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Custom Stitch Markers!
NOTE: I bumped this thread by request.


I purchased 4 sets of 10 stitch markers from my LYS several years ago. I was hooked. What is nice about stitch markers with a pretty little bead(s) hanging from the silver ring? The weight of the beads helps keep the stitch marker from "flicking off" the needle and flying across the room...never to be found again.

I wanted more styles and colors! Could not afford more.

I was at my local South Sound Knitters Guild meeting...we have a "show and tell" I brought the stitch markers...and my helpful fellow knitters said "oh bought them? Didn't you know that you can make them very easily? Go to the Blue Iris Bead shop and buy the beads, findings, etc...and make your own! It is so easy. The bead shop people will show you the concepts. Just bring in one of your stitch markers as an example!"

Well, who knew!?

So, that is what I did!

Here are some photos of some of the sets I made for myself since then!

I just love them all! Some rings fit the smaller size needles, others fit up to size 10 needles. I haven't found soldered silver jumprings to fit the extra large I have to use plastic for bulky projects.

I recently took apart an old crystal bead necklace (very old, the thing was really ugly...didn't fit me anymore...but sentimentality prevented me from tossing it out). I have nine stitch markers made up on the headpins...I just need to go down to the bead shop and get the silver jumprings!

I think very unusual stitch markers could be made out of disassembled vintage jewelry. Shop around for old jewelry...that you wouldn't wear...but could make great stitch markers!

I hope you will enjoy these photos...and maybe find some inspiration to make some stitch markers yourself!
************************************************** ****
(NOTE: page 4/post#38 of this thread has a photo tutorial for the making of a stitch marker)

************************************************** ****
Made two of these handblown glass beads. A bead shop in Poulsbo only had two left. Both beads are on this same row, on either side of the center 20 stitch cable pattern! Love them! They are very lightweight, too!

Found these 6 glass beads at a local bead shop in Poulsbo! All the shop had was six. Darn. Just made these today!

I made a set of 10 of these, all are a different color: blues, lavendars, pinks, greens. The other 9 are on a project right now!

These are Swarovski crystals. I just love these little babies!

I use this one to mark the middle of a row. There is only one of these.

These are ceramic. There is a set of 10 of each...but some are on projects right now. I think they look like little Japanese lanterns!

I got these jade beads at a big swapmeet, from a man that sells polished rocks, etc. of all kinds!

These are Swarovkski crystals. There are 10, but one is on a project right now.
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Those stitchmarkers are all very pretty. You have a good eye for style combinations.
I had thought about making my own stitch markers as well. But I have such little time, I have not gotten around to making any. Maybe one day soon...
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Try here:
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Originally Posted by Limey View Post
Try here:
Hi'ya Limey!

Thanks for the interesting link! Very unusual concept for stitch markers!

I will have to see if my local bead shop has any of the horseshoe-shaped "open rings"! If they do...I will pick some up and give 'em a try!
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These are gorgeous! I don't know how you get that wrap so tight!

When asking questions ALWAYS post the name and a link for the pattern if you have it.

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If you's gonna get hooked on beads 'n things, I guess I'd better not tell you 'bout Shipwreck Beads, self proclaimed largest bead selection in the world, it's 'bout an hour south of you/me. (depending on traffic) I-5 take the Marvin Road exit (first one after you come up out of the Nisqually Flats)

It's a vewy vewy dangerous place.

I has ta take da next exit when visitin' my gf - udderwise I get suuuuucked in there!

But I'm not gonna tell ya, nope, hunh unh, not gonna do dat! Wouldn't want ta have a fellow KH'er infected by dat place!

ETA: gorgeous work, btw, I love it!

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Welcome to the addiction that is stitch markers... I've made about 20 sets, most of which have sold to friends for swaps or for their own use. I'm thinking of starting a line and selling them through Etsy and my LYS.

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Wow artlady! congrats to you for your unending creativity! I swear every time u post it is always something new and fantastic!
I have been to stores and thought about the making stitch marker thing, the question I have is where do u find the ring part that u attatch to the beads? I was never able to figure that out
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Those are gorgeous!
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:notwo rthy:

Those all look great.

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