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Originally Posted by BostonBecca View Post
Or Dumbledore asked Snape to do it, he said "please" but the please was ambiguous. It could have been "please, kill me now" or "please don't."
Exactly, I was thinking this when I read it! The fact that many people didn't pick up on it was totally intentional of course. She wants to throw some good plot twists at us in the final book.

Originally Posted by newamy View Post
I agree, Dumbledore did really die. Rowling is rhuthless about these things. I was just watching a program that compared the Star Wars Trilogy to ancient mythology and the Hero must loose his mentors and face his enemy alone
NewAmy, I have the same series out on DVD right now! Joseph Campbell rocks! You said it perfectly, I totally agree that Dumbledore has to be out of the picture for the hero to come fully into his own.

ETA: Your welcome Chrislt8. Here we can speculate to our heart's content. :D Although I confess, even these I'm only skimming, I don't want to know too much! I like to be surprised!
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Originally Posted by newamy View Post
In Star Wars Luke saves his own father. So slightly different twist but the ordinary young kid with an insurmountable enemy (evil) who learns from mentors, then loosing them, becoming the hero of the day is a very similar concept.
I suddenly had an image of Voldemort hissing: "Harry.....I'm your father!"

Anyway, yes, Dumbledore's gone. Characters die in stories for a reason and I don't think Rowling will bring him back. He will probably give advice to Harry through the Headmaster's portrait or something.

I think Snape's good. I think one of the reasons why Dumbledore asked Snape to kill him was to keep Draco from doing it. As it's been said, that murder will tear a soul in two, I think Dumbledore was trying to protect Draco.

I also have a slight suspicion that Harry will die in the last book. Don't know exactly why, but I think he might.
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Well I do think Dumbledore is really gone (when I first read book 5 I thought he'd be coming back but not anymore). I do think that there is going to be some kind of plot twist around Dumbledore's death though. What I can't say, I'm not really sure yet but there's gotta be something going on with that.

I wonder what's going to happen with the whole Nevile/Harry prophecy? I don't have many great predictions yet, I think I need to re-read book 5 first and really think about it.
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I think Dumbledore wanted to die because he has been aging more and more since the Philosopher's Stone was destroyed (although maybe that didn't have any connection, but it's been repeated that he was aging noticeably), and after the irreparable injury to his arm, it was only going to get worse. Why he didn't amputate and get a replacement like Pettigrew, though ... is probably one of those questions you leave to the suspension of logical thought.
Hopefully now Harry will wake up and come to some understanding with Snape, but since Snape won't answer to anyone especially now that Dumbledore's gone, maybe not. It would probably actually be less interesting if he did, just another of the morals for the kiddies... but since they are kids' books, and they are acceptably well done, I'm not really complaining. So that's only my half-expectation, and I don't really have any others.
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Okay - now I am re-reading them...I may have forgotten more than I thought I remembered Almost finished with book 1 - interesting reading them in light of what you already know happens in future books - see a lot more foreshadowing, etc...
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I wonder if I can read 5 and 6 in one month. :thinking:

PaperGirl there too!

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Sure you can, no problem.
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