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Any moms of Waldorf Students? (Not OT)
Ok, so who learned to knit cause their children are in Waldorf school and have been knitting since grade 1?

I have 2 children -- ds is almost 12 and in 6th grade. Last year he made a pair of socks and offered to help me with my kitchner phobia. "It's easy, Mom" he said. "I'll help you." This year his class is working on making dolls -- not knitted but sewn.

DD is 8 and will be learning to crochet this year. I can't do that either

I learned to knit as a child from my mom and grandmother but never really did much with it other than a baby sweater or 2 when I was pregnant with my kids but I started knitting in earnest when my oldest started Waldorf playgroup. What else was there to do while the kids were playing? The moms would chat and knit.

Then there were all those lovely knitted toys in the Kindergarten. By then I was seriously hooked. Now we are a knitting family (well, the kids and I are -- dh travels most of the time.) There are many nights that the kids clamor to start a project and we all just sit and knit together. I bring knitting everywhere and know that there will be others who do the same. There is always a knitter or 2 at a class meeting or social event.

So, are there any others out there?


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I've never heard of The Waldorf School. Is a private elementary or religious school?

ETA: I just looked it up. It looks like a good school! I'll have to do more reading....

My daughter started knitting and I caught the bug from her. I think it's fabulous that they teach it in some schools. It probably helps to develop patience and small motor control.

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

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IMHO it is THE best thing for what I call multifocal Minds (AKA ADD brains)
if your hands are doing something they know how to do, yu can focus you MIND on something it does NOT know how to do
pisses off people who'se brains cannot do that, but keeps people like me and my kids much more sane
my daughter (never been to a Waldorf School before this year) is in a Waldorf Highschool in NH
she has begun knitting again, and is taking GREAT pleasure in how well things work when she does what someone (other than ME) recommends
its nice to see her knitting

I love it
and am knitting her the A inspired caplette in Frogtree Merino
for her for christmas
she will not wear Buly Yarn things
so I adjusted the pattern for a MUCH lighter weight yarn

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Ahh, Waldorf High School! Very lucky girl!

There aren't any around here yet, just through 8th grade.

We have time to make up our minds about where to go from here cause ds is only in 6th grade.

I love the fact that all their learning encompasses their bodies as well as their brains.

Happy Day after Turkey Day!

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Well, I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, Doctor, and I'm happy to state I finally won out over it.
--Elwood P. Dodd
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Re: Any moms of Waldorf Students? (Not OT)
Originally Posted by zkimom
Ok, so who learned to knit cause their children are in Waldorf school and have been knitting since grade 1?
It was my grandson, not my own children. He went to Waldorf only for Kindergarten and then on to Monetsorri Charter school as it was tuition free.

Now we have a Waldorf Charter school and my grand daughter is going there. I've only seen the third graders knitting so don't know if or how the 1st & 2nd graders are doing.
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Susan, it's so great to see this topic on the forum. I don't have kids yet, but I have recent obsession with Waldorf schools. I've heard of them for a long time, and I just visited one for the first time last weekend (a friend invited me to attend their holiday festival, which was SOOO cool), and I am in LOVE with the place.

The environment was just so beautiful and down to earth and calm, and the kids were all so peaceful and can just feel the difference in the whole atmosphere of the place when you visit. I brought home a small book about the place, and read it cover to cover. The philosophy all seems so sane and wonderful. It just spoke to me so much, I nearly cried. It makes me want to relive my childhood (which I never thought I'd say! ha). It also makes the idea of having kids a lot more appealing to me!

And yeah, knitting in the classroom, does it get better than that?! How wonderful that your kids attend!
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When my son and I were going to move, we were thinking of moving to a town where there was a Waldorf School, as I have always wanted my son to learn there (and a friend is a waldorf teacher)

Back at his 'normal' school, my son got yelled at for cutting up little pieces of paper to make designs - in fact, got in a LOT of trouble for it - he was done with his work and was bored, so he was making snowflakes or something or another.

So we go to visit the Waldorf school, and on every single window are these types of paper-cut outs. My son looks at my, astounded, and said "Mom, here they're ALLOWED to do this!"

We ended up moving to another town, which didn't have a Waldorf school and to this day, I'm a bit disappointed he didn't get that education.

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In the book Zen and the Art of Knitting the author describes visiting a Waldorf school. I had never heard of the school either but was inspired by what I read.

There is an interesting article by Cat Bordhi about knitting with her 7th grade students that is interesting:

And a link about the Waldorf schools:
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it's lovely but expensive
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