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O.T Tell me about your Cats.
We seem to be a bunch of cat lovers here so, tell me about your cats/kittens.
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My cat's name is Buffy (after the vampire slayer!). She's 18 months old and likes moths! I wonder what she gets up to when she goes out because she always come back dirty. She also talks more than any other cat we had. She likes it when I knit, she snuggles up to the yarn and purrs.
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I have a black & white cat no more appropriatly named Miss Kitty. She is a total and complete bee-otch!!!!
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My cat is 12 years old and her name is Tinkerbell but we call her Tinky. She came into our family because she was a stray that was living on the street and one day, my brother gave her some milk. After that, we couldn't get rid of her and decided to keep her. The vet guessed that she was around 2 years old when my parents and siblings found her. (I was really young at that time so I cant remember anything... This is just what my parents have told me.) We think she was abused before we brought her into our family, since she is usually terrified of humans she doesn't know. I Tinky. She purs constantly all the time... usually for no reason at all! She is a Persian/Himalayan with a long fur coat and blue eyes. She gets along really well with our 13 year old beagle. Well, thats pretty much it! hehe BTW-- Buffy is a cute name for a cat :D
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My cats are my kids, so to say i adore them is an understatment.

Sydney Sebastian is an orange tabby who meows loudly and has conversations. As long as you meow in response he will continue to "talk" to you.

Sadie Sophia is the princess. She is the most lovable softest kitty ever.

Darby Olivia Gray is the baby. She is really shy and not exactly loving. Her meow is great though. It barely squeaks out.
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aww i love your cats!!!! they are soo cute!
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I love my cats!

Here they are, Henry and Jasmine. As you can see, they love each other:

Henry is approximately 8. He showed up at our old house as a stray, very sick at the time. He would sit outside our bedroom window at night and cough and he was almost bald. He was pretty wild, so it took awhile for us to catch him so we could get him doctored up. He spent three weeks at the clinic of the local no-kill animal shelter, then they let him come back home with us...we hardly recognized the handsome cat they handed over to us! We had to socialize him to get along with our other cats because he was very territorial and agressive. This meant a year and a half of keeping them seperated, consulting a feline psychologist (!), giving him Bach Flowers and "play therapy". He didn't know what playing was and it scared him the first time I tried. He's now the goofiest cuddliest cat you can imagine.

Jasmine we got a couple of years later from the same animal shelter, she's approximately 6. She was dumped on the street with three kittens. The kittens found homes fast but she just didn't get adopted (probably because she is very reserved towards strangers). We somehow hit it off and I went to visit her several times there before adopting her. She and Henry liked each other from the moment they laid eyes on each other and are now inseperable. She is affectionate towards my husband and I, but pretty much ignores any visitors we have over.

When we moved into this place we had our yard fenced in with a cat-proof fence. Best thing I ever did! The cats have a nice yard to go out in, but I know they can't get out and are safe and happy.

I recently lost my beloved kitty Tristan to Chronic Renal Failure. He was 18, almost 19, and lived with the disease for almost six years. I miss him.

Still trying to convince Henry the cat that knitting is a spectator sport!
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I love my cats like they were my kids.

We got Freyja (black) and Frigga (tortie) from the Humane Society about 4 1/2 years ago; they're litter mates and were so close we didn't want to seperate them. Frigga is a perpetual kitten; always wanting to play and snuggle. Freyja is a lot more reserved and shy, but she's made herself somewhat of the mama cat around our house; if somebody gets sick (including the other cats), she takes care of them. When we first got them from the shelter, Frigga had quite a respiratory infection and was not in good shape. We found Freyja trying to pick her heavier sister up to drag her to the food and water bowls a couple of times before Frigga got better.

The next cat we got is our long-haired tabby, Lucky (my daughter named her; she's the only one without a goddess name, heh!). Her pregnant mother was abandoned when her owners moved, and the maintence guys found her and the kittens about a week later. Some neighbors of ours and my family found homes for all the kitties, but we ended up keeping Lucky (I really regret not keeping her mom as well though ). She's very sweet and loving, loves to show off for everyone that comes in the house.

Last, we got Luna from the Humane Society a couple of years ago. She's our troublemaker, a little neurotic, and she's deaf too -- which makes it pretty difficult to discipline her sometimes. She really loves my husband, but only tolerates me (and I was the one that convinced him to get her! What a traitor).
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Our cat lives at my mother in laws now. He went to stay there when we moved house and I had my DS (all happened at once!), but my mother in law took to him and loves him so much we didn't have the heart to take him back :( But he's happy so I'm happy! His name is Del-Boy and he's totally black. He's very loving and he talks to me sometimes
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Yay I love cat talk!!!!

I have 4: Stanley, Cheddar, Fred, and Ginger. Fred and Ginger are siblings, and they loooooove each other. Cheddar is an orange tabby, the king of the house, even though Stanley my first cat. Stanley talks: he says "hello" and "i love you" and is otherwise very whiney... I can't talk to any of the other ones without a pathetic "meoooowwwwwww" from him Fred and Ginger are 9 months old, Cheddar is almost 4, and Stanley is somewhere between 5 and 6.
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This is Mickey Blue Eyes. He's a probably purebred Siamese who followed my parents home from a walk. I've never had a cat who was so soft. He's very quiet, unlike most Siamese, and he only wants to be petted on his terms, thank you very much. (Usually his "pet-me" time is about 2:00 AM.)
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