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Why do you use markers? I've been knitting for a long time and did all sorts of projects and never had to use markers.

I was just wondering
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when I first started to knit I bought them cause I had to have everything now I don't use them very much... I do think they come in handy when I knit lace.. I use them to seprate the pattern repeats... I will also use them when I have to CO a large number place one after the 50th/100th st... I know some use them to mark the beginning of a round too but I just use my CO tail ... I use them with sweaters to mark the shoulder sections too..

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Markers just make a spot in your knitting easy to find. I just finished a sweater (yay) and I used markers to keep track of the different inc and dec, find where the shoulders go quickly, that sort of thing. They make a certain stich stand out "Remember me, knit me different" :P You can also use them to avoid counting a lot of stiches. For example if you're doing things 52-55 st from the edge. You could put a marker at 50 st and only have to count 2-5. Of course if you remember where your different st is and that the next row is one st over from that then you wouldn't need a marker there.
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i like to use markers when i have a pattern. one of my current projects has 4 sections, so i have double markers (they're thin) for a change in stitch and singles to mark off easy to count groups. i often use them just to help me count off stitches as i often knit while something else is going on, so there's a lot of stop start. it makes it easier for me to knit say a group of twenty so i dont have to remember where i'm at in the row.
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Markers are good for marking where to increase or decrease, so you don't have to count each time.... patterns will say to knit within 2 stitches of the marker and then Inc. or Dec.. I also use markers when casting on, putting a marker every 20 COs or so... then I use a different color when i get to 100. Make it wasier to get back into it if I lose count.

I ALSO use the hangy-type stitch markers to hold a stitch I've dropped until I can knit around to it. They're good for marking rows, too, so you can follow directions like "INC 2 sts every 6 rows 4 times" without needing pencil and paper. AND if you do use pencil and paper, and LOSE the paper, you can easily see where you left off.

Finally, I use them when converting a flat knit pattern to a knit in the round. I use one marker for the beginning of the round, which I make the "center back" , and then I use 2 other differetn colored markers for where the side seams would be, so I know where to inc and dec.

You can also use them to mark cable or lace panels... say you want a cable panel of 20 stitches in the center of a seed stith scarf.... well, you just place a marker on the needles to mark the beginning and end of the cable panel, and you know where to follow the chart. I suppose you could use this methbod for a sweater that had multiple cable charts as well... chart A goes between the blue markers, chart B goes b/t the red markers, etc...

i love stitch markers.
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I use markers for things that are repetitive so I don't have to count. Like for decreases on hats and increases/decreases on sweaters, etc. It saves a lot of mistakes when you are watching TV or something while knitting.

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I have some wonderful little metal rings I've been using as markers for ages. I don't think I've ever done a project without them.
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