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SPOILERS Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie
I just got home from the midnight showing of the film! Because I'm rather tired at the moment, I'm just going to be short about my thoughts.

First, I really think that it's necessary to read the books in order to fully appreciate the movie. There are so many scenes, like the Occlumency scenes and Snape's Worst Memory, that are just so short with so little exposition.

LOL at gangsta!Dudley.

Where's Mrs. Black's portrait????

Luna was perfect. Sooo cute. And, the Luna/Harry moments really amused me. The Harry/Hermione people are going to be sooo upset though. Finally they're putting in the Hermione/Ron and even Harry/Ginny subtext.

When Sirius punched Lucius everyone in the theater clapped. It was great.

I love Neville. And the twins. And Grawp.
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Yes, the movie means so much more when you've read the books. I even think the big battle scene was a bit glazed over. But IMO it's the best translation YET!

And what's with making Cho the fink? THAT I think was taking poetic licence a bit far.

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I'm going to see the movie tonight in 3-D, I can't wait!
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I got to see a sneak preview on Monday, and I have to say I was a bit disappointed with how much they cut out. I was sad that they cut out the scene where all the kids see Neville's parents at the hospital. I thought that was important to building up Neville's character for later books (and movies).

But the acting is just getting better, and I thought Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix LeStrange) was fabulous!

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Well, in regards to Cho, they did say that Umbridge used Veritaserum on her. So, it's not really her fault.

Kaydee, that's sooo cool! I really want to see it in IMAX, but, with my work schedule I'm not sure if it'll work out.

Yeah, it would have been good if they had the Neville hospital scene with the gum wrappers. But, the scene where Neville says that he's proud to be their son was really cute.

Was anyone else sort of weirded out by the Harry/Cho kiss? Cause, Harry was rather going at it for a first kiss.
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I'm still raving about the movie! It was SO cool!!! (My man says much to his annoyance I'm still raving about it....He's such a party pooper!)
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This movie will probably grow on me. The backstory in the book was what really "made" the book for me, and there wasn't much of it in the movie.

LOVED Sirius punching Lucius Malfoy! "Get your hands off my godson!" Go Padfoot!

One thing that surprised me, though, was how Sirius died. In the book, it just says that Bellatrix *BOO HISS* hit him with a spell that came out as a jet of red light, and he fell through the veil. In the movie, she AK's him, he looks around sort of surprised-like, and then he slowly falls back through the veil, unlike Cedric in GOF who got blasted and died instantly. I have to admit, I was holding out for good old Padfoot coming back in Deathly Hallows.

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Judging it on movie merits alone, I thought is was good. However, as a big Potter book fan, there were many things that irked me.

1. So much was explained in the book but left out of the movie: the reason Harry got his scar, why he must stay with the Dursleys every summer, the explanation of the full prophecy ("...marked as his equal..."), how Harry was able to survive Voldemort's attack, why Voldemort attacked Harry in the first place.

2. The movie altered a few plot points or left others out completely: Ron's Quidditch victory and S.P.E.W (left out completely), Kretcher's role, how Umbridge found out about the DA, Trelawny's role in the prophecy, the centaurs.

3. The movie never mentions Umbridge's role in sending the Dementors to Little Whinging.

4. The scene in which Harry sees his father pick on Snape was never developed. This really affected Harry's feelings about his father and Snape.

5. In the book, Dumbledore defended Harry by putting a spin on everything Fudge said. He made Fudge look like an idiot. In the movie he begs Fudge to believe that Voldemort is back and give a brief statement about Harry using magic in self-defense. I don't think this speech was convincing at all in the movie.

7. I didn't realize it until later, but Percy Weasley did make an appearance, but unless you now the story from the book and have seen the second movie, you would now he was there. The movie never mentions his estranged relationship with his parents.

6. Lastly, why did members of the Order refer to Voldemort as the Dark Lord. Harry makes a point of saying only Death Eaters refer to Voldemort as the Dark Lord. (This is one of the arguments in favor of Snape still being loyal to Voldemort; he still refer to Voldemort as the Dark Lord). Nobody else refers to him by this title.

I did like the casting; Dolores Umbridge, Bellatrix LaStrange, and Luna Lovegood were perfect. And I loved the sets and effects.

Sorry this is so long, but my husband hasn't read any of the book so he has no idea what I'm talking about. I have no one to vent to here right now Thanks for listening; I feel better now
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Knitlee, I agree. That's the really bad part about all of the movies. They can never fit in all of the good parts from the books. I was so sad when Snape's Worst Memory was sooo short. That was the scene, out of the five movies so far, that I was looking forward to most.

And, yeah, not sure if he was in it in the beginning, but at the very end at the Ministry, I was all hey! it's Percy! But, yeah, I don't think he had any lines, and I'm surprised I recognized him. Because he really did not look Weasley-ish.
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BOO! I saw this last night, and while parts were good, they screwed up two very big things for me.

1. Snape/Harry - You would think the people making the film would have read HBP, right? Snape is pretty darn important there, eh? Wouldn't you think it would be good to exposit on the Snape and Harry scenes? Ugh!

2. The ministry battle. I must be the only one who was so peeved at the end of this I barely paid attention to the rest of the movie. There was NO reason they could not have done this exactly like the book. None at all. I didn't see an any statues preventing Harry from fighting. When Sirius died, I just sat there looking like I smelled poo. You could barely tell what was going on, and several people in the theater laughed when Harry was screaming. That scene would have been much better done without the music.

And don't get me started on the GIT they decided should play Dumbledore. Didn't even read the books, and it shows. Luna and Umbridge and so many others were SO good. Where is Ian McKellan when you need him?

I'm going to see it again tonight with my husband, so maybe it will grow on me...but I say BOO!

No, I am not ashamed that I have a major crush on a man who dressed in tights and made faces for most of the 80's, and now plays a crippled drug addicted doctor...and is almost the same age as my father.
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