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enthusiastic novice
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Unfinished Projects?
Just wondering if this is a New Knitter trait or a Disorganised Personality trait, but how many of you launch exciting new knitting projects with great enthusiasm only to come across them months later usually missing one or both needles or even the actual pattern? I feel particularly ashamed about one throw that took a great deal of time and money to source the wool for that I somehow completely forgot about and don't feel even mildly interested in any more, even though it filled every waking moment in its early days.

For me the secret is probably to knit within my actual ability and not take on incredibly complicated or big patterns that I get bored with. The thrill of casting/binding off is not something I get to experience very often!

Do you think smaller projects are the way forward?
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Not to long ago I finally frogged I think 5 projects that had been on my needles for over a year ... I think it happens to most of us.. and this year I started it with only having 1 main project on the needle and then a take with me project... that didn't last long either..

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nadja la claire
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I've been knitting for over 2 years and I do this all the time. Last month I decided to finish a throw that I started last September. So I pulled it out and looked at it and I hated it. I couldn't understand what I saw in the pattern in the 1st place. And so a frogin I did go. There are a few other small things that will probably be turned back into balls of yarn. So you are not alone and I don't even think that it's a sign of disorganization. For me I start something, work on it for awhile and then for what ever reason, I feel the need to work on something else. I put the 1st piece aside to work on later and then sometimes I just forget about it. I guess I've got knitting ADD.



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I'm new to knitting. Just learn last Christmas. I have half of a scarf on a set of kneedles and stopped to start making a super hero cape for my sons. I got bored with the scarf but I think that was my fault. The yarn I picked out is soft but in all blue, no color change, nothing. Plus the scarf is only in knitch stich. But like I said that was my fault.

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Originally Posted by enthusiastic novice View Post
how many of you launch exciting new knitting projects with great enthusiasm only to come across them months later usually missing one or both needles or even the actual pattern? don't do this...

I think it's common for many to do this, that's why there's the abbreviation in knitting "UFO" (unfinished object). Ironically, when I started knitting, I only wanted to do stuff that required only knitting--no purling, decreases, increases, etc.--like knitting in the round, or knitting rectangular or square items. Now when I have to do straight knitting with no patterns (cables, lace, etc.) or purling, I get really bored. Go figure!

Anyway, what I do is to keep a few things on the needles at all times. That way, I can go between projects if I'm bored with one. Usually one of the projects is smaller in size so I can get some instant gratification when it's done, too. Chel had a great idea that I may covet where she sets aside one day a week to work on those UFO's, which I think is an excellent way of tackling projects. Also, a project that you find that you lose interest over may turn out to be really nice. I started a shawl with a stitch pattern that I wasn't sure I liked, but I forced myself to finish it so I wouldn't waste the yarn I bought. Now, I LOVE that shawl, and have received many compliments on it. Granted, that's not always the case with a project (that you lose interest over it or just come to not like it while you're knitting it, then once it's done, you like it), but I promised myself that I would make every attempt to complete projects once I bought the yarn for them. And I've been spending a lot less time looking at patterns for future projects until I start getting caught up with projects that I've had planned and have yarn for, which helps me not to get too behind in my knitting.

Regarding selecting knitting patterns based upon your skill level, everybody is different. For me, that particular method was the key--I started out slow and easy, and learned a new technique here and a new technique there, and I wound up doing projects that built upon those new skills. Some people are able to select something really intricate and complicated right off the bat and they do great (not me!), but I know I never could do that. I've been knitting for nearly three years, and I just finished my first garment last night, and it was only a little one (a baby garment), but I'm okay with that, because I did it at a time when I had the skills to do it downpat, and I didn't get frustrated and discouraged. This site has helped A LOT, between Amy's SUPERB videos, and all of the great friendly help here. I know when I took knitting classes, we learned many of the decreases and increases in one class, and I was SO confused and overwhelmed! I said to myself, "I'm NEVER going to pick stuff that needs increases or decreases!" So you know how limited you can be with that restriction placed on yourself. But when I found this site and watched Amy's videos, I was able to do a lot of things I thought I'd never do; it helps because I learn by watching others "in person" (I don't do too well reading from a pattern or a book), and so watching Amy actually execute the knitting technique in question was REALLY helpful.

Don't get discouraged--you'll do great! I think that just about everybody has had a project they've lost interest in. I have one right now on the needles (a circular shawl) that I don't really care for the yarn anymore so I lost interest in it, but one of these days, I need to finish it. Perhaps I can redo the project with some different yarn some time and I'll love it? :scratchinghead:
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Originally Posted by cookworm View Post
Anyway, what I do is to keep a few things on the needles at all times. That way, I can go between projects if I'm bored with one. Usually one of the projects is smaller in size so I can get some instant gratification when it's done, too. Chel had a great idea that I may covet where she sets aside one day a week to work on those UFO's, which I think is an excellent way of tackling projects.

I do the same thing with the projects! Chel's idea (I think ArtLady also mentioned it at one point) is excellent. I lost my mojo on my daughter's scarf, but I made myself work it in every couple of days and I finished it quickly.

I try to pick projects where I learn no more than two new skills. I read the directions through and if I understand loosely what they're talking about, I go for it. I figure I have great resources here and with my knitting instructor, so I can get through the hard parts. I try not to get overambitious or I'll just get too frustrated. It crosses the line from a good challenge to in too deep! But I've also found that the "hard parts" are easier to grasp when I'm at that point with the object and yarn in my hands. I'm a very visual, 3-D learner!
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Jill A.
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I don't have a huge stack of UFOs, but then I have only been knitting for less than 3 months. When I started other hobbies (quilting and beading) I bought fabric and beads whenever I saw something I liked, without a project in mind. As a result, I have too much fabric and beads, especially since I only seem to want to knit these days.

So, I am trying to be careful in my yarn purchases, and not just buy jarn because it is pretty. I don't know if this will last.
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Not too many
I only have one project not finished...its a pair of Fiber Trends clogs. I've done three pair and have one foot done on a set for my dd. I just have to do the second one and then felt them. But I'm not in the mood to be working on clogs.

Right now I'm in the middle of knitting a cotton blend yarn dress for my gd. ITs coming out great. Its on the cover of one of Debbie Bliss's books. Plus have a blanket in the works also.

I try not to have too many going at the same time so I don't abandon them. But I do have a LOT of other projects that I want to begin as soon as these are off the needles.
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i don't do well with too many projects going at once, or i will lose intereste in a few, so i concentrate on finishing one thing at a time. a long time ago my best friend made fun of me and said all of my UFO's were going to come out and haunt me one day, a half a sweater, an unfinished skirt or a baby blanket. so i made a promise to her and myself to finish all my projects. just last week i finished the second sock to the first one i had ever knitted about a year ago. it felt good to do that now, if i can finish my daughter's sweater i will be set. i knitted the entire thing and i am now having trouble putting the pieces together:rollseyes:
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I can't even begin to count the UFO's I have.
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