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Originally Posted by SabrinaJL View Post
It irks me that most sellers won't leave you feedback until you've left some for them, and I don't really get why it is done this way. I mean, I feel like once I've bid on an item and paid for it promptly, I've held up my end of the deal and should be given positive feedback right away. Am I wrong on this? If anybody here is a seller on Ebay, maybe you can explain this to me.
I agree 100% with you Sabrina! That is one of my pet peeves with ebay sellers! I feel like once I pay, I have completed my end of the sale and feedback should immediately represent that. Instead, there are so many sellers now who refuse to post feedback until the buyer posts a satisfactory feedback rating. As a sometime seller ( but more often buyer) on ebay, I always leave feedback as soon as payment is received.
That is just my two cents.

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Well after me having ALL positive feedbacks for all of my 158 transactions...a Seller recently left me a negative one.

I won a ring...I sent my check...he notified thru ebay after 4 days he didn't get my check. AFter I notified my bank I saw that he DID get and cashed my check. Then he said he sent out the item. After FOUR weeks I emailed him I wanted a refund. He said the item must have gotten "lost in the mail". So he said he's send me a refund check. I still haven't gotten it after two weeks.

I left him negative feedback and he did the same for me...the CREEP. He was the one in the wrong and LIED ..not me.
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Hi everyone! Long time no see. (Sorry.) I like the new OT section. It'll be a good place for me to come to hang out with the KH community despite my ongoing (and completely inexplicable) knitting slump.


I don't blame anyone (buyer or seller) who doesn't want to leave FB first. When I was a ebay newbie, I naively left a neg when my emails inquiries as to why I hadn't received my item went unanswered for several weeks; to my dismay, the seller gave me a retaliatory neg, essentially saying that I was a liar. It hurt so much that I wouldn't leave anyone a neg now regardless of how bad an experience I had just because I never want to be slandered that way again. I'd rather say nothing than be punished for being honest, you know? Sad, but true. Luckily, I find that most sellers are stellar, and I almost always leave ridiculously effusive positives shortly after I receive my goodies. On the flip side, I've only sold a few things, but have always waited to leave FB until after I knew my buyers were happy, which thankfully, has always been the case.

One thing that I don't think has been mentioned is that lot of sellers have automated systems that generate positive FB after receiving the same from a buyer. If I were a high-volume seller, I'd definitely consider something like that.

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I'm another one that is bugged by sellers who don't leave feedback until after you have posted, although I do understand the reason behind it.

I've left negative feedback once - I purchased an electric golf buggy for my dad. It came with several parts missing and broken. I contacted the seller and no response. Contacted again - no response. Contacted 3 times over 3 weeks and nothing. As it was getting close to the time when the opportunity to leave feedback was closing I left negative feedback stating they had not responded to emails about a damaged item. They immediately sent me negative feedback with the comment 'poor communication!' It then went through mediation to be resolved. Later, reading some of their feedback, people had given them a positive rating, but left negative comments - I think people are afraid of retelliation if they leave negative feedback.

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The whole retaliation thing is why I used the neutral option. It doesn't lower your percentage, but it gets your point across, if necessary.
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I ABSOLUTELY agree with you!!!!

The entire feedback system on ebay is a FARCE. I have written them letters with little response other than "that's the way it is".

I have purchsed hundreds of items on ebay and only had a problem once but because of the way sellers post AFTER the buyer there is no way for the buyer to leave an honest feedback. I left feedback indicating that the sale was not to my satisfaction and the seller came back and left negative feedback for me, I DID NOTHING WRONG (except maybe expect to receive the item I paid for intact and in the condition described).

After many emails back and forth with ebay, they would not help. Their position is they will only remove feedback if you go TO COURT AND PROVE IT TO BE LIBALOUS, the only way I could have the negative feedback removed was to agree to mutually remove both my feedback and theirs. So the bad seller got away with a bad deal.

I believe the seller should HAVE TO leave their feedback for the buyer. If I have paid for an item promptly and held up my end of the deal then the seller should NOT be allowed to say anything negative just because I am not happy with their performance.

I love ebay and shop almost daily on the site. But I no longer hold their feedback to be of any value.
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Yes, that is my concern too. That I'll be unhappy with the item or service and will get negative feedback just for that. Interestingly enough, after I posted this thread, I got feedback from a seller that I purchased some Ashford hand carders from and it was before I left them feedback. That's the first time it has ever happened.
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I've never had a problem with getting negative feedback from a seller, and most disputes I've managed to work out. What bugs me on Ebay though is they treat neutral feed back the same as negative, warning you that it can't be rescinded, etc. I have had purchases where the transaction was less than satisfactory but didn't warrant a 'Negative' response. Not every purchase is going to leave you filled with unending joy and not every seller deserves a A#1++++++++ feedback. A neutral response shouldn't be looked at as negative, but simply, well, neutral.
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