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UPDATE Wisdom teeth
So, tomorrow (Thursday) I get my wisdom teeth out. All four of em, even though one came through. I'm am...not nervous, exactly, more not looking forward to the recovery bit. I had oral surgery once before to remove an impacted canine tooth. It was like four years ago, so I don't remember the details of recovery. But, it wasn't fun. And this is going to be worse.

Oh well. At least I can take off from work because of it. Even though I'd rather work. :(

Wish me luck (even though the next time I read this, it'll be done.)

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{{{HUGS}}} I had mine out in high school. I felt well enough to go to a New Year's Eve party the next night!

DH on the other hand didn't do so well (2 yrs ago).

I hope yours goes well!!!
Amy, in Oz!
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I had one of them removed and afterwards i was all swollen and had fever for a few days, though i don't think it was because of the surgery, i think a flu caught up on me... Hope everything goes well for you
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Susan P.
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I had two bottom ones out on same day.. all I can say is that I had once of the worst headaches afterwards I have ever had. I didn't have pain killers. My parents were away and I was with my grandparents who didn't believe in pain killers and I was in agony. These days dentists etc are aware of potential pain afterwards and can assist with a script thank goodness. The actually removal was fine...mind you..they sometimes have to pull like yanking an old oak tree out of the ground but you have enough anaesthetic not to really notice much but that. So, all I can suggest is being relaxed about the procedure as you'll feel little but just asking about some pain medication for the hours afterwards.
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I had mine out when I was in college. I'm from Georgia, and my family has tons of old sayings, fables, etc. My mom and grandmother told me "the signs had to be right" or I would have a tough time with the surgery. (Said signs being from the Farmer's Almanac) I thought they were full of you-know-what and went ahead with the scheduled surgery even though "the signs were wrong". The procedure was a breeze - but I had the worst recovery ever - swollen, headaches, and those dry sockets things. I had to go to the dentist 2x/wk for about 8 wks for treatment. I then became a firm believer in "The Signs". I know a may sound like a nut, but I wouldn't schedule an oral surgery without checking them first!

I hope everything goes well and I'm not trying to scare you! I wish you the best and easiest recovery ever!

BTW, has anyone else heard of "The Signs"?

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Hope surgery went well and that you are feeling better soon ! Had mine taken out the day after school let out in 8th grade. Back then nothing stopped me so it wasn't too bad. I couldn't raise my heartrate for like 48hrs (something about the stitches) so you'll get lots of
knitting time

Make lots of jello, avoid salty/spicey foods, get liquid pain meds...surgeon ended up dislocating my jaw to get at the back teeth so couldn't open my mouth more than 1/2" for a couple of weeks....
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I had all four out at once...variously impacted and so on. I wasn't given a choice about going under, which is fine...I didn't want to see them working in my mouth, anyway.

Um. Make sure whoever you bring with you to the surgery is going to pay attention to the directions you get from the surgeon. My grandpa drove me, and he thought I would remember, even though I'd just come out of anesthesia. Also, the pharmacist contradicted what the surgeon prescribed and told my grandfather I "shouldn't take that many vicodin." Ow. What a mistake.

If you are in pain, take your painkiller. Eat lots of pudding and scrambled eggs. I watched Ren & Stimpy, too, but that's just me. Don't try to go back to work until you are sure you are ready...I had mine out on Friday and tried to go back on Monday, but had to leave halfway through my shift. This is when I worked at B&N, and I was kinda wandering around the store with a dazed look on my face. The jerk-manager said he was surprised I had lasted as long as I did. I messed up punching in and out that day, too.

Am famoos!

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I had all four of mine out at once, they were all impacted. I prepared for it to be horrible, so I didn't think that it was as bad as I thought it was going to be. I took my pain killers, ate sherbet, and watched movies for a few days. Actually, I kind of milked it since it was a bit fun having everyone be so attentive.
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Carnation instant breakfast they're yummy, filling, and easy to drink. They're meant to be meal supplements so it helps when you're hungry. Also- nothing too hot or too cold the first day or so- that goes for tonsils too- they're just sensitive more than sore usually. Hope you do well!
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I had all 4 of mine out when I was about 15. I was chipmunk-cheeked for nearly a week afterwards, but I did OK. You, too, will survive. Just stock up on lots of soft foods.
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