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You know you're a knitter when......
Ok, so last Saturday one of my co-workers/friend/down the street neighbor called me in a panic. She was practically screaming into the phone (well, maybe not screaming, but it was definately more than a whisper and less than a Tarzan yell), anyhow, she tells me:

"I'm coming to your house I have a knitting EMERGENCY!!!! I have to get this blanket done by 5pm (it was 10 a.m.) and I've messed it up somehow!!!!"

At that moment I knew I was a knitter, a true blue, green, red, yellow, purple and what ever other color yarn I could get my hands on knitter. Because not only did I know it but someone else did, and thought that I was good enough to come to for help. (which I was actually able to do, much to my supprise)

People have said "oh that's pretty" or "oh, I wish I could do that", but since I've just now after two years ventured into knitting in the round, and finally made something other than a scarf or a blanket (ohhh , a purse....I'm branchin' out <-- please note the self sarcasm) I never really thought of myself as a full fledged knitter. Ya know?

I'll tell you what the feeling of wow, I'm passed the Superduper Extreame beginner level, and I am now just an Extreame Beginner. I'm moving up in the ranks! :-)

So I was wondering, when did y'all realize where you stood in the ranks of knitters?
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1st Leg of the Journey
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Yeah! It's nice when someone else acknowledges you're a knitter too, isn't it?

I considered myself a 'real' knitter when I first contemplated knitting in the bathroom. I'm still debating if that would be too weird....

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I don't consider myself one yet. I've done dishcloths, caps, and scarves, but I'll probably feel like a real knitter when I do a sweater or tank top or master cables. Maybe I'll never get there, but I'm having a lot of fun in the meantime!
Cindy S.
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nadja la claire
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Fun is what it's all about, right? Although it's hard to remember that when you're frogging something for the fifth time. But I feel like a real knitter. I drool over beautiful yarns and I sometimes I buy them for no reason with the excuse that I may find the perfect pattern for them. I collect patterns that I may never make just because they're beautiful or cool or unique. And I get emergency phone calls all the time from my 97 yo partially blind neighbor (who's been knitting since she was 9) because she's been frogging can't get the needle back in the stitches

Nadja xxx
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I think the first time I considered myself a knitter was when I had another knitter look at what I was doing and say "you should sell that!" I was pretty sold then.
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Casting On
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The Velveteen Knitter.........
When did the Velveteen Knitter realize she was real? (hehehe)

It came the day I came across a knitting pattern, could read and *understand* the pattern, and was able to execute the pattern. (yes, it was kind of like the pattern/picture. ahem.)

Ok.. so it was a simple beret for my niece. But MAN I felt good. I understood the decrease/increase instructions, slipping knitted stitches, etc.... I GOT IT! WOOOHOOO!!!!

I shall fear no pattern. (Ok... I lie.. I still fear patterns.)

Someday I'll actually make a sweater with arms that are the same length and a neck that is NOT lopsided.

----The Velveteen Knitter
(someday I'll be really a real knitter!)
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I realised I was a real knitter when a friend of mine asked me if I could make her a sweater (but she still has to come over to look for a pattern) and when my mom (who taught me) asked me for help in stead of me asking her.
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Originally Posted by DragonTush
I considered myself a 'real' knitter when I first contemplated knitting in the bathroom. I'm still debating if that would be too weird....

I've wondered this same thing and even wondered if there was a way to knit while taking a bath so I could really relax..

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waiting to become a real knitter

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How did I know I was a knitter?
When I thinking of ways to be able to knit in the hot tub!
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