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Spinoff of Place for Non-YarnSnobs--Baby blanket?
Originally Posted by misha rf
One of the things I noticed when I signed up on this board was how many people here use (and love!) acrylic yarn. I was surprised--I figured a board like this would be populated by those who only use natural fibers.
The above is exactly how I feel. I am a yarn snob. I love nice yarn, and I usually knit with the premium stuff. HOWEVER, some things just don't seem appropriate for fancy yarn - like big blankets or things for kids - so I use an acrylic or blend that I like (Red Heart Soft, Caron Simply Soft, Lion Wool-Ease).

I find myself in an interesting situation and I was wondering what y'all would advise: The wife of friend of DH & mine is having a baby. I don't know her, but he is very pretentious. I love him to death and have come to accept that about him. I can't stand it in anyone else, but for some reason in him it is endearing (he is like Frasier). I have the feeling that she may be similar, as their wedding registry contained $25 teacups (!)among other very expensive gifts.

I want to knit the baby something nice. Despite what I have said, he is not kind of person who would actually turn his nose up at hand made stuff. Nonetheless, I do want to respect his tastes and try to use a nice yarn.

That said, this is a BABY and though I've never had one before, I am under the impression that they make a mess and that I need to use a very washable yarn.

What is a fancy, washable baby yarn? I only know fancy adult yarns! Is it really worth it to use one of these yarns? I have a bunch of Simply Soft in exactly the colors he said they would like, but then I don't want to be stingy if a more expensive yarn will yield a better result.

Whaddya think?
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Plymouth Yarn has a line called "Dream Baby" that is 50% nylon and 50% acrylic - it comes in DK weight and 4 ply (which is 1/2 the size of the DK weight). This yarn has a lovely sheen and drape to it and might be a good option for you.
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The thing is, most non-knitters wouldn't know an expensive yarn from an inexpensive one when presented with it. I mean, if you made it from Caron Simply Soft, would he know that it was not an expensive yarn?

If you want something more pricey, there's always the superwash wools. there's some superwash merino on sale at right now, debbie bliss i think.

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I am pretty sure Rowan Cashsoft DK is washable!
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Being a mom, I can tell you that personally, I'd appreciate a handmade, washable, easy-care yarn for a blanket, and it wouldn't have to be a natural fiber, either. I began learning how to knit before I found out I was pregnant this last time, and once I found out, I was determined to knit my baby a blanket and finish it (with the other two kids, I began crocheting them blankets but never progressed beyond scarf sizes! ) I saw SnB's "Big Bad Baby Blanket", but didn't want to spend out that much on yarn for the Koigu, so I got some Paton's Classic Merino Wool instead for the blanket. Although the blanket is very nice and warm and looks great, I can tell you that now that she's almost 2, that blanket has been hand washed more times than I can count, and waiting the few days for it to dry is frustrating. I just finished knitting her an acrylic blanket to use all the time and especially when her wool one is being washed and dried and she LOVES it (it's out of Lion Brand's Homespun).

In my own personal experience, I have found that for people that don't craft--knit, sew, quilt, crochet, etc.--it's not usually important to them that you used say for example 100% cashmere to make's been my own experience that they're touched that you just spent the time to make them something. And sometimes, people are a little bit intimidated by things knitted out of finer things too...I know that my mom and sister don't want to ever wash shawls I made for them!

In my humble opinion, if it were me, I'd go ahead and use the Simply Soft yarn you already have. Even if you suspect they might be a bit put off by an "acrylic" yarn, I can guarantee that after enough midnight/wee hours of the night trips to the washing machine after leaky diapers, etc., that blanket will be the most loved and useful out of anything else you could've knitted it out of, and they'll be THANKFUL you chose an easy-care yarn! Not to mention that Simply Soft is just that--very soft--and it has a nice sheen to it. And chances are, when the baby gets old enough to voice his/her opinion about it being their favorite little "lovey" blanket, it will become their favorite too, because their child loves it so much (and because it's so soft!). And if you suspect they might be the least bit put off about something homemade, I'd be even more apt to go cheaper with the yarn because it really would be frustrating to me to go out and spend a fortune on yarn for something a friend of mine never used. Just my two cents' worth, though.

I'm very glad you posted this question, because I'm in the same boat. I have a friend that's pregnant, and she really likes the finer things...things I can't afford! So I've been wondering what I can make for their baby, and actually, now that I've reasoned it all out in my response to you, I think I too will select a more economical, manmade fiber. So thanks for posting!
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I would totally go with the Caron Simply Soft. I also have some and its beautiful and soft yarn that is perfect for a baby.

I agree with others who have said that if they are not knitters or yarn people themselves they won't have ANY clue its not expensive yarn.

Normally people associate the softness and texture to being more "high end". Being that Caron Simply Soft is so nice they will probably assume you spent a small fortune on it.

I say go for it.

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Thanks for all the responses. I have made a few sweaters for friends out of silks and cashmerinos, and I always feel like I'm giving them work rather than a gift. I'm saying, "Here, you take care of this" lol.

Someone asked the question would a non-knitter even know, and I guess that's what I wasn't sure of. I don't think they would be able to tell the price, but they would probably be able to tell the quality. Then again, some acrylics are pretty good quality, so I guess it all depends.

I will stop by LYS tomorrow and check out the brands you all suggested and see if I think they are really so much better than the Simply Soft.
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I also agree Caron simply soft IS soft.. and I got some for Christmas.. a lovely lime green and hot pink which I started knitting up as hat and before it was done it looks like a watermelon hat me likey..
and Red soft.. IS actually soft and comfy.. go for acrylic.. and new mom has too much to do.. to HANDWASH anything.. IMHO~!

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I really believe that a non-knitter wouldn't know the difference! When my first baby was born, our landlord's wife knitted us a beautiful baby blanket as a surprise. It was beautifully done, gorgeous stitch pattern, lovely cream colour, the perfect size....etc. Now that I'm a knitter I can feel it and realize that it's probably acrylic but really I could care less! She worked hard on it and it is a treasure.
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One thing to keep in mind that there is no way of knowing if the baby-to-be will be allergic to animal hairs. It's a very common allergy. Some sort of washable, soft, synthetic yarn would be a safe choice.

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