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What's up with Homespun?
I keep hearing bad thing about Lion Homespun around here - I think several "ugliest" projects were made with it, and a few people mentioned it hurts their hands.

Can you all elaborate some? I know it's a bumpy texture, but there my knowledge ends. I really liked one of the colors and was thinking of working with it, but I like to go in educated!
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I used homespun once, and never again.

The problem I had with it is that while I was knitting with it, the bumpy bits gather up and you have to keep sliding your fingers down the working yarn to get it to smooth out.
I knitted my first sweater with it just because I knew if it came out yukky, I wouldn't really care.

There are much better yarns to work with in regular yarn speciality stores.
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I've used homesupn on a few projects I knew would get washed a toddler's sweater, her hat, mittens for my nephew, etc. Emma LOVES her sweater and was so upset that she had outgrown it. Hopefully I'll get another one knit up before winter.
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I started a baby blanket with some Homespun that I'd found on clearance. It seemed like a good idea at the time. I couldn't finish the blanket because it was such an annoying yarn. My needle kept getting stuck in the loopiness in the yarn and it felt just plain yucky. I would never, ever knit with it again. I do knit a lot and have been knitting for many years, so I've knit with lots of different yarns. This is probably my all-time least favorite yarn.

Bonnie in Toledo
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Yes, the looser spun yarn bunches up around the thread that's twisted around it, but it helps if you knit it on larger needles than suggested. Like 11s or 13s.
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At the beginning of this week I was wondering the very same thing. Then I was talking about knitting with one of the girls at work and she asked me to teach her how to purl (which was very flattering since I'm so new at this) She brought in a scarf that she was working on in homespun and frogged it because she wanted it to have stripes.

I taught her how to purl, but of course she was very use to the regular knit stitch and would accidentally knit one or two in the middle of her purl row. Between the squigglyness of homespun, her very loose knitting, and how new she was to knitting, she couldn't see that stockinette had a flat side or tell that her out of place knit stitches were making 'bumps' on the flat side.

Despite having gigantic size 15 needles, she was getting them stuck in the strand of yarn (though I think that it might have partly been due to the beating the yarn had taken from the 5 times she frogged it while we were at work. Lord only knows how many times she frogged it before she knew how to purl)

All that said... it was really soft and cuddly

The Kniterati
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I've done a few prayer shawls in homespun, and those I have liked. A sweater, I hated - it just didn't drape - at all. I like a lot of the colors too, so I guess that's the appeal for me. I have actually noticed some colors knit up easier than others - they feel looser, if that makes any sense at all . In fact, I'm working on a log cabin for my daughter in homespun, and I'm using a bright green, a bright coral-pink, and a purple (her choice, not mine!! ) and the purple and coral are fine to work, the green is awful! I have also noticed it splits and frays, and if you want ANY kind of stitch definition, don't use it. I guess my basic thought is: blankets - yes, anything else - NO!
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We have a mission at our church and knit prayer shawls for members at the Mayo Clinic. We use homespun. I personally HATE IT!!!! I admit to being a "yarn snob," but this stuff is just awful.

When you knit with it you can hear/feel it creak- that's the only way I can describe it. I think it must be the acrylic. I'm trying to find another low cost yard for the prayer shawls I make, because that stuff isn't worth my time.

I almost forgot, it sheds!!!!! I have to knit with a towel on my lap because I'm coverd everytime I use it!
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My issue is that the bumps don't let the yarn flow very freely. I feel like I'm fighting with it from cast on to bind off. On the plus side, it's so heavily textured, that it doesn't matter how uneven your stitches are, because no one will ever see them.

I'd rather never knit with it again, but I expect I will, because people seem to like scarves knit from Homespun, and it does come in really pretty colors.

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Well, if you need another reason not to use Homespun, here's one. It sheds if you machine wash it and dry it. I crocheted a chair throw some years ago out of it and liked it ok. I don't think it's as much of a pain to crochet with as knit with but after a few washings there was so little of it left I threw it away.
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