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need honest opinions
I tried sending this last night but had problems. So if this is a repeat I am soooooooooo sorry. I've had several friends ask me to knit them something and they are willing to pay. I can always use the extra money to buy more yarn (what else would I do with the $$$$$$$$). My question is how do I go about deciding how to charge. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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you could try search at etsy and see what other handknitters sell their sweaters for...that could give you an idea. umm..maybe charge twice the cost of yarn, plus a nominal fee per hour of work? that way you make a bit, cover the cost, and get a bit for the time it takes. larger=more.seems fair to me
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In my experience, people are reluctant to pay what a hand-knit is worth when you consider the time involved. They may pay $$$ at the store, but hesitate to pay a friend for what is more likely a better quality item.

People often talk about the price of the yarn involved, which is a factor, but it takes just as much time to knit something with cheap yarn as it does with expensive yarn.

I think it's a great idea to do a little snooping on line to see what other people are charging, and then you can decide if your market will bear it and if it's worth it to you.
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I agree with Ingrid. And to add to that, if they want to "save" by buying/paying for cheap crappy yarn, you're going to end up with headaches trying to knit with junk.
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This thread might be helpful.

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We were discussing this last next at my SnB. I had heard the "twice the cost of the yarn" rule of thumb before, but my LYS salesperson said this was "the old way", and now the going rate (at least in this area) was 15 cents a yard. This seemed very high to me.

For example: I've been commissioned to do some felted clogs and purses for people. Using WOTA my yarn cost for these items is approx. $12. If you double the cost of the yarn then 24 + 12 = 36. I've charged between 30 and 35 dollars in the past - the clogs are a faster knit than the purses with their feet of Icord handles and trim. I haven't had anyone baulk at the price. If I charged by the yard (600 yards) then we're talking $90 in labor. NO WAY! Even if you consider that the yarn is held double so you only 'knit up' 300 yards linearly you're still talking $45 labor + $12 (or more if they wanted Mmmmm or something else besides WOTA). I my clogs 50 dollars worth - but I wouldn't PAY a store that much for them!

Example 2: DD's lace stole = 1200 yds of laceweight alpaca (only about $13 ). So should labor be $26, $180 (1200 x .15), or ?? ( about 110 hrs times [what's min. wage] = priceless )
Not that I'd sell DDs Christmas present, but you get the idea!

Of course I had the "pleasure" of knitting that laceweight alpaca! It was one too until the Dr. visits and therapy for shooting pain in my neck and shoulder which Dr. diagnosed when she saw me xxx xxx xxx in the examining room while waiting for her!!

I think the best idea is to decide if YOU want to knit the item, what you'd be willing to pay for that item, and price your services accordingly.

Happy Knitting!

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