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Turning the Heel
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Is anyone else domestically challenged???
I would rather rip out my eye lashes out one by one then do housework. I hate it that much. The idea of being organized, I like. But actually doing it is a whole other matter. I buy cleaning supplies yet never clean. It's depressing. I hate living like this but I don't see myself ever changing. It's a vicious cycle. The dirty house makes me depressed, but then I'm to depressed to do anything about it. I'm a whack job right?
We're all adults here. Wait, when did that happen?!?! And how do we get it to stop?!
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Turning the Heel
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I buy organizing supplies (rubbermaid containers, photo boxes, hampers, bakets, etc...) and never organize. We can be whack jobs together.
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Lucy Fan
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I've been there and so have 300,000 other women. Have you ever been to ? It seriously saved me. I used to break down crying over the house and the frustration that I felt. Flylady is awesome!
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Turning the Heel
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Yes. I could never stick with it.
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Working the Gusset
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I think that "Domestically Challenged" needs to be my middle name! Just the thought of doing dishes, folding and putting clothes away and then there is the whole bathroom avoidance issue I have, I think you get the picture . The part that really is bad is we are trying to sell our house and it is supposed to be CLEAN all the time. Well, that is just not going to happen, so my realtor put in the MLS notes to give me 2 hours notice cause I have 3 kids at home. Yea, 3 kids at home, that's the reason I need 2 hours to clean!

I joined FLYLADY and it worked for a while, but all those emails ended up being a little annoying, and bottom line is you just need to get up and do it. (just like I do all the time! ) I do remember some of her points though, I do try to get my shoes on and get dressed in the mornings first thing. But I just find it easier to go at it alone...
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Working the Gusset
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Add me to the list.. really is brilliant... and it's not about 'sticking with it', it's about taking on what you can as you go..

Not taking on everything at once.

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Working the Gusset
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I'm SO GLAD to read these other posts...I thought I was the only person that had such a hard time with the housework! I've got three kids and 2 bigger dogs, and it just seems that no matter what I do, it's undone in 10 minutes. It's really depressing, and it never seems to get any easier, especially as I get older. I'm a stay-at-home mom and I feel doubly bad about feeling this way...if I worked full time outside of the home, I think I'd feel I'd have more of a reason to be discouraged because my outside employment would take up all my time, but I don't. So that depresses me too, and then the thought of doing a bunch of work that doesn't even look like it at the end of the day...well, that's really depressing too.

Figaro, a year ago, I was where you are--trying to sell the house with 3 kids. It's really hard, and I'm hoping my husband won't want to move again for a long, long time after that chronic attempt to look like we lived in a house out of the pages of Better Homes and Gardens.

Well everybody, at least we have our knitting, right?
I'm "the mean twin".

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2nd Sock, I Rock
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Is flylady the Shine Your Sink lady?? I did that for a few days...
I'm back!
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Turning the Heel
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I hate cleaning, but I've resigned myself to the fact that it has to get done. Ever since my DH took on a second job he hates, I just think of it as a second job I have to tolerate. I just feel bad that he's working so much, and if I don't get the work done, he tries to do it... so it gets done. Not as well or as often as I would like, but it's done. Bleh. I would SO much rather be knitting... or reading... or sleeping... or ANYTHING!
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Instepping Out
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I am SOOOOO the same way! I came from a home where you cleaned every Saturday, I had my little jobs growing up.... but it sure wasn't a "Joan Crawford no wire hangers" type of deal. Still, I developed bad habits the year I was in the dorms. I then lived with my dad and he basically would shake is head at the mess that my room would become. I would clean and do so every few months, but it was such a big production. If I could finally do a "clean sweep" and have a new starting point (besides moving) I do fine. So, I pretty much know what needs to be done and yet am so angry and frustrated at my ADD habits. I have heard about the flylady thing and have been meaning to try it...
With another Fall upon us the weather's only gonna get colder, and it would be so much nicer to not be trapped in a house you can't have people comfortably situated in!
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