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Anti-aging Facial Creams
I am looking for advice on anti-aging facial creams. I am 30 years old and do nothing except put an oil of olay thing under my eyes. (when I remember to that is)

I wasn't raised to wear makeup so that's not an issue with me. Strict upbringing. Of course I had more money than most girls! My mother didn't do anything either for her skin and that is the reason for my asking for help.

She sent me a picture of her and 2 of her grandkids recently and I haven't seen her since last Christmas, and OMG. I hate to think it, let alone say it out loud, but she's starting to look old. It's so hard for me to say that. It really breaks my heart. My parents aren't supposed to get old, its not right!!

Anyway, she's in her mid to upper 60's and she actually looks older than that and I don't want that for myself at her age.

What do I do?? What do I use?? I'm too embarrassed to go to one of those cosmetic counters because those girls there are so pushy and not nice. (I've eavesdropped on a few conversations in my passing) I want something that's going to tighten, and lift and work miracles!! I don't want to look like my mom does at her age now.

I know genetics play a huge part in this aging process, but I also know some of these creams do work over a long period of time.

Any suggestions?? I'm fair-skinned. Very sensitive and oily skin too.

TIA for any suggestions.
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Hi there!

I am going to try to give you my "top" tips without babbling too much.

#1 Water. Drink TONS of water. It REALLY matters in your skin.

#2 Avoid the sun/ALWAYS use sunscreen, especially with you being fair. Sun is the #1 cause of premature aging. Since you don't wear a lot of makeup, use a daily moisturizer that contains sunscreen and don't leave home without applying. I use one by Neutrogena, the Healthy Skin line, which contains SPF. Neutrogena is a Johnson & Johnson company and they test on animals, so I try to avoid it, but sometimes I use what is readily available and doesn't cost a fortune and in that department, I like Neutrogena. I also really like Aveeno's Radiant Skin line.

#3 At 30, you're really looking more for prevention than miracles, unless there are specific areas/issues you want to target. Along with sunscreen, moisturizing twice daily is necessary. I use a "day" cream for both day and night, but you could get one specifically for evening if you'd like. IMPORTANT: Don't forget your eyes and lips. The eyes/lids have very few sebaceous glands and the lips have none, meaning they do not produce sebum and, therefore, cannot provide their own moisture/protection. A good eye cream is essential to any anti-aging regimen and you can use the same cream around the contours of your lips. IMPORTANT #2: Don't forget your neck/decollette. You will frequently see celebrities with these radiant dewy faces, but look at their neck and decollette and it reveals their age. It is a common mistake to skip these areas, but will pay off in the long run. Whatever you do to your face, do to your neck and decollette.

#4 Avoid very hot water. There is no benefit to hot water for your skin really, and can actually strip the acid mantle and cause reactivity.

#5 Exfoliate, but no more than twice a week.

I think that's it for now. I could give you a million product recommendations because I have tried everything. My FAVORITE though is an entire line you can get at a really awesome price:

I love EVERYTHING in that line and the savings is incredible (the exfoliating kit is $65 by itself,) plus the bonus gifts are freakin awesome. The moisturizer is day and night, wonderful cleanser, and while using the serum all over, you can target the typical problem areas, smile lines, eyes, etc. The only thing that would be missing from that for you is an SPF product, and they have two options for that, Shelter, or When Hope is Not Enough SPF 20, or you can just go with another brand for a facial sunscreen.

Besides Philosophy, I really love G.M. Collin and they have some AMAZING anti-aging products, but you're talking serious $$$$ there. Another suggestion, though, is to contact cosmetology schools in your area and inquire about aesthetician services. That is how I found G.M. Collin, but because they were students performing the services, you were getting super primo products and services for a tiny fraction of the price. They also would do a consultation for you and offer suggestions specific to your skin's needs.

As for brands readily found in the grocery/drug store, Neutrogena and Aveeno are the only ones I would use regularly, but I have heard WONDERFUL things about the full Olay line, but it would be more inexpensive to go with the philosophy kit for a superior product in that case.

Hope this helps!
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Sean's tips are all REALLY good. The only thing I'd add (as a 30yo with oily/sensitive skin) is that I've seen good results with the Olay products I started using a couple of months ago. The scrub has a good moisturizer in it, and does a nice, gentle polish. The night cream feels velvety, not oily, and really seems to hydrate well--especially around my eyes.
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I use Clinique .... 3 step clean, tone, moisturise ... then I have the advanced-stop (or something similar) eye cream and then the Super defense triple moisturiser on top - this contains SPF 25 ... oh and the eye cream is SPF 15 too.
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About a year ago, I started using Dermalogica products. I went for a facial (a present) and they did a dermalogica facial on me.

At the end the girl said if you don't buy any products its fine but one thing you must ALWAYS do in summer and winter, is wear a moisturiser with at least 15spf.

One of the best I've found is Nivea. There is a vitamin C Nivea face moisturiser with SPF 15 I highly recommend it.

In addition I also recommend once a week a facial scrub. I do have a daily scrub which is a ground rice mild scrub by Dermalogica. You can get a similar thing from the Body Shop called Japanese rice grains. It is very mild and very good, and can be used daily. Or you can get a grainier scrup such as Apri (apricot scrub) or something similar. You could even make your own using oat grains.

A scrub will slough off dead skin cells and make your skin perk up a bit. Initially you may find you break out but persevere with it, after a week or two your skin will settle down and will love you for it.

I also recommend drinking plenty of water (around 8 glasses a day) which helps flush toxins out of the body.

Recently there was a documentary here in the UK that showed one specific product which helps to renew collagen. It was scientifically proven to work. It is called Protect & Perfect and it is made by Boots the Chemist. In addition the other one that came out tops was the Nivea Vitamin C face cream with SPF 15.

I can't recommend an SPF15 MINIMUM enough. The sun is the biggest cause of ageing. You should use minimum SPF 15 in summer AND in winter.

Edit to add:

If you wear make up I also recommend the ID Bare Escentuals range. This range is awesome and the face powder comes with SPF 15. It is a range of crushed minerals which are gentle and very kind to the skin.

QVC often have special offers on Bare Escentuals make up products in the US. In the UK unfortunately it can be very expensive and QVC here don't do enough offers on it!
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Sunscreen EVERY day on face, neck and cleavage is #1.

Consumer Report's sister Mag (ShopSmart?) recently tested anti-aging skin care lines and found the new Olay lines (Regenerist, Definity, and ??) did as good a job or better than pricy creams. And I think Real Simple Magazine also had recent reviews of skin/hand creams where a couple drugstore brands did really well.

That said, I love Clinique, and this home-sales line Jafra.

have fun with it! try a few, see what feels best.
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i saw skin program on tv
one dermatoligist said any sunscreen is very good for lines
and he said that you dont need to spend a lot of money
any of them will do
use every morning
i have tried it and it feels as good as my biotherm
only difference biotherm is 60.00
sunscreen is 10.00
so just try
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Consumer reports did a study of "aging creams" not too long ago. Their recommendation was Oil of Olay!!!! It is reasonably priced and far our rated the much more expensive brands.

I am 52 years old and have used OO since I was a teenager, moving to the anti aging line in my 40's. While I am far from araving beauty I am always being told I have great skin and look much younger than my actual age.
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WOW Thank you so much for all the suggestions girls!! I've got a great running start now.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

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I'll add another vote for Oil of Olay. I've been a devotee since my teens. I use their original formula cream and their sensitive cleanser daily. Most people peg me around thirty and I'm 43!

Also, a vote for water, water, water and Sunscreen.

Another thing I might add, keep your makeup to a minimum; don't smoke, and frequent smoky places (ie bars) and keep your food as natural as possible to avoid all the added chemicals. The body uses the skins pores as a way to eliminate unneccessary chemicals, among other ways.

I find if I get to the sauna at the gym at least 3 times a week, my skin has less breakouts than if I don't.

Small note. Oily skin retains its elasticity a lot longer, hence less wrinkles as you age. Just a wonderful little note to remember as you cuss the sheen on your forehead! (gotta look for the good in all things!) :rofling:

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