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OT: Do you have cats?
Knitting and cats seem to go together somehow, don't they?

I have three very spoiled cats: Tristan (almost 19), Henry (approx. 7) and Jasmine (approx. 5).

Tristan is a purebred bombay that I got from a breeder. He was a "reject" because he has a little bit of grey fur under his the breeder needed to "get rid of him quickly" at only six weeks of age. I wasn't looking for another cat at the time, but took him before the breeder did something bad to him.... I've had him for half my life (!) and he's very old and frail now, with Chronic Renal Failure. But he's still happy, so we hope that he will be with us for awhile longer!!

Henry was a stray that showed up at my door 5 years ago, sick and battered up. He still has the ripped up ears that show his wild past, but he's turned into a pampered housecat and enjoys his life of luxury.

Jasmine I adopted from the animal shelter three years ago. She had been dumped on the side of the street with three kittens. The kittens found homes fast, but she was at the shelter for months. I don't know why, she's a beautiful, affectionate, wonderful cat. She and Henry have fallen in love and are inseperable.

Still trying to convince Henry the cat that knitting is a spectator sport!
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We have one cat in the house. Her name is Jester and she loved me once upon a time ago... Then I brought home the dogs and she became my daughters cat. LOL
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My cat is my baby. I totally spoil him, and in return he ignores my knitting and my yarn.
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We have two kitties. Wednesday is a black and white alley cat. She and I have lived in 5 different places together. She is 16 and still pretty energetic. She had siezures about 5 years ago and is on a daily dose of phenobarbital. She is affectionate with me, and tolerates others.

Georgie is 2 and a breeder reject. He is a Devon Rex and does not have "show quality" fur. (Think perm gone bad.) I like to think of him as my little hot water bottle. He is super affectionate and sleeps under the covers with his head on my pillow. He is very high energy and playful (and sometimes just annoying).

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I have four.

Freyja and Frigga are sisters we got from the Humane Society; Freyja's black, Frigga's a tortie. They've got very different personalities. Frigga is very snuggly and lovey and a perpetual kitten. Freyja is more serious and shy, and tries to be "momma cat" to everybody in the house; when we first got them, Frigga had a bad upper respiratory infection, and Freyja would bring her catfood in bed -- we even saw Freyja try to pick Frigga up by the scruff and take her to the water bowl once! Freyja brings me cat food and toys in bed when I'm sick too.

Our third cat is Lucky (my daughter named her), a medium fur brown tabby. She and her litter were abandoned in an apartment in my old complex; the maintenence guys kicked the kittens out and they were left to fend for themselves until some neighbors of mine and I found homes for all of them. Lucky is probably our sweetest cat, always happy and purring... and thinks she's a dog. She loves to play fetch with those big twist ties you get on appliance cords.

Last we've got Luna, another Humane Society kitty. She's white with nearly red copper eyes, and deaf. She's the trouble maker of the bunch -- possibly because she's deaf, and so hard to discipline. She thinks it's fun to be sprayed with water, can't hear you yell at her because she's deaf, and we wouldn't smack her. She is really aware of visual clues though, so the best way we've found is to wrap a towel around my head like I've gotten out of the shower -- if I've got my hackles raised, I must be mad at her! She's also the biggest danger to my yarn and unfortunately, the more expensive it is, the more she likes it -- alpaca, wool, angora, silk... she'll steal it right out of my hands and run away with it! She couldn't care less about acrylics, nylons, cottons...
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How about the story behind your ca'ts names? I have a very chubby tabby named Butterscotch because he is butterscotch color. I was told it was a sissy name for a male cat and I am beginning to think that B is rebelling against the fact I didn't name him Spike or something!
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When I was 2 a stray female cat, of which I named nina (I watched seaseme street in those days, but no one knows where I came up with that name), she came and slept with me and was my cat. She later had kittens and left just as fast as she came. She left me my grover (gobert, I called him.. from seasame street). Grover was born 2 weeks before my brother, so my parents had my brother and I had grover. He lived to be 16 and after high school we had to put him down due to seizures and he was no longer able to keep himself clean (doctor's didn't know why, just that he was older).

So I married my hubby, who hated cats with a passion and finally convinced him that not ALL cats are bad. We picked out Ming Lei from a local rescue group. She is part syamese, part flame tail. She has the most beautiful blue eyes (like my hubby and son). We have hard her for over a year now. She just turned 2 in September (same with our son).

Ming is very jealous of my knitting or reading. She has never taken or stolen any of it, but she will try to climb up on my chest to get between me and my knitting. She loves to cuddle with me and sleeps at the bottom of my side of the bed (my allergies wont let her sleep on my pillow next to my face, which she would prefer). When I'm gone she sleeps in bed, on my side next to my hubby. She always purs and she is WONDERFUL with my son. He's 2 and very rough with her. She's never hurt him, even though sometimes I think he would deserve it.

So right now we have one, I hope that after we build our house and it's much bigger, I can "rescue" another one!

Wow that turned out to be long, sorry!

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I have one kitty, Tia (Brigantia) which is the celtic name of a goddess who was 'one cool b!tch' so it suited this little puss to a tee. Tia is 8 years old and is such sook. She is a One CAT household kind of kitty. though I would love to get her a companion, I think she would disown me and live under the bed for the rest of forever. *sigh*.

She loves our baby girl who is 9 months. kitty was her first word actually. teee she says. hehe. She loves her kitty! I'm sure that Tia won't be so impressed once Marie-France can pick her up though! ha!
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Originally Posted by nonny2t
How about the story behind your ca'ts names? I have a very chubby tabby named Butterscotch because he is butterscotch color. I was told it was a sissy name for a male cat and I am beginning to think that B is rebelling against the fact I didn't name him Spike or something!
LOL!!! When I was a little girl... I think I was 6.... I got my first cat of my own. He was just a kitten then and he was grey. At the time my favorite book was about a rabbit named Buttercup and that is what I named him after. My mom kept trying to talk me into naming him Smokey but I wouldn't budge on my name choice. After a year Buttercup became a huge fat cat.

One time my parents went out and my brother and I had a babysitter. Our babysitter knew that we had a cat and that he had to be in the house before night came. I remember her calling for Buttercup and this big grey cat jumped on the porch. Well, she kept calling and calling. I told her that was Buttercup and I don't think that she believed me because she kept calling for him lol. I guess cell phones would have been handy back then. She told my parents after they came home that she was expecting a yellow cat to come to her.

I have had a cat named Spike too. Spike was awsome!! He got that name because he reminded me of my old neighbor's dog that was marked just like him. Spike was a big cuddly teddy bear. He didn't fit his name either.

My most recent cat is named Felix. My son Mickey named him. I wanted to name him Gizmo or Mooky, but just like when I was 6 years old he wouldn't budge on his name choice either. Felix was named after a huricane that we should have in 2007. He found the huricane list and decided that was the best one.

I guess everyone has a funny story on how their cats got their names. Heck, even some kids have funny stories on how they got their names. I named mine after a cartoon mouse !!!
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We don't have a kitty right now. Ours died about 2 years ago. I would like to get another cat some day, but the dog we have now doesn't really like cats.
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