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Why me? -- UPDATE!
Ok, I got home yesterday and sorted through the mail and guess what I got... no, not a big box full of yarn but a jury duty notice!

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I have always wanted to do jury duty! I think it could be so interesting. I have been called twice but couldn't actually do it either time. First time was in PA right after we moved to Seattle - the notice was forwarded to me. Second time was when my son was 4 or 5 months old and breastfeeding. So both times I had to decline. :(

Funny how everyone but me seems to dread this! Hope you get through with a minimum of fuss on your part... or else you get something really interesting. :D
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I got called last summer for federal jury duty. Even though dh is in law enforcement, it freaked me out a bit to see the special agents with ear pieces. They even escorted you in the elevator and to the restroom. It was very strict! I didn't get picked either...loads of security though.
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I have always wanted to do jury duty!
oh sure. I hear this from someone every time I get a jury notice - yes, it's a duty and an obligation of citizens, freedom/liberty/ etc etc - but sheesh, it takes a whole lot of effort and time and - why do those who say they WANT to do it never get picked??? (I should add a smiley here - I'm not really mad, I'm sorta teasing...)

Right now I'm 70+ miles away from our county seat where I was called last time. That's a lot of miles on $3.15/gallon gas to hear a trial about someone who rear ended a car (at about 2-3 MPH, no one was hurt, it was when the light turned green) who may have had a beer or not, no one was sure, and then the case was dismissed partway through after we had about 3 30 minute recesses during the day, one of them called in mid-sentence. At least it only was that one day.

Or the one where the police clocked a truck going 70MPH in a 55 MPH zone, put 69 MPH on the ticket but the fellow says he was only doing 65 mph. Hello, why am I there listening to this??? Isn't 65 MPH still over the speed limit? Do they really have jury trials for these issues? (yes)

Or the time I had to sit through the entire voir dire even though there was no way statistically I could get picked because of the way the judge set it up - no one past #42 could be picked, and I was #74 out of 75 - he would only allow a certain # to be disallowed by the lawyers.

Sorry for the rant - I hope everyone who wants to do jury duty gets a chance to do it, soon. And doesn't have to give up their knitting needles. And gets a chance to right a wrong. (And I also hope I don't have to do it anymore.)
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Originally Posted by orcoastknitter View Post
Ok, I got home yesterday and sorted through the mail and guess what I got... no, not a big box full of yarn but a jury duty notice!
Me too!!!! I've never received one before.

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ugh- I feel your pain. I'm due to be called any time now and I just find it annoying. Yes, I'll go and do my duty and all, and I'm glad to live in this fine Country where I have such a system, but its a pain. Last time I went for JD I got a parking ticket because the signs were missing. Somehow I was supposed to know (psychically?) that those spots were 1 h parking only!
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I got a notice about 6 weeks ago, but put it off until school was out. Sure enough, I got a notice for the first day of vacation. I had to call each evening to see if I was needed. I guess the courts aren't starting any new trials soon, so I'm off the hook.
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Ive been called once. When I lived in Abilene. The jury notice was for Wharton County....EIGHTS HOURS AWAY.


That was 6 years ago. I havent been called since.

PaperGirl there too!

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Originally Posted by PaperGirl View Post
Ive been called once. When I lived in Abilene. The jury notice was for Wharton County....EIGHTS HOURS AWAY.

That's crazy! They shouldn't be able to do that since it'd probably require the person to get a hotel and eveything. Not everyone can afford that just tor JD.
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About fifteen years ago, 2 months after I started a new job with the state of Washington, I got called for city duty. A month later, I got county duty, moved the following month into a different city and a month after that, got city duty in the new location! 3 times in 4 months!

Fortunately, my boss just laughed each time, and the state paid me my regular wage while on duty.

Unfortunately, I just sat in the pool all week long all three times, and didn't get to be called at all.

So I basically got to sit and knit all day AND get my regular pay check.

Haven't ever been called since.

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