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OT: Racism in America
Did anyone watch the program on CNN? theres been a lot of talk on this subject lately.

A lot of ppl were talking when that guy who played Cramer on Seinfeld had his little temper tantrum, well on second hand, it wasnt very little at all.

There was also that show "Black. White." which I thought was very interesting. Some people claim that racism doesnt exist, while some black people (usually young ones) don't mind at all if you call them "the n word."
personally i find it very offesive.

what do you think about this (the whole thing)?
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I believe that all human beings are created in the image of God, and as such, we should treat them with love and respect, no matter what their skin color happens to be. This does not mean that we should blindly accept all their mistakes; sometimes the most loving thing you can do for a person is to humbly and gently point out their faults. However, when members of the same race dishonor one another by using racial slurs, they encourage the negative stereotypes that other members of their race are trying to wipe out.

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I also believe that we should all have the same opportunities. The United States is made up of folks from all corners of the world. But I also feel that if you are going to make the US your home you should learn the language and try to support yourself. I work for a company that hires a vast number of (legal) immigrants-they for the most part do not speak english and feel that we should learn their language. They are supported in great part by the state and local government. If our grand/great grand parents could come and make a home here, supporting themselves why is it that these folks can't... ok.. I am sorry and will get off my soap box.

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i think the young one may have started something....

IMO i think everyone... no matter the color... has racsim in them. their is racism within the African American community that white folks don't even know about. and i've seen whites hate on one another for what ever reasons. i don't care how many times you say it, EVERYONE has racsim in them to a degree. some will admit to it but a lot won't.
Michael Richards is a rasist because if he wasn't then he never would have said what he said. it may have been buried deep inside. but either way it was uncalled for and inapproperiate. thats why i say everyone has it in them. if he didn't no matter how mad he was at that man he would have never went racial. plain and simple. but yet and still he denys being a racsist. you cannot be a racsist and say what he said.
Black WHite was very interesting and annoying at the same time. Bruno is like Michael Richards. he would have thought that what MR said was ok. i have found that whites call each other the "n word" when i was in high school. that tripped me out. i had no problem with it as long as they didn't call me that. i think now young AA don't even care if whites call them that. i don't think its ok. but thats just me. my husband who is white doesn't like the word and gets mad if i say it. has told me several times that I was not allowed to say it. now that was some mess anyway he says he doesn't want our children saying it. i don't have a problem with the word nor do i have a problem with them saying it as long as they use it right. i know thats not right but they have to know the history behind it. i don't know. its a very touchy subject and there are many questions behind it. i have heard many debates on the word from educated AA, from noneducated AA. and also from white folk. but the white folk are just mainly mad cause they know if they use it in wrong company they may get a beat down. so it just goes to what you know.

psammeadred~ if you look at it from an AA point of view... its not really dishonoring each other if i see someone i know and say "hey what up n****." then i'm not dishonoring them. i know that some may feel that the use period is disrespectful... but some don't think so. some AA think so and some don't. its their prefernce to use the word or not to use it. its really complaicated and really not appropriate for this forum cause its a never ending debate. cause i can go into how you spell it, how it is said, what it means when said this way or that way.

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Well, personally, I tend to be colorblind, genderblind and orientationblind. Primarily to be anything else gives me a reason to hate. Now, from what I believe, hate kills, whether now or later, it kills. I don't really care what a person is, it's what they have done to me, my family or my friends that sets the like or dislike factor.

But I will definitely agree that racism does exist. And its sad too, from what I've gathered over my years of life is that we already have too many excuses to kill each other, why do we need more?

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Well, this is a complex (and touchy) issue. I think most of us would agree (at least publicly) that racism is bad. Though it may not as socially "acceptable" as it was in the past, it will take a lot for it to be eliminated, particularly at the cognitive level. I think some of you may find this article enlightening. I'm not sure I agree with the author's conclusions (it seems to me that automatic thoughts are likely to be more resistant to change than outward behaviors), but I think the research findings have merit.

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bell hooks has an interesting book on being color blind. i think its good reading.

i dont have any more new or interesting thoughts on the racism debate in america, other than it breaks my heart. all we can do is teach our children well. seth who is three understands that there are all colors of skin and he doesnt have much melanin in his skin which makes his skin lighter and some people have more melanin in their skin which makes their skin darker. i also always end the conversation with "i like all the different colors of skin dont you?"

i also read him a good mix of book by white, AA and asian authors so hes not indoctrinated with only white faces. we live in a primarily white area, but i didnt grow up that way and im worried about what it will do to him. my husband grew up here and was racist ie fearful of black skin until he came to live with me in houston. i lived in a primarily black neighborhood, and he got a job at the toll road and then at the post office and was basically immersed in black culture and within six months told me he was no longer fearful.

i really think that most of it is fear related ... no exposure to anyone different from you. although there are true blue racists. houston is quite close to vidor and jaspar notorious racist towns... most likely related to land. thats an area of slavery settlement and black ranching and farming.

but i digress....
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To me, people are individuals. There are good and bad apples on all sides. How I respond to an individual is determined by my own observation of that person. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

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There is an excellent book about the subject aimed at white people (but anyone can read it) called Uprooting racism by Paul Kivel. He is a white man writing about racism from his perspective. Then of course there is the famous Peggy McIntosh article that most freshman read in college (I assign it in every class I teach) You can google it and find it in lots of places but here's one link:

Another good book is The Heart of Whiteness by Robert Jenen.

I am a doctoral student in Education and I write about racism, feminism and other forms of oppression. I think about this everyday. I read about it every day. I have read a lot of what koolbreeze was saying, that all of us are racist in many different ways. I think its becasue we live in an oppressive society. What that means is there is always a dominate oppressive force working against a repressed group. That is the way our economy works (capitalism) and depends on it. Imagine if we had no immigrants. Who would do all our dirty work? Someone has to do it and we are not a society that believes in cleaning up our own mess. Our country/culture was built on it. Many believe humans weren't always like this. When we were tribal peoples we had to work together to survive. Now our survival is based on domination. Some believe that happened 5000 years ago with the advent of patriarchy. I'm not quuite sure but I do know its here now and untilwe all start recognizing it and trying to eliminate it and work for something better then racism, sexism, homophobia and all the rest will be with us. Asking questions like this is the first step in eliminating it so I appluad you.

As a doctoral student I am soooooo swamped with material. If you or anyone else needs to know titles of good books or articles, just let me know. You could start a book reading group of your friends! Good luck
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Originally Posted by koolbreeze
i think the young one may have started something....
oh, i hope i havent started anything bad

:thinking: hmm, i dont know if would say that everyone has some degree of racism in them, but i have noticed that it is possible for people, very nice people, to be covertly racist without even realizing it. for example, i go to a predominanly white school, where they treat us black kids very nicely. though, i noticed that when new people would visit, showing interest in enrolling in our school, they would take lots of time with the white ones, giving them an extended tour, breaking down the procedures step by step and introducing them to several of the students. now when I first came to the school months ago, just about all they did was show my and my sister where our desks where, and tell us to read the manual. a new black student arrived a few weeks ago, and they introduced him to the basketball team (because he said that he plays basketball), explained just a few things to him, and said "be sure to read the manual."

now as i see it, this is covert racism. i dont believe that they did it intentionally, but well, thats the way it happened.
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