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I don't get why people try to shorten names. It drives me batty. We'll be introduced to someone and my husband will say "Hi my name is Steven" people ALWAYS respond with "it's nice to meet you Steve" UM NO, just 3 secs ago I told you my name was SteveN. It truly gets my blood boiling.

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My family has an odd tradition when it comes to girls names. My Great Grandmother's name was Evelyn. My Grandmother's name is Jayne Evelyn, Mom is Karren Jayne, and I'm Christina Karren. I think I got the short end of the stick.

I love the names Edana and Aiden. They're not all that easy to shorten.

Hope it kind of helps.. even just a little.

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I always found strange that habit of shortening names. It's not that common in French (at least not where I come from). Hyphenated names are often shortened, but otherwise if you introduce yourself with a certain name, this is the one people will use. In English (at least in Canada and States), it seems to be the norm to shorten your name! I got an email recently from a collaborator whom I met only once and we don't know each other well at all. He used the same nickname as my mom and boyfriend use and it kind of disturbed me, to be honest! I'm still not used to that.
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I LOVE Lauren. As for girls, I have a ton of names since I'm on my 3rd boy Alyssa, Alayna, Maya, Tessa, Brianne. Hmmm, I'm forgetting some. I have a friend expecting a girl and I gave her a list of about 20 names a few weeks ago. We're trading names that we can't use for our own babies. She gives me any boy names she comes up with and I give her girl names!

As far as shortening names. My husband is Jon. Not JOHN, not Jonathan, just JON. Besides everyone wanting to throw in the H, they assume it's short for Jonathan since it doesn't have the H. It drives him crazy too! I love the name Andrew and hate Andy. I used it as a middle name so no one will ever shorten it! We have Grant Calvin (my Grandpa died while I was pregnant so he got his name as the middle) and Jared Andrew. Neither one of those can be shortened.

As far as boys, I'm watching the thread for names. I have a few, but none we agree on- Elias, Canaan, Dylan (Grant's backup), Evan, Heath, Derek. (I think they only reason he doesn't like Derek is because Grey's Anatomy is my favorite show and thinks I got it from there!)

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the best advice I got for naming was to pick a first and middle from the list.

go stand at the bottom of the stairs of the house, facing up the stairs.

yell the name really loud up the stairs.

Picture yourself yelling this name like this for the next 18+ years. still like it? (As in "Kayleigh Grace Get your Butt Down here or you will Miss the Bus!!!")

That's how we came up with Kayleigh Grace

We had Katarina, Adele, Julianna, and Marguerite as alternates. (we really wanted Grace as the middle.) We took the list to the delivery room, then when she arrived we watched her for a while and decided what we thought suited her best.

We also double checked what the initials would be. Emily Ann was high on our list until we looked at EAZ (Easy) as her initials

We also don't like nicknames. I love Elizabeth, but don't like Lizzy. Love Margaret, but don't like Maggie. Sooooo there you are.
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I love nicknames or shortened names.. except my own. (Deb) I have a Trent, a Jen, and a Robi (or bob, she loves that one). I hate when people call me Debra and love the name Debi.

For boys names I like Brandon, Brian and Kyle.

Girls names, Cheyenne, Faith and Jasmine

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For a boy i like Shace or Ronan

For a girl i like Lindsay or Marcia
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IF I were ever to have kids the two names that I like the most and would want to call them would be:

Jake (or Jack) (Ok so its a derivative of Jacob but I love the name Jake)

Chloe (its a name I've always liked)

I also rather like the names Zach and Aaron.

My boss is an Andrew - woe betide anyone who dares to call him Andy!
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Originally Posted by marykz View Post
I love Elizabeth, but don't like Lizzy. Love Margaret, but don't like Maggie. Sooooo there you are.

Oh, you just brought back a memory! My dd's middle name is Elizabeth, after my dh's grandmother.

The first time we took her to see dh's g'parents, his g'mother started calling dd "Lizzie."

I really do like the name Elizabeth. It's beautiful and is used by many people as a middle name.

Anyhow, have fun picking a name! You've gotten a lot of GREAT suggestions!!!!
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For girls, Olivia and Sophia

For boys, Nathaniel and Benjamin
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