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Other - please specify in comments 2 1.68%
Denise 27 22.69%
Boye Needlemaster 12 10.08%
Bamboo 1 0.84%
Knitpicks Options 77 64.71%
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I never felt the need for interchangeables (and still probably don't really need them), but I bought the Options after hearing how much like the Addis they are. I've very pleased with them, but I agree about the storage and lack of labeling.

The pointier tips have already come in handy.
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I bought the Options after all the reviews on this forum. I also have addis. My Options keep coming unscrewed. My addi points seem too blunt after working with the Options. So I like both, and am so happy to be part of such a friendly forum with so many helpful readers like all of you.
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I have the options, Denise's, and Boye's...

I voted for the options because since Christmas my Denise's haven't seen the light of day and my Boye's haven't seen the light of day in over a year

I don't have a problem with the options case at all.. I'm very organized person to the point it drives those around me I'm surprised to read that so many have problems with that.. I have the single pockets for my dpns and I just made little card to put inside telling me what size.. they go up to size 3s... then I have my cords in the two pockets.. I have another card in one pocket letting me know the size.. then you get to my tips where I cut the little sizes off the cardboard they came in and dropped that in each set.. so I know which slot they go back in to.. I find it very organized and very easy for me to get to what I need..I also can keep pen, my yarn cutter, stitch markers, tapestry needle, crochet hook, finger nail file, cable needle all in my case..

I find the options slick and smooth.. the join is like your not using an interchangeable set but a solid knitting needle... I find the tips allow me to knit with no problems.. the yarn seems to just glide over them...I love their cables not stiff at all...

I love that I can buy extra pieces I almost have another full set of these (once a certain order arrives)...

I was not one who used the shorter cable in the denises much cause I don't knit a lot of hats but I can see where this would be a problem...

The Denise's I liked them they were awesome compared to the boyes but after using the options I realized the yarn didn't flow as well for me.. I did have problems with the joins.. I did like how they just clicked for me no having to deal with a key...I didn't care for the case though cause all I could carry in it was the needle tips and circs..

The boye's I thought the joins were awful and the cables to stiff.. I also had problems with them twisting off no matter how tight I got them..

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I voted for the Options.

I've owned the Denise needles, the Boye needles and the Options needles. The only two I still own are the Denise and the Options. The Denise are nice and were my favorite until I got the Options. I find that as a tight knitter the yarn doesn't slide across the resin as easy as I'd like. Plus, my yarn always seemed to get caught on that little indent at the end of the needle. However, this set is helpful because it has the 17" cord, which I use a lot.

The Options are my favorite, I got them at Christmas time and have pretty much used them exclusively since. They are slick and easy to knit with. The cables are wonderfully flexible and I can easily do magic loop with them. I like the organization of the case, I simply used a Sharpie and wrote the needle sizes on the outside of the pockets and it keeps everything very organized.

I didn't like the Boye needles at all. Yes, the colors were pretty and the needle sizes went all the way down to size 2, but the cables were way too stiff. I couldn't do magic loop with them and the shortest cable was 20". I ended up selling them.
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I've never used the Boye or the Denise set, so my experience isn't too wide-- but I love my Options. I used Addi Turbos almost exclusively before, and because I was so used to the slick metal finish, I never even considered the Boye or Denise set (the Boye is metal, but it's not as slick as the Options). When using the key, I've had no problems with anything coming undone-- and the key is easy enough to use.

I also like the organization of the Options set because it does give you so many options-- like the set, it's adaptable for different situations. Since I plan on expanding my starter set with the bigger sizes, more cables, and more tips in my most-used sizes, it gives me the option to organize them any way I want (I'm planning on doubling up on the triple and double pockets-- there's plenty of room for two sets of tips, especially if they're the same size or close to it). Then I use small rectangular sticker-labels to let me know what's in each pocket.

The fact that there's no size stamped on the needle doesn't bother me, but I guess it's because I've always had to use a needle sizer anyway-- the Addis supposedly have their size stamped on the cable, but *I* can't read them :P. Now that I've got the pockets labeled, it's actually easier for me to find the needle I need!

I'm keeping my Addi Turbos because they're almost all 16" ones, which, of course, don't come with the Options. But I'll probably only be using them if I have to-- I love the pointy tips on the Options!
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You CAN test-drive the Boye interchangeables. Hobby Lobby sells individual tips, cables and buttons ($2.99 each piece), and if you don't have one near you, they can be ordered online at

The Options short cable issue doesn't affect me, because I enjoy using the Magic Loop technique*. I also don't have organization issues, because I left my needles on the cardstock sheet they came attached to. Eventually, I plan to copy the card, cut/fold it in half, reinforce it (I have some decoupage medium), re-thread it and place both halves facing out in one of the large plastic pockets. I'll probably post a photo if I ever get this done.

*My first Options order was a pair of tips in size 5 and 10.5, a 40" cable set, and size 0, 1 and 3 classic 32" circs - essentially making doubles of all my Boye sizes, while adding the 0 and 1 that's not included. I made a point of getting a cable size that was not available in the complete set. Unfortunately, they enchanted me immediately and I had to have the entire set. Now I only need the larger tips, classic 32" circ in size 2 and probably the 47" and 60" cable sets.

I highly recommend getting a rubber grip for your Options set; many KHers have had problems with tips coming loose. Amy recommended cutting the palm from a rubber glove, and it works great!

The only advantages that Boye has over Options is the greater size range and that each needle tip size is a different color. Otherwise, they have NOTHING on the Options. :D
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I like the Denise set, but they do come undone quite often as I knit, which well, doesnt make me very happy . I luv the organization of the Denises. The only tiny problem is that i get never quite tell where the cable should go .

I'll probably get the Options set in a year or so, and hopefully they'll have a 17" size by then.
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Originally Posted by sig
i have the denises set and love it! Wish the options set was shipped intenationally. You all talk so much about your great needles!!! yes, iīm jealous. By the way, i had to order the denises set online because i canīt find them in spain!!
hey, where there's a will, there's a way. Maybe if you know someone in the US, you could have it shipped to them, and have them ship it to you. Sure, u'll have some $hipping to $pend on, but u'll have your loverly needles
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I have the Rainbow Set of Denise Needles. I don't like metal type needles, so these work well for me. However I haven't ever tried the other sets, so I basically haven't even compared them! My other favorites are bamboos, but none of mine are interchangeable.

I only have two "complaints" regarding the Denise Needles, but I contacted the company and they were very helpful. First I do have several joints that seem to be very loose...I sent one cord in, but even then the replacement was still a bit loose. I actually ordered several pink cords and they are very tight! I asked about it and they said they were trying an improved connection and they were in the pink ones. I am considering asking if they will exchange all the ones I have trouble with with the pink cords. Second one set of my needles seems to shred a bit, like the layers are coming off...they told me to use a very fine sandpaper and it should help the problem. I am in the process of doing that, it's only helped a little.

Despite those issues, I use them all the time. I really like the cables with my Denise Needles, they are flexible, and I can adjust the length. The case keeps everything together and I can grab it and go! I did purchase extra cords, buttons and extenders, because I found I was using them a lot! Obviously don't work on one project at time!
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I love what I have
I have the Denise set and I love them. They are just perfect in my eyes. Work like a dream and are smooth to the touch. I'm more than happy with them.
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