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Update: my recent experience
Just to give an update about my recent experience flying through Heathrow...

I decided to go ahead and take the moebius wrap I've been working on with my Denise needles. I took the needles off the ends of the cables and put those end cap things on instead. Then I put the separated needles into my purse right next to my pens. My purse was stuffed into my carry on bag because Heathrow only allows one carry on and your purse counts. But it was seperate in the bag from my knitting.

I had no problems whatsoever, both when I flew into Heathrow fro the US and went through Security in order to connect to my flight on a different airline to go on to Paris, and when I went through Security at Heathrow in order to go home.

I only brought the pair of needles I needed for that particular project, not the whole set. I was prepared to lose those needles if I had to. I figured if I did, I'd just order another set of size 10 tips from the company. I was also prepared to try to argue that they were my personal set of chopsticks , but thankfully I didn't have to go there.

Now, I did snap two of my cables while working on my project but I think that's because Denise needles are really not the best thing to use for a moebius wrap. The yarn kept getting stuck on the connectors and I'd have to push it hard to get it to move around (and I'm a very loose knitter too!).

I would definitely bring my knitting on another international flight, but I'll use my Denise needles and I'll disconnect the tips and carry them in my purse.
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I'm travelling next month also and had the same questions. I will be working on socks with my bamboo needles. My question is, would it be so wrong to place the needles in my bag when they could blend in with my pencils (for example) and not say anything about having them?
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I traveled to dubai and i went with bamboo needles. i was fine. their security is pretty tough. i think everyone but UK allows needles (except metal)
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i was travelling to UK from Mauritius in Oct 08, at checking point they throw all my metal crochets in bin but they didnt noticed the plastic needles which was wrapped together with thee yarning balls
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To get to any international flights I have to go via Toronto and the local flight won't allow any needles they have it listed along with the other banned items.I once took a crochet project with a plastic hook-I had the hook in my purse in the pen holder,so I'm not sure if they just didn't notice or it's allowed...I didn't ask 'cos my motto when dealing with security is keep your mouth shut.
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went from US to Mexico and back, bamboo needles, no problems.

Perhaps the "mood swings" in whether or not needles are allowed has something to do with the perceived "threat level"? It was "orange" when I went....
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I flew from Austin, TX to Baltimore, MD last week with 2 socks on a metal circ, a set of 5 metal dpns (options- they're sharp!) and a tiny swiss army knife. When my bag went through x-ray they stopped me and searched it, but when I explained that they were knitting needles, and showed the guy the socks in progress and the patterns, he was fine with it. He was even joking with me. That was in Austin. On my return trip, I very stupidly tried to carry on a snow globe. DUH, it had more than 3oz of water in it. So, I had to go find a way to stuff it in my suitcase (which involved my friend stuffing a bunch of my clothes into her backpack!) and check my suitcase, then I had to go BACK through TSA. No-one said anything about my needles either time I went through TSA in Baltimore.

I realize that had nothing to do with international flights, but I thought it might be helpful to someone anyway.
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I recently flew from England to Norway (and back again), I spoke to the security at check-in asking if was allowed to bring knitting needles, and they said it was OK, even metal ones.
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I just came back from Hong Kong and China, but didn't bring my needles (my grandmother's needles and steel). They allow steel crochet hooks though, which is what I brought instead. When I checked the TSA (airport security) website, they said knitting needles are allowed if they are bamboo/wood or plastic. Since it's TSA in the states, I'm assuming you can get through security if the kneedles are plastic/wood. But coming back, there's a different set of rules for that contry. Try to find out on the web.

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hello all, I just saw this thread when I was searching google on this topic and thought I'd join up to pass on what I just learnt.

I'm going from Australia to Italy with Singapore airlines.

Aussie regulations are some of the strictest in the world, so I called my airline to double check whether bamboo needles were allowed, and they said no, because they're still sharp.

I'm sure I could have smuggled them on board in my luggage but I don't want to risk losing my expensive, pretty needles!

so just a warning that travelling out of australia, metal, plastic OR bamboo needles are not allowed in carry on luggage.

it's very uncool! :(
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