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ek, why do you have a smiley with crutches?! What have i missed?! Ya know I live on crutches and I now have these 2 pretty ankle braces...If only I could find a smiley with 2 ankle braces, the crutches and hip replacements!!! LOL!!!
Honestly, are you on crutches? You okay?!
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Ahhh, I did read the first few posts, but then didn't look in after that.

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Good. Lets say it got...unsavory. Not overly so, it just offended and hurt a few members, and I personally don't think that this is the kind of place for that. I'm just thankful that we do have such great moderators who work so hard to keep this forum a great, happy, and respectful place.

I'm just glad that it was moved.
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Well, I didn't see what had apparently turned ugly. I didn't like some of the things I saw but I don't expect to respect everybody's opinions, just their right to have them.

However, what I am upset about is the fact that it was "moved" with no warning or explanation. I don't suppose there is a requirement to do so but since this is a new behavior around here it would have been nice.

I am going to censor the rest of my own comments on this because the thread wasn't mine to begin with so I don't have a real reason to be upset.
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I started the Happy Gay Day thread. I just got back actually. I wanted to wish everyone good vibes and good feelings during the month of June traditionally observed as Pride month. Many cities across the country have a Pride weekend with parades and festivals. It is great fun at pride and is considered a family event. Dogs, kids and all kinds of people go. Gay, straight allies and anything else.

I also asked if anyone knew of rainbow patterns of designs (or I guess yarns) so I can make something for Pride next year.

I didn't think it was going to become a controversy. Some people post about all kinds of issues like thier pregnancies, or raising thier children. I forget who but someone wrote about punishing thier child by taking away everything the daughter cared about to the point of not letting her participate in a sport she was really good at and may have a professional future in becasue she was trash talking at her parents. So I didn't think wishing everyone good feelings on Pride was a bad thing.

I didn't get to see the "ugliness" that happened and I wish I could have. It may have been an opportunity for educating people. We have talked about racism on this forum in and kinds of issues. I would hope talking about homophobia and tolerance is something that will not be censored in the future. I don't with anyone ill will, I'm not mad at anyone, I just think we should be open and talk about it. Knitters are my favorite people and if I can't talk abotu these issues along with how to knit then I would be sad. I wouldn't leave. I would just be sad.

I say all this with great love and respect for all of you
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I wasn't here for the bad stuff either.

You're a nice person, femmy! :hugs:
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Susan P.
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feministmama... I guess on some topics it's can be useful to think ahead and consider..what views are held in the community about these topics and so, what may arise here if said topic is raised.

Now MY comments here are in no way intended to suggest your topic was problematic but I will admit when seeing it I had thoughts in several directions...some of them at random...lovely to see gay pride support...what about heterosexual pride...gosh I bet some people here do NOT support free choice of sexuality for religious reasons...I know one university dept where it is almost impossible to get a job unless you ARE gay..reverse discrimination..

All these thoughts pinging in what may have been 5secs or less but from that list you can see controversial issues could arise and where they arise heat and offence are possible and dare I say, probable.

Hence, I chose not to get involved although I read the first half dozen posts before I went to bed.

Sometimes I've seen someone post OT and openly invite responses and then get a wee bit testy if responses went outside their expectation or comfort zone. that the original posters issue or the respondents issue..or..does it become a knitting community issue..??

I think many who didn't want OT posts felt the way they did because, rarely, do knitting topics of themselves cause offence.

But, talking about these issues philosophically can be interesting. :-)
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I didn't see the thread turn ugly, and I'm sorry to hear that it did. It was obviously started in good-will.

However, I do have a suggestion to make to the mods, and I make it with the utmost respect for the excellent job you're doing: It might cause less bad feelings if instead of "moving" a thread without warning into your private moderator forum - which is basically deleting it to 99.999% of the members here - you lock it first with a brief explanation of why it's locked. Leave it there for a short period of time, then delete it if you feel the need. Or if it's such an inflammatory topic that you want to get rid of it immediately, then maybe leave an explanation in the forum where it was originally posted. This will cause alot less bad feelings, or feelings of being censored. My apologies if there is an explanation posted somewhere that I just haven't seen yet.

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IMHO... sometimes for the benefit of others we should restrain ourselves. What do i mean by that? We all have different views here and different opinions. When i post "Happy Shavuoth" thread - i do not expect to get antisemitic responses. I want to wish everyone a happy holiday, even if it's not related to their religion and beliefs. So when a "Happy Gay Day" thread is posted, i think we should be positive about it. If you don't aprove this lifestyle - don't respond so the thread won't get ugly. Everytime i see a post or thread about SAHM, i restrain myself and never say anything, though i personally have feminist issues with that term. Have a great day, everybody!
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