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OT-Men and Shoes
My husband loves shoes, and has lots of them. He seems to think that its not normal for a man to like to buy shoes. I told him that I'm sure there are lots of men out there with lots of shoes, but I don't think he believes me.

Tell me, so I can pass the word on to him, aren't there lots of other men out there just like him?

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Jan in CA
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Well, I don't personally know any, but I'm sure they are out there. My DH has two casual pair, one dress pair, flip flops and athletic shoes.

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My husband likes shoes - he seems to have ... many - or maybe that's just because they are big workshoes and are always in the foyer? I don't think he has as many as me, but he's certainly in no postion to complain about how many I have . We bought shoes together on our honeymoon ... Is that weird? I think that might be weird ....
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Working the Gusset
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No, that's not wierd. DH and I go shoe shopping together a lot. If we'd found a good shoe sale while on our honeymoon, I'm possitive we'd have checked it out.

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Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew as steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10
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all my guy friends and the sometimes b/f are shoe 'hos. and have you ever watched clean sweep? seems like all those guys have as many shoes, or more than their wives do!
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add mine to the list.

I am fairly certain he has more shoes than I do. but that's another excuse for me to buy more yarn.
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My DH is another with LOTS of shoes. I think he has more than I do -- and I have A Lot. He's also VERY picky, and so it's an Event when he shops.
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I'm not married, but when I was in college I shared an apartment with three different guys...uh...all friends.

One of them put shelves four rows of shelves, on three walls of his room. Each shelf was about 6 feet long, so that is 72 feet of space. The shelves were for the sole purpose (pardon the pun) of storing his shoes. I think he had about 40 pairs probably more.

One of the other guys had a shoe shelf in his closet, and all of the others laid out neatly on the floor of his closet, he had about as many.

The third roomie had I think 3 pairs, tennies, flipflops and dress shoes.

Well, one night I came home from a late class, walked into the living room which was a very large room and found to my amazement the entire room was covered in shoes. Men's shoes, of all types and colors. Apparently, my two (to quote Brendajos) shoe hoe roomies had been drinking and decided to see who had the most shoes. Rather than counting, they decided to split up the living room one side for one, the other side for the other, and they laid out ALL of their shoes. Now this was about 4 or 5 years ago, but I think in all there were about 90 pairs of mens size 13 and 14 shoes in the living room (they were both tall basketball players).....needless to say, there are plenty of men out there of all ages with a love of shoes. All of their shoes were basketball shoes, neither of them had one pair of dress shoes or flipflops....let me tell you, it was quite a sight and one I'm not soon to forget. Especially seeing I have probably 6 pairs of shoes, two that I wear regularly.
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Turning the Heel
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My BF loves shoes. He has a lot of pairs. He collects Puma Sneakers like the world is ending tomorrow.

My brother collects Puma sneakers like that as well.

I don't think it's unusual for men to like shoes a lot, it just gets ignored, while any woman who likes shoes is held up as an example of how *crazy* women are about shoes.

Double standard IMHO.
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Turning the Heel
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My dh has a proliferation of two clothing items: Shoes and t-shirts. And polo shirts. And button down oxfords...come to think of dh has a large wardrobe!

He worked as a manager at a shoe store for a year in college...which developed this sudden love of footwear. The man has two pairs of brown dress shoes, a three pairs of black dress shoes, a pair of black dress boots, 8 pairs of flip flips (3 pairs of which are brown leather). He has no less than FIVE pairs of tennis shoes from American Eagle...same style, different colors. A pair of sorrel boots. A pair of retro black sneakers.

And right now he's very proud because he just cleaned out half of his shoes! :?eyebrow:

He wears a his shoes take up more space than my shoes do...even though I have 3 times as many.


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