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Originally Posted by Riss View Post
My family has an odd tradition when it comes to girls names. My Great Grandmother's name was Evelyn. My Grandmother's name is Jayne Evelyn, Mom is Karren Jayne, and I'm Christina Karren. I think I got the short end of the stick.

I love the names Edana and Aiden. They're not all that easy to shorten.

Hope it kind of helps.. even just a little.


This tradition is also in my family... sorta... I am kinda the starting point. My grandmother's name was Kathleen, so my name is Krystal Kathleen. I loved it so much growing up I decided to start a tradition... So my daughter's middle name will be Karen after my mom's first name. I don't think you got the short end. Karren is lovely.

Originally Posted by marykz View Post
the best advice I got for naming was to pick a first and middle from the list.

go stand at the bottom of the stairs of the house, facing up the stairs.

yell the name really loud up the stairs.

Picture yourself yelling this name like this for the next 18+ years. still like it? (As in "Kayleigh Grace Get your Butt Down here or you will Miss the Bus!!!")

That's how we came up with Kayleigh Grace

We had Katarina, Adele, Julianna, and Marguerite as alternates. (we really wanted Grace as the middle.) We took the list to the delivery room, then when she arrived we watched her for a while and decided what we thought suited her best.

We also double checked what the initials would be. Emily Ann was high on our list until we looked at EAZ (Easy) as her initials

We also don't like nicknames. I love Elizabeth, but don't like Lizzy. Love Margaret, but don't like Maggie. Sooooo there you are.
That's a really clever way to check name flow. Good Advice.

I too am not a big fan of shortening names. But it really depends on the name and the person.

People who dared call me "Krys" (minus my sister and friend matt) would receive the death glare and a very distinct "My name is KRYSTAL"

FH and I have decided on the name Elora Karen for our (some day) daughter. When I told my mom she immediately said AWW ELLIE!!! I cut her off so quick...I do not like names that end with "ee" sounds. They are fine for those who have them, but not for me. I will most likely use Ella for a nick name for her, just to stave off the inevitable "Ellie's" that will come.

I really loooove the name Amelia in your list for a girl. Such a pretty name and no way to shorten it really.

If we have more than 1 girl the other names I like are Roslin, Zoe, and Amelia. Haha we are hoping we will have a girl one day because we cannot find a single boys name that suits our family.
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From your list I like Samantha and David.
I don't have kids, but I love to look at baby name books and websites. Some of my favorite names are Piper (name of my supervisor's daughter), Tabitha and Savannah. For boys I like Mason, Jacob and Royal. I know Royal is kind of odd, but I remember watching Little House on the Prarie, and Almonzo had a brother named Royal. I think that is different without being too off the wall.
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austin is cool
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Amelia can be shortened to Millie, which I actually like just by itself.

I work with children and I take notice of how parents introduce their children and use that - for example, I had one boy called "Samuel" and as I was writing his name I just asked Mum if he gets 'Sam' as well and she said no, so I always made sure to call him Samuel.

Someone mentioned "little house on the Pairie' - I was named after the actress who played Mary Ingliss (Melissa Sue) My family have always called me Melissa, but when I got into my senior years at high school I started to get 'Meliss' from my friends and then when I started Uni, I interchangably introduced myself either as "Mel" or "Melissa" depending on who it was.

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Originally Posted by Knitting_Guy View Post
People do have an odd habit of wanting to shorten names. My name is Mason and several of my friends call me Mace. I assume it's because I'm irritating.
I agree with the others, You ARE a funny guy

I love my G.D.'s name, Sophia Marie...
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Baby names
For girls I like:
Tiffany (my name )

For boys I like:
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From your list, I like Samantha and David.

My kids' names: Michael Christopher and Jonathan Kyle. Their boys' names: Andrew Michael, Tyler A. (yup, just the initial), and Christopher Charles.

I really don't like the repeating letters thing. A very dear friend is named Kristi Lynn, but her childhood nickname was "Kay." She named her oldest daughters Kaylyn and Kaycee. She remarried a guy named Joey, and wanted to keep the "K" name but also employ Joey's name for their baby girl. Result? Kloey. The "Kl" part for Kristi Lynn, and "oey" for ummm...Joey.

For the rest of that little girl's life she'll be spelling her name. As does Kaycee who recently turned 14.

But nothing is as bad as my entire, given, squished-onto-the-birth-certificate name: Janet Marie Therese Bernadette. YUP, Irish Catholic mother. (Now see why Dad nicknamed me Fifi/Feef? LOL)

So thanks Mom, for forcing me to write that name out on any legal document.

So, be kind to the babies!
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I don't know if this is how it is, but although I think it's a beautiful name, if Amelia Badelia (?) is still a popular kids' book, I wouldn't use it.
I have a friend with incurable trauma... and she ended up shortening it to Amy.

Two of my favorite girls' names are Heike and Zilke (or Silke), but maybe they aren't very American. And Caleb for a boy, though I heard that was hillbilly some places, but I say whatever to that. Also Jake and Ben (if they start out shortened, they can't get shorter).
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I'm not a fan of shorten names either.

So my kids have names you can't shorten, Keira Grace and Caden Alexander.

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ok... from your list these 2 are my picks: amelia and benjamin

our dd is makenna colleen,(i know makenna is spelled wrong, but i like it that way). she gets 'kenna' a lot, but its cute for now. colleen is my mom's middle name and mine too. i always knew my 1st dd would have colleen for a mn. if she had been a boy it was going to be corey dylan (or robert, dh's middle name). our back ups (in case of multiples- we were waaaaaaay over prepared! )

Aimee Johann
Isabel Kay
Nicholas Andrew
Samuel Wilson

good luck!

after we had gotten home, i tried out the other names on dd, and told dh i thought she looked more like an Aimee Johann. he thought i wanted to change it. i didn't. i still wonder if i should have. johann is my g'mas name, and kay is dh's mom's middle name. samuel wilson is my ggpa's name and nicholas andrew is just something dh loves. and a side note on corey; it was supposed to be coriantimur, with corey being the nn we would use. but then i realized how cruel that would be to do to a little kid...
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