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OT - Prison Break is my dirty little secret
I am a grown-up (30), professional woman with a master's degree. I am supposed to care about adult things like politics and world affairs (which I do to some extent). Or at least adult TV shows like Law and Order. I have never really cared about TV or celebrities, but since the first few minutes of the first episode, I have been completely obsessed with Prison Break. I see a lot of threads on bbs about Lost, Greys Anatomy, the OC, etc, but never PB, which makes me wonder if I am the only one...

I had all the episodes on our TiVo, but the TiVo crashed over Christmas and lost them, so I bought the 1st season on iTunes and put them on DH's computer. He put them on my video iPod and I laughed and laughed. Who would watch TV on their iPod?

Turns out *I* would! (did, and will again!)

I am disappointed that they are going to do a 3rd season. I was hoping to be able to kick this obsession. Now my greatest worry is that Sara Wayne Callies won't come back for the next season. Miller and Purcell are already tentatively on board, but no mention of Callies ... And she's pregnant in real life so ???

Isn't there a genocide in Darfur right now? Aren't we at war? Don't I have my career to focus on? How can I possibly be so wrapped up in what happens on an eye candy show?

I saw on Youtube that many people actually download clips from the show and string them together into musical montages. I have not done such a thing yet, so I guess I am not as obsessed as I COULD be, lol (or maybe I just don't know how to use the technology yet!)

Please tell me I'm not alone!
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I love Prison Break, too!
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DH and I watch Prison Break too. I normally don't care much for television but I have to say that Prison Break has delivered a lot more than I thought it would when I first heard about it.

BTW, there is an on going thread on Knitters Review devoted to Prison Break.
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Count me in as a fan too! I've watched it from the beginning, although I did miss the big episode last year when they actually broke out!
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I watched this week after not watching since the start of the season. We go out on Monday nights so haven't watched it. So I was rather confused this week - what's up with Mahone?? I've obviously missed a lot so I have no idea of what exactly he's in trouble for?
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OMG! I have been looking for SOMEONE who shares my obsession as much as me!

I have been such a die hard fan since day one...and Wentworth Miller is just drool worthy!

I even put my knitting down to drool over him.

Mahone is complicated...Im not sure how best to elaborate on him...

Hes a brilliantly twisted genius, I think was DHs description.

PaperGirl there too!

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I'd like to be the boys' dirty little secret, that's for sure!
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I have PB joke to share with you! There is a legal exam writing company called Wentworth Miller's Legal Exam Writing System. I am not making this up, and it has no relation to Mr. Hotpants.

DH is in law school and said, "I wonder if the first step in the system is to tattoo all the exam answers to your torso."

Edited to say: apparently the guide was written by the actor's father, so it's not exactly no relation to Mr. Hotpants, just that he himself did not write it.
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I love Prison Break too!!!

I can't believe they can squeeze another season out of it, but that's fine with me!

Wentworth Miller
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Nathalie!! You have to see that episode!! It was soooo good!

I think it's amazing when you know what the outcome is going to be (obviously they're going to break out of prison) but they still make it soooo suspenseful and tense and awesome. I could not even sit down for most of the ep -- I was totally pacing around and DH thought I was nuts

My DH started watching season one on DVD and then sat me down and started over so I could see it. We're a little bummed right now because we caught up last week (we had been DVR-ing season 2 while we watched season 1) and now we have to wait for new episodes.
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