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The movie is absolutely fascinating and has made me realize that if the U.S. system is not fixed in the next two or three years, I will definitely be moving out of the country, probably France.

And I am serious.
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I have long been for making health insurance companies non-profit, and also putting caps on lawsuits so that doctors don't have to charge 60.00 a visit to pay for their malpractice insurance.

From what I have read, MM advocates a government healthcare system. This is a horrible idea. We just have too large of a population, and anyone who has been in the military can tell you what joy a government run healthcare system is.

No, I am not ashamed that I have a major crush on a man who dressed in tights and made faces for most of the 80's, and now plays a crippled drug addicted doctor...and is almost the same age as my father.
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nadja la claire
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I don't always agree with Michael Moore but I'm all there on this one. I pay $468./month for my insurance and my DH is in the "donut hole" with his Medicare so all of his meds have to be generic if possible because his insurance won't pay for his scripts until we've spent $3000.00. Now I'm all for paying our own way but Jerry did pay his way for over 40 years of paying into Social Security and Medicare and what added insult to injury they didn't even give us notice before they cut him off, we found out when I went to pickup one of his scripts and the woman told me "That will be $153." Normally we pay $20 for that medication. When I asked her what was up she said that the insurance didn't pay their part. When I called they informed me that Jerry was now in the donut hole and so on. I think it's great though that our elected officials get free health care for LIFE, well not really free, we're paying for it but hey at least some Americans are getting free, high quality health care. OK I'm done with that rant.



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Now I'm not saying our health insurance is great, personally ours sucks beyond words, BUT just because someone makes a movie about one side of the story doesn't mean his facts are correct.
I cannot verify statistics, of course, but for the most part I thought the essence of the movie was spot on. I have personally dealt with the uninsured, the denied claims, those who work hard with no insurance, the limitations. I could tell actual stories, but I also am obligated to not violate confidentiallity. Even though I wouldn't use names if I told a story that sounded like someone somebody here knew (an astronimical possibility, I admit) I could get in trouble. But to suffice it to say I have had to work with people who could not take advantage of health care services and had to mainly go it alone with phone advice. Ridiculous. Some folks don't even get far enough into the system to get phone advice. I had to deal with a denial for something for my son. My brother's wife is mentally ill and while Oregon has a law that all policies cover mental illness- it doesn't even scratch the surface of her needs. By contrast my distant relative in England, her son has an anxiety disorder (nothing near as sever as what my sis-in-law has), checked into a lovely mental health place geared for teens for a short while- I saw a picture and it looked great. And recieved a great deal of help. Not only that the family was quite calm about the whole thing and no cost worries.You just don't see that good fortune here when dealing with this sort of thing.

This thread has the capability of turning into something heated and ugly. I'm not saying that it will, I'm just taking a preventative step to ask that you continue in a civil and considerate tone.
I appreciate your alert, Silver, and I hope we can keep it nice. I realize Michael Moore is a contraversial person. He has however brought an important issue to the forefront where it belongs. I would hope if not him, someone else would. Without his movie the issue is still present; an issue I was already very aware of and I personally am pleased to see it get attention.
It is my hope, however, that everyone in the United states having access to basic health care would not be a contraversial issue, no matter who brings it up.
May Peace Prevail on Earth.

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Its hard to know whose info is abslutely correct.... it depends on whose "study" you read. I dont believe the government numbers are honest, either. I LOVE Michael Moore's movies... albeit, you have to take him with a small grain of salt. His heart is definitely in the right place.... with PEOPLE, as opposed to huge corporations.
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If the sky is indeed falling, then Chicken Little is not an alarmist. I think MM jumps up and down because he's trying to get your attention. Yes, maybe he exaggerates, but then again, maybe he's telling a truth that is much worse than we want to believe.

If Chicken Little is talking to the proverbial ostriches, then jumping up and down is a necessity.
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I heard on NPR yesterday that critics are calling this his least antagonistic movie. I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD, but I'm going to see it.

The Kniterati
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nadja la claire
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Originally Posted by Carrie218 View Post
The movie is absolutely fascinating and has made me realize that if the U.S. system is not fixed in the next two or three years, I will definitely be moving out of the country, probably France.

And I am serious.
I too have contemplated going to another country but that is not going to make things better. If we really want change we can get it. Americans have to decide that we are not going to be frightened by the insurance industry and their minions. We have to make the politicians more afraid us than they are of the special interest groups. And we can't just settle for whatever crumbs the government is willing to toss to us just to shut us up, we have to fight for good comprehensive health care for every American regardless of their income or employment status. Besides I have friends who moved to Paris and things ain't so rosy there either, even though they have universal health care, they have other problems.



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I've just recently been diagnosed with a rare muscle disorder. My insurance (through my husband's retirement) would not pay $1,200 for a blood test because they "don't pay for genetic tests." But...they ok'd a muscle biopsy which entailed 1 day off work for me, 2 pre-op nurses, a surgical suite, 2 anestetists, 1 OR nurse, the surgeon and his minion, 2 recovery room nurses, a pathologist to review the biopsy and report to my neurologist and I don't know who else while I was out.

Fortunately we have health insurance but it keeps getting picked away at at a time in our lives when we need it the most. I personally think there is something wrong with the foregoing scenario.

Yes, MM hypes all this, but somebody's gotta pay attention. I think about all the kids with no coverage or the little boy who died because he had an abcess and no dental insurance.

Or maybe I'm just a bleeding heart liberal. Sorry.
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I will never apologize for being a bleeding heart liberal! The world needs us d*mmit!

Anyway I saw the movie this weekend and honestly, it was probably one of the least antagonistic movies of his that I have seen. He doesn't place blame with just one group. He blames dems as much as repubs as much as the American people who put up with this.

Sure we are angry about it but we tend just bluster about it and not really do anything else.

There was a point made by an older British gentleman in the movie that was probably one of the most important points in realizing why we don't get people in office who actually represent us and our interests.

Democracy moves the power of government from the rich to the poor and if the poor ever feel disenfranchised, they stop voting - so it is in the interest of the rich to disenfranchise.

Were all of the numbers given in the movie accurate? probably not. Are the systems shown from other countries perfect? Of course not. That doesn't mean we have nothing to learn from them. And from what I can see so far, their systems certainly seem better than what we have going on right now.
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