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Knitting the Flap
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OT. wrost nightmare for a knitter, comes true
Here the story. Don't know how it happen it just did.

I go to the gym 4 days a week. (having been in 2 weeks because of vacation) On Monday is Bike class. I like bike but it kills my butt. Didn't think anything about it, it just hurt. Then on Vacation my butt hurt again, I thought since it was on Monday, but butt is just hurting because it is used to hurting on Monday.

Just this Sunday after setting all weekend knitting. My butt hurt again. Now when I say hurt, it is the tail bone BONE hurt. I can't set.

Went to the DR. yesterday, He gave me some pill to take for the inflame. BUT he wants me to NOT set. How can I not set. I'm a knitter. I got 2 sweater almost done. I watch TV yesterday night while standing up and knitting.

I guess I need a Donut.. maybe 2 different kinds.. one to eat, one to set on.
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Turning the Heel
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Oh, hon. I know how your butt feels!! Last winter I started pilates and it really inflamed my toush. Of course a year prior I had heard a POP! come from my backside from shoveling snow, didn't think anything of it until I started the pilates. Went to the doctor, of course she couldn't do anything except tell me to stop the pilates. Which I did and it did lessen the pain, but to this day I still can't sit directly on my butt without having to get up like a Grandma out of her easy chair.

I would put a laughing emoticon here, but I don't think its funny. It hurts so badly. I too have a donut for my butt, but it doesn't really help. I find that sitting down and then leaning to one side or the other is the only way I can actually sit "normally" without excruciating pain when standing back up. Or to sit leaning forward helps too. I know, it's not an easy answer.

I wish you the best, and stop that cycling!!
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Well it could be worse. You said "worst nightmare for a knitter", and I immediately thought you broke your hands, or worse.. LOST a finger or something.

I hope you get better soon!!! In the meantime, you could knit standing up, or what about kneeling?

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OH dear. Spine injuries are the worst. My mum has had two back surgeries, and I'm already feeling the early signs of what's to come for me, and I'm only 18!

Carla, it sounds a bit like your 'trigger' for inflaming the nerves is similar to mine; sitting too much on your tail bone. When I watch movies on my computer I tend to lean back, which aggravates the nerve, and then quite a bit latter I will do something as simple as stand with my weight on one foot, and get the oh-so-unwelcome horrific pain.

You should stop biking for several weeks, and see how you feel. Be very aware of how you sit other times too, always makes sure you have proper bottom AND back support (I had to put one of those removable chair pads on the back of my desk chair, and it helped a lot in keeping my posture correct). If someone like bending over to pick up that ball of yarn that rolled away makes your back twinge, it is very unlikely to be the cause of the pain, just one straw too many on the camels back, so to speak. Think back to what you were doing the last several days. Like, for my mum, driving one of our old cars would mess with her, because of how far her leg had to be extended, the seats, and it was a stick shift. I also found that the way my big warm winter boots were making me stand was messing with me, so I had to stop wearing them.

Once you got it worked out what causes the inflammation, you can work on getting around it. Like if possible, use one of those very large, super padded bike seats, which offers much more support and comfort than regular bike seats. Oh and STRETCH often! Find a stretch that loosens your lower back. I can't really suggest anything here, because I'm yet to find one that works for me, but ask someone who knows a lot about which stretches effect which muscles.

Trust me, you don't want to just take pain pills and hope it goes away. Back injuries are very serious, and I know that if I don't take care of my temperamental spine, I will end up needing surgeries, like my mum, and her mum, and probably many others on that side of the family. And like Bailsmom said, we know it's no laughing matter.

Oh and even if it seems like it's your butt that hurts, it's really your spine, and the nerves and such. The pain might be butt pain, but it's a lot more complicated than that. I'm guessing when it's really bad, the pain extends down your leg as well? This same thing happened to a friend of the family, and no one would take her seriously because she just said her bottom hurt (but she used a possibly censor-able word), so everyone just laughed at her, and doctors didn't care all that much. Once my mum told her it was inflamed nerves, she actually got help though.
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Casting On
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Sounds like you may be needing the attention of a chiropractor.
If you do choose to go that route, be cautious and ask family, friends, co-workers etc....that know of a good one. Don't ever just pick one randomly out of a phone book, a good one can amaze you and a bad one, well there are bad ones out there:(
I have always felt that drugs cover up and temporarily give relief to an underlying problem... I will try the drug free approach always. And cutting into my spine will never be an option.
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Susan P.
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I was going to suggest a chiro too or a bone cracker (different names are used so you can pick) I've had my pelvis pop out half a dozen times and I used to have someone press it back into place. You basically lie on your tummy and they position their hands correctly in the lower back region and press down hard and voila. The relief is very fast. It may be worth seeing if the issue is as simple as this.
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Carla1019 (06-27-2007)
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Knitting the Flap
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Thanks Susan and Maitai, I do have a chiro, but never even thought about seeing him. That might work. It can hurt... or at least it can make it wrost

This not setting is driving me crazy. Last night I had my oil painting class. I would set then stand over and over again..

I will call the Chiro ASAP to make an apt.

Thanks again.
I am "carla1019" At Raverly.
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Oh ouchies!

When I was in HS, I sprained my butt. I swear, it hurt SO bad...

I hope you feel better soon!

PaperGirl there too!

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Knitting the Flap
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Originally Posted by Silver View Post
Well it could be worse. You said "worst nightmare for a knitter", and I immediately thought you broke your hands, or worse.. LOST a finger or something.
Or blindness... that was what I thought.

I hope you feel better soon!

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