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OT: Co-sleeping
I need help/moral support! My dd is almost seven months old and has been co-sleeping with my husband and me. I have been hestitant to move her to her crib b/c I am worried she will be crying b/c she is hungry and not b/c she can't sleep. After talking to her pediatrician today and being reassured that when she wakes up at night she is not really hungry (at this age) I have decided it is time to put her in her on bed. Does anyone have any tips on how to deal with the inevitable nights of crying? I know it is something I will just have to deal with, but how do I stay strong?
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Just do it. It probably will only take two or three nights.
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It is hard. My son would end up sleeping with us but it was never intentional.

Try putting a shirt that you have worn (a wee bit smelly is good in this situation ) under the fitted crib sheet. When she lays on it, she will warm it up and the smell of you will be close.

I would suggest standing beside her and soothing her with back rubs and such, and help her fall asleep.

If it really doesn't seem to work the greatest and you are able, try moving the crib into your room.

And for us, putting the crib mattress on an angle worked. I was thinking about that the other day and wonder if that is because when he slept with us our weight would naturally make the mattress angled under him?

Most of all, I have found lots of research when my son was young and I last looked at this to suggest that your physician isn't just trying to fed you a line, she really won't be hungry. Likely lonely or bored!
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Hugs for you, it's going to be rough, but mostly on you. Be tough and don't drag it out, that's no good for anyone. This time next week you'll all be sleeping better.

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And the longer she sleeps with you, the harder it will be to change.
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please read this article on co-sleeping/night feedings

we co-sleep/family bed with our 10+ month old daughter. she does have a 'toddler' bed (its wedged between or bed and the wall-like a low crib) and i do still bf. she eats around 10:30, them 12 ish and again around 4:30. has since she was born... are you b/fing? i'd say that if you are, then your daughter wil eat when she's hungry and you can see if she's nursing for comfort or to eat by how long she nurses. a short bit to sooth her would mean for comfort and i would venture that it would be okay to use the above method to stop night feedings, but if shes actually eating at night, i wouldn't suggest cutting out night feedings. maybe just strech them apart a bit? hope that helps
putting her bed next to yours would be great, then you can check on her faster and feel assured that she is ok. i really dont think a 7 month old should go 8 hours w/o eating. their little bodies need food more frequently and in smaller amounts at a time since they are growing so fast.......
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Did you know that humans are the only mammals that make a different nest for their young?

Why do you want to move her to her own bed? She is still so young.

And what your pediatrician said to you was wrong. Different babies have different needs. How can (s)he possibly know that your child will not wake up hungry in the middle of the night?

Pretty soon your baby will become a toddler and won't even want to sleep in the same bed as you. Until she wants her independence, why force it on her? She needs her mama right now. You sleep with your husband because you love him, because it's more comfortable to be close to him, because you don't want to be alone.

Your daughter doesn't want to be alone either.

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I support your pediatrician because I believe that you wouldn't use a doctor that you don't trust. I won't say that your doctor was wrong--perhaps he/she just has a differnet parenting philosophy than you?

That being said--I did let my dd sleep w/ me until she was 18 months old and I have a 1 month old right now that everyone in this community can tell you I'm struggling with in that area right now...

I think you have to do what makes you and your family comfortable. When I had to make the switch w/ my 18 mo dd--I had to just do it--she cried for about 10 minutes the first night before falling asleep from being tired and she woke up twice during the night. The second night she only cried about 7 or so minutes and woke up once and on the third night she cried for less than 3 or 4 minutes and she didn't wake up at all. After that, I'd get whimpers from time to time but she'd go quickly to sleep and sleep through the night. I was breast-feeding at the time and was worried that she'd be hungry but I soon learned that she was only nursing out of comfort and habit.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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First off, let me say that whatever choice you make about where your baby sleeps will be because you know what's best for you and your family.

I wanted to share this article with you by a woman named Kathy Dettwyler. She's an Adjunct Professor of Anthropology and Nutrition at Texas A&M. It may or may not strike a chord for you.

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Originally Posted by losnana
And the longer she sleeps with you, the harder it will be to change.
You aren't kidding. Our ds will be 3 in two months and he STILL sleeps with us. There are nights when we just let him sleep where ever he wants, just to ensure that we get sound sleep.
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