knocking things off desks (and yes peeing on stuff they shouldn't.)
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Well just thought I would give you an update. All of Oreo's scabs are gone! His ears are 100% better! I think he actually used the litter box this time! I am just sooooo happy! I have been giving him extra attention every night. We play chase the measuring tape. He loves it! Whenever I see him I give him a little scratch on the chin and tell him that he is handsome. I know it sounds silly, but I figure anything I do positive around him will help unstress the little guy.

Now only if I could teach my little Cookie how to come home before 1 am things will be great!

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