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Slipping a stitch for neat edges
I'm knitting in stockinette stitch and got the advice to slip a stitch for neat edges - do I slip the last stitch on both the knit and purl sides, or just on the purl side? Or do I have it totally wrong?
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I read this on a pattern I'm looking at as well and am also curious about this. I think my read that you only slip the stitch on the knit side.

My question is though, then wouldn't you end up with fewer stitches each round then? If you slip 1 st at beginning and end of row, then you would be 2 sts shorter than the previous row, no?
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You're doing a scarf? Personally, I do first/last st on WS but some prefer to do first st on both RS and WS, others do last st on each side. If it's NOT a scarf, or similar, and the item is to be seamed, I'd not recommend slipping as that size st doesn't seam as well (doesn't provide much stability).

As for number of sts, the slipped st gets worked on the side where it's not slipped (for instance, if slipped on the K side it's worked on P side). No loss or gain.

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The sts are still there, you're not losing any, just not working them. I don't slip the stitches at all, so you don't have to.
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I herd you slip the stitches of you are going to be picking them up later.
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To get a nice chain edging, always make sure you knit the last stitch in every row and slip the first stitch as if to purl at the beginning of each row.
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If you go to basic techniques and go to demo of a small project she will show you there. good luck
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To add to yarnlady's advice, I would add, -- if the second stitch is going to be a knit stitch, after passing the first stitch purlwise, be sure to pass your working yarn between your needles to the back side before doing that second stitch !

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Not to beat a dead horse.... but when you slip purlwise (which I understand is the preferred way to slip for that chain edge effect) you have to have your yarn in front just like if you were actually going to purl. Then insert your right needle like normal and lift and drag, slide, drop that little ole stitch off the left needle over to the right. If the next st is a P your ok for take off... but like dotty said, if you slip 1 purlwise then are to knit the next, you have to reposition the yarn at the back. The yarn should be passed to the back by going between the left needle with the unworked st and the right needle with the guy you just slipped over.

I knit up a 12" strip earlier trying to figure out the differences between yarn positions and slipping knitwise vs purlwise. Yep, I determined that slip purlwise first stich and always Knit the last st of the row is the way to go. Even worked with seed stitch.
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