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The solution is right here in this book. Withhold dessert!
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My dog used to dig. She also only dug in dirt spots with no grass (like flower beds). You could try planting, it may work. What worked for us was her poop put in the holes with Tabasco sauce on top, then bury it. Sometimes she does find a new spot, but if we quickly do the same thing to it, she won't dig there anymore. She never digs under the fence though. That would be extremely dangerous in my neighborhood. She has tried the Tabasco, and doesn't like it. I would think cayenne would work about the same. The invisible fence will definitly work, but may be expensive.

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We have a yellow lab that loves to dig so we did he chicken wire thing. She doesn't dig anymore, except under the edge of her house. Then she discovered that she could put her paws on top of the fence so it will lean in and she could jump out. I actually have never seen a dog jump that high. We had to add extra fence posts.
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Originally Posted by Knitting_Guy View Post
Cayenne pepper has also been known to work but it might be expensive buying enough to cover your fence line.
Not necessarily. You can be amazed what you find at the dollar store

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I guess this would be an update...

I wound up purchasing the PetSafe wireless pet containment system. It was pretty easy to set up and did not require me to dig a trench or install wiring.

Let me tell works great! You put a collar on your dog, and when they go past a certain point (you set up the perimeter), the collar starts beeping. If they continue, they receive a shock. There are several different settings, so you can start out with no shock and raise the level from there. I purchased an extra collar since I have two dogs. One good thing about this system is that it's portable. You can just pick up the box (what emits the transmission) and take it with you whereever you go. I haven't done this, but it's nice to know that if we move, it can go with us.

The first evening of "training" was traumatic for my older dog. She refused to go back into the yard for several days. But the younger one did fine. I managed to coax my older one out by feeding her chicken (per the vet's instructions), and now we don't put the collar on her. But the little one still gets to wear it since he still "forgets" and tests the boundaries.

I know it probably sounds like a cruel method, but it really isn't. Pele, the younger dog, has learned to heed the beeping. He does not get shocked any more. The dogs don't "visit" my neighbors anymore, and we're comfortable leaving them outside together.
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Aversive stimuli to the rescue! I'm glad your digger responded to it.

I'm certainly a fan of least-to-most teaching and least-restrictive environment behavior modifications, but honestly...sometimes you need to make the jump if the learning process will end up putting your dog's safety at risk (for example...get out of the yard and flattened by a passing car, etc etc).

Most dogs catch on real quick, I bet it took less than a day for Pele to learn how to avoid the shock. My roommate has 3 dogs (yes, we have 4 dogs over 60lbs :rollseyes and two of them were causing neighbor tension because they barked all damn day long in the yard. She bought two shock collars for them and it took them less than two hours to realize not-barking would be more fun than getting shocked. Now they continue to wear the collars as a reminder stimulus, but no batteries or anything in it. Still no barking, hooray!

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Thanks Hama! It's nice to hear your positive feedback.

And you're right. Pele learned rather quickly, although we still have to turn the box on. One day I put the collar on him but forgot to turn on the box. Next thing you know, they are under the fence! I was digging sand out of the collar's batteries. Mama is also a quick study.
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Originally Posted by auburnchick View Post
Oh gee, thanks. You're REAL encouraging!

I keep hoping that he'll get too big to fit under the fence, but I figure that the holes will probably just get bigger.
LOL...yep, the holes will just get bigger I have an Alaskan Malamute and trust me - the holes get bigger! However as you mentioned, you suspect that your dog is trying to get to the dog next door, which was the case with my girl. She would dig occasionally, but never actually under the fence just down, down, down. Then we got new next door neighbours who had a dog and BAM! She started digging under the fence so she could get next door and play

As this was happening in a fairly confined area I was able to put wire in the hole and then refill in, but Chloe (who is too smart for her own good) learnt how to remove the wire from the hole The only real way we found to stop it (or at least prevent escaping) is to put something that is going to continue to move down into the hole and fill it up as the dog digs. For example, if you put a log or rock in the hole, as the dog tries to dig under the rock the rock will keep moving down and prevent the dog from digging. Does that make sense? It worked with Chloe and I no longer worry about her escapin (even though the next door neighbour was more than happy for Chloe to come over for a 'play'!)

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I don't seem to understand how the transmitter for the fence knows where the boundaries are. I'm interested in something like that, however, I had heard that if a dog breaks the line with the Invisible Fence that they won't return to the yard. This one sounds like it won't stop unless they do.
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The transmitter is actually a small container-like thing that you strategically place somewhere in the center of the area you want to cover. You test out the boundaries by carrying the collar with you, at the dog's neck height. The collar has a battery and some kind of contraption that "communicates" with the transmitter. I guess it's kind of like a radar. You can adjust the transmitter to make the area larger or smaller, according to your needs. We left about a two foot perimeter around the fence, leaving plenty of yard for the dogs to roam about in.

The collar proceeds from beeping to the shock when they near (and pass) the boundary. I think it does shut off eventually, so if the dogs get out and can stand the duration of the shock, they would be out for good. That's where you should adjust the level of shock on the collar itself. You can slowly increase the level if your dog proves to be very stubborn. We have our's set to the second level. The first one did nothing to our bone-headed (errr...loveable) dog.

By increasing the level, the dog doesn't want to remain in that state, so it returns back to safety.

I hope this answers your question.
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Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers. -- Isaac Asimov
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