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How (When) do you knit when you're a busy housewife/mother/carreer woman (man)?
Hi...i would like to hear your experience about 'stealing' time to knit...

i can't imagine if the knitters with the kids...ah, they have to be the first priority arent they?...but sometimes knitter's soul is inside, and it's missing to knit...i haven't had kids right now...but with my husband right now...ah, he always looks for i rarely knit when he's acting like that...but sometimes, i need time for my self by doing what i's quite hard when you got married...i'm still adapting with this situation...but this knitter's soul starts to grow......when i knit, i hardly stop it...but i still have to pay attention to my family right?...

so, how do you manage your time in doing this hobby while ofcourse families are the first...
Have you ever postpone a very small, simple project for weeks (more time than you can do) because of this "home-carreer"?

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My housekeeping has changed dramatically since I became knitting-obsessed. Well, maybe not dramatically, since I've always hated cleaning. I have learned to be more efficient, though, and reward myself with knitting time.

I spend most of my awake time with my 7-year-old grandson, and he's used to me having knitting all the time. I put it down, of course, to do hands-on things with him, but if I'm sitting and watching, I'm knitting.

In fact, yesterday we were at a small frog pond, and he said that he liked it better the day before because I spotted more frogs because I didn't have my stooopid knitting.

I reminded him that we'd been there 2 hours because of my stoopid knitting, and I found my fair share of frogs thankyouverymuch.

From the time he goes to bed until I go to bed, that's straight knitting/KH time for me, too.
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late nights and great husband who says I'll take over so you can knit...I also keep things on the needles I can do without if we are outside and the kids are content then I can knit while I watch them and if I have to drop it at a second's notice I can... My little girl loves to watch me knit so a lot of times my son will be drawing or diddling while she is content to sit on my lap and just watch me... sometimes she "helps" me...somedays I have a lot of knitting time and others I don't have time to even look at my needles...

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I'm a full-time Ph.D. students and have two daughters, 5 1/2 and 3 y.o. I mostly knit after they're asleep, but this means the house is a mess a lot of the time. I also knit during weekend mornings while they watch a movie. I find other moments here and there, but not much. My husband is not the clingy type at all, rather the contrary, so he doesn't mind my not devoting myself to him.

I don't get to knit many hours per week, but it's better than nothing.
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Well, I am not a housewife or mother. I do have a job ( I quit the career thing more than 10 years ago). I keep my knitting close and knit whenever I have a few minutes.

In my experience most people have more spare time than they think they do once they eliminate unnecessary crap from their lives. I make a point of keeping my life as simple as possible and most of the time I have time for whatever I want. Not always of course, but more often than not.

These days a lot of people's "busy" day includes a few hours sitting in front of the idiot box. That's wasted time as far as I am concerned. I'd rather sit outside and knit a bit while enjoying some fresh air and the sounds of nature.

Make the kids wash the dishes and spend that time knitting

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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I'm a teacher and last year, I needed to finish a baby blanket by the weekend, so I took it out to recess with me everyday and knit on the playground!
I also sometimes take a no-brainer project with me to a faculty meeting or a study group. People always comment on how "amazing" it is that I can knit and be involved in the discussion at once (little do they know!)
Last year, I was the sponsor of the school Scrapbook Club and I often took my knitting with me since the kids were pretty self-sufficient. That sparked an interest and now there are a bunch of students begging me to do a Knitting Club instead this year (but that would mean I'd get less personal knitting done!)
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I've tried to set aside Sundays for knitting (or whatever "fun" I want to do). I'm a mom of two teens, I work 30 hours a week, and I take college classes. My dd plays soccer two hours away.

Finding time to knit is very, very challenging. Hence my desire for Sundays (although that will be challenging during the next two months since I'm taking four classes).

As far as housework, can you please define the term?

My kids have a chore list, and I fill in when I can. But my house is dirty, and it just doesn't really matter to me. We're too busy running to keep the floor washed (in fact, I can't remember the last time I did a full-on cleaning). We do the best we can.
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I usually knit after my kids go to bed, it's my "me" time, unless dh interrupts it!

There are days that I just sit and knit, make lunch for the kids, clean up, knit, fix supper, knit....etc. That hasn't happened in a long time!

Also, I bring my knitting to work and do it there sometimes. Needless to say, I have about 4 unfinished projects I need to get done.
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My children are older now, but even when they were little I scheduled a "girls night out" to be with friends for dinner and coffee. Now my coffee time is an evening knitting group that meets at a coffee house every week, or sometimes every other week. Knitting in public is a great way to multi-task -- knitting and bonding with friends.
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Well, i don't fit the criteria exactly, I am a high school student in honors classes (read:I get a LOT of homework) and I do all the household chores because my mom works so much and my little brother is less willing to help me clean than a rock.

I find times here and there thoughout the day to knit. I knit when the oven is pre-eating or when waiting for water to boil, or when i'm reading articles online (only if it's mindless knitting for that though) when I take the dogs out in the yard, or if I get frustrated on homework, I'll take a quick knitting break to clear my head.

In short, any time i'm not doing anything else or could be multi-tasking, I'm knitting!

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