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Ok I came here because I know that knitters for the most part seem to be animal lovers and I need advice from such people so here it goes...
I have a 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab and we are considering adopting her out because I don't think she is getting enough attention here, she throws up all over my carpets and this morning she threw up on my couch I think it is because she eats things she is not supposed to(sticks,plastic ect..) but I wonder if she does that out of boredom the kids don't really play with her and she always looks sad, She is a beautiful dog and she is so sweet I can't help feeling that she needs more attention than I can give right now and I feel so guilty about that I would be very sad to give her up but she has so much life ahead of her and I would like her to live as full a life as possible any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
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That is so hard but it is great you are realizing she needs more attention. Shows how much you love her. I adopted one of my dogs from New England Doglift. It is a great organization that fosters dogs and adopts them out to loving families. I'm in NH and I'm sure they would help you out being you are in Maine. I don't have their number handy but you can find them online.

Good luck
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Firstly, if the dog is vomiting a lot as you describe the poor thing really needs a proper check at a vet. Small objects should not be left around for the dog to chew on and swallow but you can't presume it's just eating odd objects that has caused the problem. It could also be that some plastic or similar is partly obstructing the stomach and that in itself is causing vomiting so I would take this dog to the vet post haste. When there I would ask the vet about the potentials of having your dog 'adopted' by another family or couple who can train and spend more time with it.

Obviously there are various animal adoption agencies but I think a vet recommended service is better and, once again, that you should have the dog given a thorough health check now so that any problem is 1) alleviated for the dog, and 2) you aren't passing a health issue on to another family without them knowing about it.
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She could be eating things she's not supposed to out of boredom, b/c she's looking for attention, she has some anxiety...there are all sorts of reasons. Labs require a lot of attention and exercise, and if you just can't provide those things for her, then really the best thing is to find a new home for her.

If you have a PetSmart or a PetCo near you, maybe you could talk to the various adoption groups that operate there and see if they can help place her for you. Or maybe use I would do that before taking her to a shelter.

It's hard to give up a pet. We had to give up one of our dogs because our other dog hated her and would attack her and the poor thing developed all sorts of anxiety and bad behaviours as a way to cope. She was actually chewing her paws raw. Luckily my parents took her, and she's very happy now. And the bonus is that I still get to see her whenever I want.

Good luck!
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She has been to vet for a thorough exam and been given a clean bill of health and the things she is eating are either sticks from outside or my kids toys I keep their bedroom doors closed and try to keep the toys put away but it is hard she can't even have dog toys because she eats those too.
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I know this must be a really hard decision.
I volunteer with a local lab rescue organization. I got into it shortly after I got my dog. Everyone I volunteer with are lab lovers and so are the people who adopt. They specifically work with each family to find the right match between the dog and people. I honestly think lab rescue would be the way to go. I found these online in a national database of lab rescue maybe you could contact the appropriate one and talk to someone.

Georgetown Area
Kari Koss

Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.
(978) 356-2982

Northeast All-Retriever Rescue (NEARR) covers Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine (Southeast only), New Hampshire (Southern only) and Connecticut (Eastern Shore only).
(617) 824-4278

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Thanks Holly I don't think I would have a problem adopting her out she has been spayed and had all her shots I just need to know it's the right thing to do I think my house is going to feel empty when she is gone and that I will regret it but that seems like a selfish reason to keep her when I know that their is someone out there that would take her every where with them she is a dog that belongs with an outdoorsmen someone that takes roadtrips and long hikes and would let her sleep in their bed with them (mines barely big enough for me and my husband).
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Try not to worry, you have thought this out and if you think your dog would be happier and more active somewhere else, then you are doing the right thing for her. You see your dog looking sad and getting into mischief, she is not as active as you think she would like to be so you are thinking of getting her into a home that would be able to spend time with her. Do as much research as you can about the groups (s) you are contacting and make sure you feel comfortable that they will love your dog as much as you and that they will find the right family for her.
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Labs are basically work dogs/sporting dogs and as such need a LOT of exercise. If the dog isn't getting that you would be doing it a great service and showing just how much you care about it by adopting it out to someone who can provide what it needs to be healthy and happy.

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That's gotta be hard, but yeah, labs need a lot of attention, and it would probably be best for her.
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