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Can you throw some baking soda or 20 Mule Team in with your detergent? That may help the smell (it gets in my Mom's front loader in her basement as well.) And do you leave the door open when the cycle is finished so it can dry out?

Good luck, I know it is a drag.

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I have this same problem..but hubby has a stinky job so I blame it on his clothes making our washer stink. Mom suggested the Mule Team..haven't tried it yet. But, Febreze makes a laundry additive I just picked up and will try. I actually notice it more with our towes. I don't use a lot of fabric softener any more. It gums up the dispenser in the middle and I hate cleaning it. I need to find the Downy ball I used to have. I use dryer sheets very occasionally in winter, but for the most part I figure that too much can "coat" the fabric and prevent them from getting deep clean.
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I notice it on my towels mostly and now I use a cup of baking soda when I wash my towels. It hleps to get the soap out of them. I also rinse twice. Seems to work.

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It worked, washed and dried the towel load 2 times with half cup of bleach and there is no more smell. I felt like the people on the Frebreze commercials, fold and smell, fold and smell.
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Susan P.
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I haven't read all the responses so sorry if I overlap someone else. That smell is generally mould in the fabric/material - usually developed from being slightly underdried or left in machine too long or from high humidity on line and the clothes being left out too long or not long enough - particularly if clothes are washed in warm or hot water.

The spores could have transferred to your clothes drawers also but you often need to air clothes between the dryer and putting them away.

I would run a hot vinegar wash in the washing machine.
I would wipe out the dryer with watered down vinegar and then with a very diluted vanilla essence (to put back a nice soft scent).

I would spray the clothes drawers with a bacterial spray (I use Glen 20 here) but air them in the sun first and after spraying and then wipe over and respray and leave in shade until well dry.

You can use the spray on the lint filters also but not while machine is running and don't run machine if the spray is still damp.

I would also tend to change the clothes washing detergent - at least for a few washes.
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Susan P.
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I see you've resolved. The bleach would have killed the spores but over bleaching can just wear things really quickly so perhaps use some of the other tips people have given to ensure no repeat. I washed a cardigan recently and had to leave it in an inappropriate place. Picked it up two days later and I could smell the spores. Yuch. Immediately washed and left it sun in good breeze and it's ok now.
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B'lieve it or not - some fabric conditioners can leave a really bad 'sweetish' smell.

Clothes smell great at first but after 2 days something happens and there's this fusty, horrible, smell.

The only conditioner that seems ok is Comfort (for baby clothes/sensitive skin).

It doesn't matter how you dry the clothes or where you hang them, it's a smell that seems to pervade other fabrics (had to clear my entire wardrobe out and wash all the clothes after I'd hung a blouse in there. Ended up having other clothes dry-cleaned again).
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Susan P.
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I never use fabric conditioner. I've never liked the smell of it and I dislike the smell of certain washing detergents too.
I find some folks away over use them and the smell pervades everything.
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lol- all this washing machine talk jinxed me. our washer stopped agitating/spinning yesterday. (sigh) and the repair guy can't get here for a few days! oh well.....
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Arm and Hammer
I have a high school swimmer -so we do lots of towels, year round. Arm and Hammer powder works the best at getting rid of the mildew smell on a going forward basis. The liquid isn't bad either. Plus it works well on my #1 son, who has very sensitive skin - we can use no fabric softener.
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