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eBay bought Denise's - problem fixed
i bought some "new" denise interchangeables on ebay for $43.00 plus shipping. when they arrived it is obvious that the needles are not used, however the case is ripped and dirty. the dirt is not a big problem, but the rip does bother me. the seller did not mention the rip. i wrote to them trying to resolve it and they said by new they simply meant the unused needles. the only option they are giving me is to return the needles for a refund. i am happy with the needles and i don't want to return them, but i wouldn't have paid that much for them if i had known. my question for you all is, how much do they cost new? they are saying they paid $120, but iknow that amy isn't even selling her colored ones for that much. they did include a 40" cable as a bonus. thanks for any advice.

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uuuh....are they overseas? that is the only reason i can think they would have cost them that much. you paid about retail price for them. you can get replacement cases on the denise website i believe. i would be more inclined to go that route than to send them back. if they are telling you they paid 3xs the retail cost on them i wouldn't trust them to give you your money back.

check over their auction carefully and leave neutral feedback if there really is no mention of wear and tear.
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Ebay *shudder*
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this is the first item i have had a problem with. i checked the description again, as i did several times before emailing them and it says nothing about it. i don't really trust them either, not after all of this although they do have 100% positive feedback. i love the needles though! i have already used them, so i guess i will take your advice brenda, and chalk it up to experience. thanks for the advice.

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My friend's ebay account got hijacked and he didn't even know it until he started getting disgruntled emails from people who claimed that they had been defrauded by him. Now I always check to make sure that a seller's account hasn't been dormant for a while, because those are ones they target. I'm not saying this is what happened with your seller, but it's something to keep in mind when shopping. 100% positive feedback doesn't mean anything if someone has taken over the original owner's account.

Another thing... unless the seller has already give you positive feedback, I would caution against leaving negative or neutral feedback for them. You put yourself at a very real risk getting retaliatory negative feedback in return. I know it's against the spirit of ebay not to warn others, but someone who is not honest in an auction is not going to have any qualms about making false statements about you. (Sadly, I know this from experience.) In a way, not leaving any feedback is a statement in itself.

I'm sounding very negative here, but I really do ebay. You just have to be a little careful.

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I totally agree about being careful with the feedback you leave - they most likely will slam you. I had one awful seller leave horrible vicious things about me that were patently untrue, and I was told there is nothing eBay can do about it basically. When I started looking through the seller's feedback, I noticed that he went after anyone who left anything for him that wasn't positively glowing. Sheesh!
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i had thought of this. right now i have 100% positive from both sellers and buyers, and i really don't want to mess that up, especially since i am not completely disappointed with my purchase. thanks again, ya'll are great!!

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You might want to write to Denise and, without telling them the back story, just let them know your case was damaged. See what they will do or how much they might charge to replace it?

Yeah... wait until they leave you feeddback... and, I would go NEGATIVE, not neutral, with that.

There is NO WAY they pd $120 for those needles. There ARE no interchageables that cost that much!!
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yeah, i knew they were lying, i just wasn't sure how much new ones cost. i will wait and see on the feedback thing. i can't believe all they offered was for me to return it. oh well, at least i got my needles!!

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No matter what, you need to put an unfavorable feedback on them. If they didn't make it clear on the bidding that the needles were new but the case was not or whatever, they are selling items under false pretenses and you need to say something. That is what the feedback is for!
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