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OT- How do you stay awake at work?
Because both of my bosses will be gone for a month (family emergency for one, school trip out of the country for the other), I get the joy of working 6 days a week for 10+ hour days. (thankfully, it's in a gaming store, so I don't mind working that much, as being able to play games helps take the edge off of the day).

So, as I know already I'll need more caffeine in my system than is legal to stay awake at work, how do y'all stay awake at work on long days after short nights?

I wish I could knit, but then I would get lectured later by the bosses if tey found out.
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I work 3- 11 hour days in a row.. then a 8 hr day.. I stop all caffeine after 10:00 a.m. (I'm at work at 6:00 am.) I drink lots of cold water.. it helps keep me awke.. then, full lunch,, light snacks to keep energy up.. light dinner, and crash by 8:00...

It works for me... but I'm not always asleep by 8.. but I try to be
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I work double shifts sometimes (17 hours...and then I always seem to be scheduled for the next morning, 7 hours later ) and I just have to make sure I eat lunch AND dinner and have other things to snack on throughout the shift. Water is helpful, too, like snowbear mentioned.
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Well, my work is pretty easy to stay awake since I am on my feet all day, minus breaks, and we are usually busy and have a good hustle going. (it is fast food after all) I used to work in dollar stores, and I would load up on the candy and pop (name brands for like 10 cents! lol) and would just sit and be lazy and would be sooo tired even for a 6 hour shift, Ditch the sugar,

Sugar only gives a temp rush and the crash is awful. I found if I ate a handful of nuts and water and didn't stay sitting I was good to go.

On the days I just sat and consumed copious amounts of caffeine and sugar I wanted to just sleep.
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I work as a nurse and there is usually too much to do, to think about sleeping. I work in a clinic now, but used to work in a hospital. When I worked in the hospital, one of the nurse's aides used to bring her knitting and work on it every night!

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I work as a glorified clerical worker/customer representative type at a psychiatric ER right now. I only work one shift, overnight on Saturdays.

If I'm lucky, the shift is busy and the doc is on the ball so I have a lot of charts to manage, break down, and re-file. That isn't always the case so I bring homework and knitting with me to occupy myself. I find that getting up and doing anything helps to keep me awake. Even if all I'm doing is standing up to walk two feet to talk to the social worker, it helps to keep my body awake.
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Sitting at the wheel of a 75' long, 80,000 lbs truck while trying to avoid idiots who want to use the truck to commit suicide makes it pretty easy to stay awake.

But then I also have the option to stop and take a nap if need be.

What do you mean guys don't knit?

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Caffeine, caffeine, and more caffeine!

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I was going to be sarcastic and say something like: "ummm... I WORK!" But that would be too snide.

Actually, since I know there is always work to be done, and my boss doesn't pay me to stand around and do nothing, I invent work for myself to do. Cleaning, repack bulk items, straightening shelves (called fronting and facing) organizing storage rooms, fridges and freezers, or office files, catching up on correspondence, creating promotional literature, etc, etc, etc.

There is no excuse for not working at work.

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