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Questions for people who wear progressive lenses
I just got them and although I'm no longer feeling like I'm getting motion sickness there are some things that I don't know if it's just the newness or a problem with my eyes/lenses.

1. My peripheral vision is narrower when wearing the glasses. The edges are blurryish and when reading I notice the center of field is sharp and clear, but the edges of the text on the page (hardcover book) are blurry although still readable. It's this normal?

2. I can't use them for the computer at all. If I move to "book distance" and tip my head back slightly so viewing through the bifocal part I can, but that isn't going to work.

3. My distance vision..far distance is worse. I think this may be a problem with the prescription though. I can see better when I take them off or look over the top.

4. And finally.. the narrow view again.. I feel weird when wearing them. Like I can't see enough at a time. We were in Ikea today and it was frustrating. I'm not sure I can get used to only seeing straight ahead and through a small area.

~sigh~ Has anyone had bifocals? Is it any better other than the "old lady" look you get?

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I dont' wear progressive lenses, but on two occasions, I have had lenses incorrectly made. What you're mentioning sounds like your lenses were made poorly/incorrectly and that your Rx may be wrong. When this happened to me I first verified the Rx with the Dr and then have the glasses checked. Turns out in both instances the Rx was correct, but the lenses were not.

Good luck,

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It does sound like either your prescription is off or the lenses were not made correctly. First verify with the dr if the prescription is written right, then use a different agent to issue your glasses. You should NOT be having three different issues with adaptation to new lenses. And don't give up on progressives because once you get the correct lenses and the correct fitting, you will just LOVE them.
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So sorry you're having problems with your glasses.

I've had trifocals with progressive lenses for a few years and have never had problems. Top is for distance, middle for arm's length, and bottom for close up. I can go from one level to another w/o blurring or having to move my head up and/or down to get the field of vision right. When I get a new prescription the glasses feel right with very little to no adjustment time. It wasn't always that way. Changed my eye care provider 13 years ago and am glad I did.

In my opinion you have to go back to your provider and tell him/her you're having problems. Hopefully they have some type of guarantee.

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I too have worn progressive lenses for many years. No real problems except for the computer. There I can't use them at all either, so I just take them off, not a big deal. It does sound like your lenses may not have been made properly or that the style of glasses that you have chosen may not be correct for the amount of correction needed in your lenses. I know the last time I had a new prescription, there were several styles of glasses that I had to eliminate because the surface glass was too small.

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I've worn progressive lenses for maybe 10 years (never had bifocals). I was told that I'd get a feeling of looking through water if I turned my head suddenly tho' I can't recall ever having that problem. I do sometimes have problems determining exactly where to look for optimum vision, but I use them while on the computer (what I do all day) with no problem.

Even with the few problems I've had, I'm sticking with the progressive lenses rather than go to bifocals. I remember all the trouble my mom had with hers and I'd rather skip that.

I tend to agree that if you're still having problems after a short break-in period, maybe you should see your eye guy to have them checked out.
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Hi Jan. I have worn progressives for about two years now. It takes a couple days to adjust, but after than I never had a problem. As a matter of fact, I gave up on contacts because I can see much better with my glasses. I agree with the others that there is probably something wrong with the way your glasses were made. That happened to my DH once and also to someone I work with. As for the computer, some people need 3 different areas of focus - one for distance, one for reading and one in between for computer work. Good luck getting them to work for you.
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This thread is very interesting. I'm going to have to re-read it when I'm actually awake and coherent...and when I'm done working.

I was told I needed bifocals about 1-1/2 years ago. My eye doctor was going to fill the prescription, but he wanted $750 for my glasses, so my husband asked me to get the prescription and take them somewhere else. I did that and got my glasses and I HATED them. I work at a computer all day, and I could NOT use my progressive lenses at the computer. I could not get used to them at all. Reading small print even through the bottom was not easy either! I took them back to the place that filled them and they had me see THEIR eye doctor, who proclaimed I was too young for bifocals. He did an exam, wrote another prescription, and now I have regular glasses. I can see the computer fine, but I still have a horrible time with small print. It's time for another eye exam and a new Rx. I can tell my my eyes are getting worse. I'm curious to hear what another doctor says about my needs.
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I have trifocals.

I tried progressive lenses a couple years ago, it was a nightmare. I kept going back to the eye dr say SOMETHING IS WRONG, I can't see and I'm nauseous all the time. They kept telling me to keep trying. In frustration I finally went to see another Dr who told me that people who have severe motion sickness (I do) often cannot wear progressive lenses.

I got a pair of trifocals and from the moment I put them on was comfortable and could see wonderfully.
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I have progressives and it took a little time, but now I don't even think about them as progressives. I did find it more difficult with my first frames - they were too narrow, I think, so I kept ending up trying to look through frame when looking down - but now with my old favorite round frames, they're fine.

Caveat: I can actually see pretty well without glasses at all, so my prescription isn't very very strong - so that might make a difference.

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