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Please, please, please tell me about your journey!!! I didn't go to college right out of high school and have spent 11 years beating myself up over it. I need to hear from people like you!

Mommy22alyns, my mom didn't get a chance to go to college until she was in her late 40s. She started at junior college, going at night, and by the time I was in high school (I was the youngest of her three kids) she had graduated from a four-year university, with honors! She got her teaching credential, and when she was in her 50s she began teaching kindergarten and later on taught kids in the fourth and fifth grades. Needless to say, we're very proud of her accomplishments.

Not to downplay the importance of being a mom (!), but don't ever give up on your own dreams -- there's still time to do what you want to do.
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I think that probably the most ignorant *er, I mean 'goonie'* thing that was said to me was courtesy of my EX boss, and a perfect example of why I quit my job...
I am not graceful. Never have been, never will be. I accept it. I have bad knees from falling oddly and just generally being a clumsy, clumsy galoot, which only makes me clumsier, when one or the other locks up or gives out. It's fun, good times.
Anyway, I am a tattoo artist, which is great for me, because while sitting down I can't trip or fall or stumble, although I can occassionally drop things. Messy things, like ink or vaseline or dirty paper towels covered in ink and vaseline. It happens, whatever. Well, it just so happened that one night I was working with just myself and another co-worker, we'll call him 'Mark', and I dumped my blue ink all over myself; was washing it off in the sink when my boss called, and I dropped the phone into the sink which was full of blue ink water - needless to say, now I, the phone, the floor and the sink are smurfylicious. I stayed late to clean it all up, and managed to get everything except for a little blue around the phone buttons.
I had the weekend off, and went in Monday to work. My ex boss was already there, and asked me to stock the stations as soon as I got in (never mind that he had already been there for three hours, and could have easily done this himself in about five minutes...grrr) and I put my stuff away, went to reach for the paper towels stacked two high on a shelf nearly a foot over my head, and accidentally knocked one over, which caused an ever-increasing chain-reaction of Rube Goldberg proportions that culminated in a huge bottle of iodine falling down, opening, and splattering all over the floor!
I cursed a bit (ok, a lot) but just gritted my teeth when my boss laughed, cleaned it up, and stocked the stations. When I sat down with him after finishing he says something to the effect of, Sheesh, first the ink all over everything, and now iodine? Yeah, I say, apparently I have the clumsies.
Well, he says, 'Mark' and I were talking about it Saturday , and we just figured you must be on your period or something.
More of his witticisms...
He also told a client - unprompted- that a former, also female, employee was so much like him that 'if she had a d***, you wouldn't know the difference.' :mortified:
He would ask clients before smoking if they were smokers or non... if they answered non, he just said 'sorry about your luck' and smoked anyway.
And that's just what's fit to print :OO:
He apparently thought he was pithy and witty, I just found him rude and deliberately inconsiderate.
speaking of grandmothers...
my DH's grandmother (not the one I adore, but the one I like, anyway) came over to celebrate a birthday. Everyone adult in the room except her (DH, BIL, MIL, and myself) is tattooed, and I work as a tattoo artist, so naturally the conversation turned to new ink, what poeple wanted and etc.... She pipes up suddenly "Well, people who get tattoos are just ...SIMPLE." and literally turned up her nose. LITERALLY!
I was floored and flabbergasted. I said "You do realize that everyone in this room is tattooed, right? And those simple people help support your great grandkids?"
She didn't answer me....
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While I was pregnant with my DD an assistant at my father's office told me "Since you already have big hips when that baby's born your hips will be huge!" I was floored by that comment. The girl who told me that had no hips or butt and was a skinny little thing. I couldn't tell from her facial expression or body language whether she meant that as a compliment (as crude as it might sound) or an insult or was just an idiot BTW, my hips were normal then and normal after my DD was born, remained normal after my DS was born and are only slightly larger today because I have a few pounds to shed

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Originally Posted by MamaMer View Post
Oh yes I almost forgot my most embarrassing one!

A few weekends ago, we had some errands to run, and one was to Linens N Things to see if they had some canning supplies. Dh was waiting in the car with the kiddos while I ran in, and on my way out, I got yelled at.

Where this store is, it is in a busy shopping area with lots of large storefronts around it. People regularly speed past the entrance with no regard for pedestrians. For my part, I have been experiencing some lower back/hip pain with my preggo weight gain, so I walk with a slight limp, and I am pretty slow when it flares up (this happens every pregnancy, somehow all that joint relaxing hormone floods my body a bit too much and too soon-- so everything loosens up and hurts for the duration of the pregnancy)

So I looked both ways before stepping into the street, and saw a small compact car turn into the road that goes in front of this long line of storefronts, but it was way down, so I went ahead and started across. I hear this car accelerate (and it was much faster than it should have been for the situation, IMO, she saw me step into the street and purposely sped up to show me how big and bad her car and driving was ) and she, of course, gets to where I am crossing before I am past, so she dramatically slams on her breaks, and opens her car door and yells "Hey you fat cow, you need to be getting some pep in your step when you see me coming, b***h!" and slams her car door shut with her and her passenger hooting and hollering at how clever and funny they are and speed off down the shopping center road.

I am fat, I have no problem with people describing me as fat, I call myself fat, but not in a demeaning or teasing way, it is just something that I am. Fat. It doesn't define the whole of me. BUT... this was not a description of me, it was a mean spirited barb, and I wasn't in the wrong. She sped up to make a point (of some sort--I am still trying to figure out what it was ) I was mostly out of her way when she approached me, it didn't have to be so dramatic of a stop on her part. And I wasn't staring her down or anything when I was crossing the road.

I guess as a young woman I would NEVER have had the audacity to yell that at someone! Even if they did get in my way. Sadly, I think this is becoming more and more the norm

Oi vai! How rude!!!!! Did you think about walking slower and slower

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Originally Posted by Rorshach View Post
usually when I catch people being that stupid I usually ask, "Did you have to go to college to learn how to be that stupid, or does it come naturally?"
<Grin>....if we're in public, DH starts whistling "If I Only Had a Brain" from the Wizard of Oz. (It's a rare sublety on his part.)
"Happiness is a ball of yarn." ---{=^;^=}
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My grandmother!! Talk about having no filters between her brain and her mouth! There are so many examples, but the ones that really got to me were the ones after my dd was born.

DD had issues with eating, but I just fed her more often to make sure she got enough. We get a call from my uncle one day and my grandmother was calling everyone telling them that my poor little girl was starving. Then someone in town told me that she told them that my little girl was too big!

If it was cold out and we were visiting at my dad's, she'd see DD sitting in her carrier seat with a sweater over her clothes and say "Is that what you brought her out with?" I would totally call her on it though and say "It's 25 below outside (celsius), do you think I'm so incompetent that I took her outside like that?"

It happened a couple of times that she called and I would run in from outside with the baby (she was just months old, so I HAD to carry her around) and my grandma would say "Did you leave the baby outside?" My answer "Of course I did, I just put her down in the middle of the street before running inside where I can't see her. She'll be fine." I know, I'm horrible.

Her insulting though could be very bad. We were in a restaurant once and a woman was there in a semi mini-skirt and a tank top. She didn't look bad or anything and was not what I would call overweight. My grandmother, in a very loud and carrying voice, said "Can you believe that she would go out in public like that? I would think she would put on a decent dress and be respectable in town where people can see her. It would also do her good to lose about 25lbs." (At the time I needed to lose more than that, so I knew she was 'sending me' a message). When I tried to point out that she was being rude and insensitive, she looked at me and said the most outrageous thing: "I'm old, I'm allowed."
"Be afraid of bears, of bungee-jumping, of faulty wiring in old houses, but never, ever be afraid of trying something in knitting." Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Knitting Rules

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When I was pregnant with DS, I was crossing a street and had the same experience--car accelerated, whipped into a right turn and drove over the curb in an attempt to hit me, drunk leaned out the window: "Baw haw haw, you can get knocked DOWN, too, b***!"
For once, for beautiful once, everything worked well...not only did I jump out of the way, but there was also a cop car in the street they turned into. Last I saw, the idiots were having a meaningful conversation with the officers.
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I honestly can't believe how idiotic some people can be! I've read this thread just shaking my head.
My sister in law is a special ed teacher. She teaches the lowest level. Most of her students are in wheelchairs with very severe mental disabilities. She is one of the most patient and loving people I have ever met. One day a student's nurse was sick so there was a sub. The sub was an older lady who during lunch told my sister in law, that because she was so good with her students God would probably give her and my brother a disabled child. Who would say that to anyone?!? I would like to believe she meant well and it was a compliment but it's hard to considering what she said!

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shaly, what kinda person says that about a beloved cat. i lost my chinchilla last week to old age and was heart broken over her death. when i lost my cocker spaniel 5 1/2 years ago i took a week of work i was so upset, and i knew she was going to die as she had a rare cancer that we had been going to chemo for nearlya year for! some people just dont get it. my dad being one of those people. all he said after my darling chin died was your not going to be stupid enough to get anotherone are you, then started argument after argument all day!!
mamamer, do you think its a little envious that you have 3 georgous boys and are lucky enough to have another 1 on the way? im like you i want a larger family as well, i say as long as you have the time and can afford your kids then what business is it of anyone elses!!

stitchwitch, omg. think id wana murder someone that was like that with me!! i dont work through my own choice either (i also dont take benifits etc either as thats not right with not working through choice).
i have a grandmother one as well. when i was 18 i was a us size 8, very fit and ate anything and everything under the sun because i neede to or i would loose loads of weight in just one wee (i had that kind of matabalisum). i was sitting eating yet another domino pizza (afetr a propper meal i will add, i look back going omg how on the earth did i eat like that now). i was informed that i would not be able to fit through the house soon as i ate so much!! which i did but had to. i was also called a tart because i spent the night with ds's father before we were married (we never did get married and now a single parent, god how she must have hated that hehe). he was on the couch btw so nothing like that lol.

the opther thing that sticks in my mind is when i was 16 mum and me went on a last minute deal cruise, we didnt check it out at all, just liked where it was going and the price was good. we got there and it was awful. older ladies (70+ mainly) would come up to me and say how lovley it was that 2 sisters would come on a cruise together!! i was a young looking 16 to boot hehe. mum had a gruin from ear to ear hehe

the optehr one happened about 2 wereks ago. i went with my dad to see his gp (he dosent speak french so i went to translate for him). i took ds who is 5 as i had no one that could lookl after him for me. went into the surgery to see a young (rather good looking doc) who was about the same age as me (26) to be told that my husbands astmah was absolutly fine!! omg he's nearly 60 and looks older! ds thought this was helarious that grandad was his daddy for the 20 mins we were in there. dad was chuffed as a young man thought he could get a woman under 30!! me not so again hehe

i cant get how people can be so damn rude though to everyone. i got a lot of comments being ina catholic (yeah right) country and being a single parent (i have a dp who lives in england), why cant people live and let live. just dont get it

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