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Need help/What should I do?--Update!!!
I need to get something off of my chest...

I work at a pretty nice "private" preschool in NJ. I have been there for two years. This year was a bit stressful for me because of some unecessary nonsense, but it was still enjoyable.

I have been trying for several years to become employed as a teacher at the public schools in my district. I did work for them in the past as a substitute teacher, but that was as far as it went.

After my paperwork had been submitted over the past three years and no calls, I received a notice for an intitial interview back in March. I thought that I had totally flubbed the interview because I was just so nervous that day and everything came out the opposite of what I wanted to say. But even more to my surprise was that I was called for a 2nd interview a few days ago. The interview went alright. But now here is the problem...

I won't find out if I am offered a position until the second or third week of August. That is cutting it very close before we sign our yearly contract at my current school which is on the 29th of August. I am torn because I really like the school, however the benefits and pay are significantly better at the public school. I also know that if I refuse the position at the public school, I would NEVER be offered a position again. I just don't know what to do. I don't want to leave my current position at the last minute for my director to scramble to find someone to replace me. But because of some questionable things he has done to others (not me) in the past, I feel that I should be able to just go with no problem. So ladies (& gents) is there any advice that you can offer me?

Thanks in advance!

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If you get offered the job at the public school, take it! Your contract is signed on August 29th. There are always qualified people looking for teaching/assisting possitions that late.

If you are feeling particularly bad, you could mention that you have been interviewed and if you get the position you will take it.

Never deny your dream because someone else might have a rough time for a week or two!

Good luck on the job!
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So ladies (& gents) is there any advice that you can offer me?

Say nothing until you've been given a definite offer by the public school. Then give your notice to your current employer. You can explain things (briefly) during your exit interview, but for now say nothing. Believe me, it's never good to tip your hand to your boss. In fact, the less employees tell employers about their lives outside work, the better.

Don't feel guilty. This is business. You're doing the best you can in a situation where you don't have a lot of control.

Good luck in getting the job you want, btw.
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angel4ever (07-22-2007)
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yep echoing whats been said. Business is business - if you get offered it, take it. There are always people looking for jobs and you have to do what is best for you.
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Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I was qualified to teach pre-K through 6th grade and high school social studies, but got a position teaching preschool. I liked it a lot, although I was always so tired I never did anything but go to work and then go home.

I'll tell you what my supervisor told me. She told me that's it's "normal" to scramble at the last minute to fill positions. The administration hated it, but that's the way it was. The margin between being recalled or hired was always about 1-2 weeks before school began. Some people didn't get recalled, and some didn't accept the "summons".

I think you should do what's right for you, and not worry about what issues your director has. That's what he is being paid to do. He WILL find a replacement for you. He probably has a list of several interviewed-and-ready-to-go people he can call. He should, anyway. If he doesn't, that's bad planning on his part.

But I agree with Zazzu. Don't say anything at your current position until you get the job at the public school.

Hope you get the job you want!
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angel4ever (07-24-2007)
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I agree, say nothing at all, not to anyone. If they give you an offer and you haven't signed the contract then take it!

There's no way I'd base my life (it really is your whole life here because if you decline there would never be another chance) on someone having to find a sub at the last minute. That's not that big of a deal, and they will be just fine.
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angel4ever (07-24-2007)
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When I was teaching in a preschool the last minute teacher scramble was part of the beginning of the school year. Amazingly enough I can only think of once when there was a sub in a class for the first day and she became the teacher! Definitely do what is best for you.
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You are not doing anything illegal by not telling them anything before Aug. 29. Business is business, it's just the way it is. Of course it means more work for them, but they're paid for that.

Most employers, when they have to lay off people, just go with whatever law/rule they have to follow and nothing more. They can't ask employees to be more "ethical" than THEY would be. And you know, if they decide not to hire you for this year, they don't have to tell you before Aug. 29! So you're both in the same situation.

Good luck!
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angel4ever (07-24-2007)
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My son and DIL are teachers in public school. It seems to be pretty standard for contracts not to be sorted out until August. Apparently most schools don't "renew" contracts for existing teachers til the end of the school year and then use July to interview with new cotnracts being offerred into August.

If your current contract isn't due til August 29 you are not under any obligation to sign or not sign til that date. If you wanted to tell your current employer that you were hoping for a public school job I think that would be nice, but I don't think it would be necessary. It sounds like you are looking for a "better job" not that you are unhappy where you are and most employers will understand that. But given the nature of teaching contracts I think you are in a pretty "usual" situation.
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angel4ever (07-24-2007)
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I think all of the advice you have been given is very sound!

Whatever happens good luck and have a great school year!

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