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I just want a phone that makes phone calls. I don't need all the fancy stuff. Yes a camera can be fun and useful (when having a traffic accident etc can photograph the damage / person involved).

However, ultimately, I want a phone that has a long battery life, is easily rechargeable and makes calls without having to press a zillion buttons.

I like Nokia phones =D
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I love my Sony Ericsson Walkman phone ... it's skinny, black and orange, has a phone, camera, walkman, internet, video calling, games :yadda: ... actually the only thing lacking is a radio .... other than that - it's perfect! orange is my favourite colour and it has more memory on it than my old laptop!

iphone -schmyphone when it eventually comes to the UK it is going to be one service provider too! how silly!
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Originally Posted by Carrie218 View Post
I can't believe I'm the first to post... No one else has gotten sucked into needing the latest and greatest technology?

It is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
I think we are surrounded.

*whispers* iphone is the best thing since sliced bread. it makes me dizzy and lusty just looking at the things it does. the aesthetics are perfection.
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Remember when the Razr came out and people went crazy for it? I think it went for almost $300 depending where you got it. Now its the phone that comes free or really cheap with lots of plans. Not that the iphone is going to come free but I bet after all the hype dies down the price will come down too.

Originally Posted by bellium View Post
i can't wait until it starts malfunctioning and has all sorts of technical problems (as first generation apple products are notorious for doing) and watching all the people who spent $600 on a phone cry...
I know! I got a ipod mini when they first came out and had so many problems with it. I wouldn't buy another new apple product until they've been out for a while and the kinks were worked out of it.

Originally Posted by cathoo View Post
Like Vermont, Alaska and the rest of the world, I will not be able to get an iPhone until Apple realizes that limiting the carrier to just AT&T was a bad idea.
I agree, I think that was a mistake. I used to have Cingular (AT&T now) and the service was horrible so I wouldn't get an iphone unless they offered it with other providers.
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I'm looking for a cell phone these days and I am SOOO confused. tri-mode, GSM, CDMA, bluetooth, blablabla... not to mention the confusion with respect to the different rate plans. :rollseyes: It's ridiculous. I'm reading dozens of reviews and forums to get a reasonably good phone (nothing fancy, just good sound quality, reception and battery life) and best plans. All the reviews I read contradict each other. Customer service seems to be awful no matter what company you choose. I have no idea what I will choose.

The iPhone does look really cool but... it's not for me. I'm more of a 50$ phone kind of person
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As a tech junkie, here is my humble opinion.

1. never buy a first generation - too many bugs & features get better as later generations are created
2. Biggest flaw?? NO QWERTY KEYBOARD!!!

I will stick to my Treo.
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Shoot....I didnt even get a iPod till my first mp3 player bit the dust a while back. And even then I didnt WANT the iPod....I was looking at TONS of new ones...

I dont need the iPhone...and I sure as heck wont spend 600 bucks on the stupid thing.

PaperGirl there too!

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too expensive. love my razr (NOT the freebie ones available now) and mp3 player.

you guys have fun with your iphones. i'll just watch.
= dakatzmeow

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did you see people are selling them on ebay for upwards of $1000?!?!?!?!

i came late to the Razr party, but I LOVE mine. I have a more recent release with some upgrades from the prior and I seriously have NEVER loved a phone the way I love this phone, and it does have an MP3 player as well, which I have yet to ever have a use for.

As for aesthetics, I am seriously disappointed in the IPhone. I couldn't freakin WAIT to get one, but then saw it and was kinda ech. While I think the touch screen is a really neat-o idea, I also know what the face of my 2 IPods look like and that TOTALLY turns me off, I can't stand smootchies. If I had no access to the internet, didn't already own 2 ipods, and didn't have a cell phone, AND wanted AT&T service, MAYBE I would consider it, but it's really just a waste if you have any of the 3 other components, IMO anyway.
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Okay, I read the reviews and the hype.
What's the big deal?
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