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Neighbor Drama
The following is an account of the events that took place at approximately 10:30 p.m. Saturday, August 25. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Saturday night, we had friends from Boston that were in town for a wedding stay the night. We invited another couple over for small gathering to watch some movies, eat snacks and have a generally good time. We were in between movies, making brownies and getting a little loud when there was a knock on the door. We weren't expecting any more guests, so I was quite curious to know who could be at the door at this hour. I thought perhaps a friendly neighbor thought we were being too loud (we weren't) and wanted to alert us to this fact. It was not a friendly neighbor. There were, in fact, two police officers standing on our porch when I opened the door.

My immediate thought was, "Were we really that loud?", when he asked for Martha Johnson, our friend from Boston. At first I was relieved because the complaint was obviously not with us, but with our friend. I should point out that the officers were very nice and not trying to be assholes, so I didn't have a problem with providing him Martha's whereabouts. She came to the door and he proceeded to hold up her car keys. I should pause yet again to explain that Martha can be somewhat, nay, very scatterbrained, so I was not surprised to see her keys held up by the officer. We all had a good laugh until we heard the officer explaining the reason they were there.

Apparently her car was "blocking" the driveway of our neighbor. She was also parked too far from the curb, a ticketable offense. Martha, in addition to being scatterbrained, is also a notoriously bad parker/driver, so again, not a shock. The shock came from the fact that she had "blocked" the neighbor's driveway by less than 3 inches. And not even the straight line of the driveway, but the angled slope that leads to the main street. So, the ******* next door couldn't pull out of his driveway (he always backs in, which we think is weird) without having to take some care to not hit a closely parked car, and decided to involve the authorities.

Now I normally wouldn't really have a problem with, I take that back and here's why. Remember, there were two officers on the porch and these guys always travel solo. So that means there were two cop cars outside our house at 10 o'clock on a Saturday night. Add to that the fact that we live in a nosy neighborhood and the people across the street were on their front porch at the time...makes for quite a bit of unnecessary neighborhood embarassment. We're upstanding young people, the most we could be found fault with is letting the front lawn grow a bit too much before mowing or yelling at the dogs a little too loudly. We don't throw huge, loud parties that clog the street with cars and keep people up at night. Granted we don't know everyone in the neighborhood, but we've only lived here for about 18 months; we're private people.

Also, why wouldn't you come knock on our door yourself? The car was parked in front of our house, wouldn't it be safe to assume that it belongs to someone there? The only thing I can think of is that he assumes we don't like him (we don't now) but we've never done anything to show him that we don't. I can only guess that he pulled this stunt because he does not like us, but I cannot imagine why.

Other problems I have with all of this: the guy only recently moved in, he's probably been here less than 6 months. I can understand someone who has lived in the neighborhood calling the cops on somone who has only recently moved in, but hey...we were here first, jerk! He also has friends over quite often and instead of them parking in his driveway or even in front of his house, they most often park in front of our house! I normally don't mind people parking in front of our house, we don't own the street and no one has a huge driveway. But I would never park in front of someone else's house if there is open space in front of the house we're visiting. The other thing, and this more of a pet peeve, is they park in the *** middle of the space, when there's plenty of room for two normal size cars.

We just can't help thinking that he called the cops to embarass us, and that is infuriating.
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Ugh! Neighbors suck!! Ours hate us too, we have no idea why either. We're hermits in our own right, NEVER have anyone over, we're your typical neighbor who keeps to themselves, and yet they never talk to us.

Sorry that you have a crappy neighbor too....why can't people be nice, quiet & cordial to their neighbors???
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In light of trying to keep neighborhood calm and let others know that you are the bigger person in this I would go talk to them and find out why they felt the need to call the police instead of just alerting you to the problem.

Fortunately we get along with all our neighbors and for the most part they are nice enough people, but there are always a few who are odd ones. Too bad you have to live next door to one!

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Our neighbor next to us built a new house and decided to wait too long to sell his current house so he has to rent it now. Friday the renters had their usual party, luckily our house is big so we only live in one end of it, the end opposite of their house so we don't hear much. We had left some potted plants out to get rain water and went out around 1am or so after watching a movie to retrieve the plants, the neighbor was out in front of our house with one of his party friends smoking either crack or meth beside the friend's truck.
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I would try talking to them as well...

although I'd also be tempted to call the police the next time his guest's block the front of my house

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This is why I live in the country, NO NEIGHBORS

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I would try talking to him too. I live in a huge apartment building and my neighbors are a crazy couple! She is totally nuts and when she yells - the whole building can hear and she drove her husband crazy too. The authorities have even taken their children away. She kicks him out at 3 am with yells that could wake the dead. So i wake up in my tiny bedroom with the feeling they're fighting next to me and then hear him convince himself he'll never die. So looking at the bright side, as much as police at your front door is embarrassing, at least you have your own house you can park in front of and you're not crazy.
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Originally Posted by momwolf View Post
This is why I live in the country, NO NEIGHBORS
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Originally Posted by dustinac;945488

although I'd also be tempted to call the police the next time his guest's block the front of my house [/size]

I would be too

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I've always tried to be friends with my neighbours, I've made fantastic lasting friendships from it, but my current neighbour is turning me off that - she's nearly 40 with a daughter and is now going out with my ex, the father of the baby we lost, and he's only 26 (like me). When it was a little hard for me after they first got together, she went to all of my friends and talked about loyalty and created sides where I never wanted there to be any. And she just keeps getting worse. She's now shoving the small amount of stuff I keep on the landing into a small cupboard and breaking stuff while I have to put up with her entire shoe collection and a fridge freezer outside my door. And she keeps stealing my internet connection, and when I block her she whines about her daughter needing to do homework and she'll give me money eventually (she never does).
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