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I do both. I've crocheted for years (since I was about 14 or so and I'm 44 now... gramma taught me) but only 're-learned' to knit last year after my Mom tried to teach me when I was about the same age as I started crocheting. The trouble was that my Mom was left handed and I'm right handed so it was hard for me to figure out from her instructions.

I gave up on knitting for a long time. Since my Mom had passed on, she left me her small stash of yarn and her knitting supplies, last year, I picked up her needles and decided that I was going to 're-learn' how to knit.

I mostly make afghans and slippers with crochet but I'm doing much more with knitting. I've started my first top down raglan (almost done with the sleeve increases), I've made some tube socks and I'm just starting my first pair of real toe up socks I'm really happy about starting real socks...

Honestly, I really do like both crafts equally. Knitting is great for wearables that don't weight a ton since the fabric is thinner while crocheting is quicker and better for large things like afghans (gotta love granny squares...).

But, my first love is crochet since I've been doing it for so long. Granny squares was the first thing that I learned and it's still my favorite thing to do (well, squares in general...).

And I agree with Nichan, that I have to think a lot more when I knit. To me, crocheting is so much easier, the pattern is easier to keep track of. When I knit, I have to keep counting to make sure that I'm in the right place. When I'm crocheting, I can just look at what I've done and know whether I'm off or not.

One example of the difference for me is... making a shawl. I made the Seraphina shawl in less than a week, working a few hours a day on it. For a simple triangular shawl, garter stitch, it took me well over a month. I'm DEFinitely not a speed knitter
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I learned both as a child...and forgot both. Then retaught myself crochet, and finally knitting...and I love both, though I find myself knitting most.

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Interesting thread, as I've thought about the why of each in my life.

I'm left handed, no one else in my family is, and the few female adults gave up trying to teach me to crochet or knit. A civilian nurse I worked with when I was in the Army taught me to crochet, patient Mrs. Phillips!

It wasn't until I saw a demonstration of continental knitting that this craft became possible for me. Patterns are very confusing to me if I'm required to do any math with them. READING the pattern for a Mobius scarf gave me a first rate headache.

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I do both too. My Mom taught me to crochet when I was little. I never saw her knit, but have since learned that she did know how to knit too. Guess she just enjoyed crochet more at that point. I taught myself how to knit several years ago... and after much struggling with learning how to manipulate two needles instead of one hook, I finally got it (practiced on many a dish/wash cloth and scarves).

Now I enjoy doing both and not being limited when looking at patterns. That was my main reason for wanting to learn to knit. I got so tired of seeing a knit pattern that I loved and had to pass it up.

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Becky Morgan
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Originally Posted by remclave View Post
I switch between knit and crochet without any problems.
Same here. I couldn't make any sense out of knitting books after learning to crochet, so I knit Continental-combined-weird but it works

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i can do both.

my mom taught herself when i was little and tried many times to teach my sister, never got into it...then one day in hopes i would FINALLY sit still she taught me and i took to it quickly...

years later i decided i wanted something new and taught myself to knit

i still do both...
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I taught my self to crochet with books about five years ago and it has saved me tons of $$ on baby shower gifts. I started to mess with knitting about a year ago and I think I'm doing rather well. My Mom crocheted some but I don't ever remember her doing so. My Grandmother also crocheted but I don't recall anyone in my Fam knitting. I think it's the personality that determines how well you catch on. Plus having a family member to teach you has got to be an advantage too.
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I do both! I was taught both by my Grandmother so I never thought anything of it. I often do both on one project by adding in a crochet edging on things. I think I prefer crochet edgings to knit ones. Perhaps I'm strange too? My hubby sure thinks I am.
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Yep...taught myself to crochet with books...Knitting was for sure more difficult...but I was fortunate to have a wonderful "crafty" lady living across the street from me....only problem is she has passed on and I still have knitting questions.....

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:sigh: I guess I should expand a little on my previous reply ...I'm just not very verbose... I learned how to crochet from a Coats & Clark pamphlet that I picked up in the late 70s. I never could stand granny squares though as I found the patterns rather boring. I fell in love with the intricacies of lace doilies though but didn't actually pursue doilies until after I learned how to knit in June of 1984. That's when I bought a bunch of lamb's wool that was on clearance and a pattern (the Pride of Ireland seen here - go to the bottom of the page.) I chose this as my learning project as I have a bad habit in believing I can do anything I set my mind to. My grandmother said I had the patience of Methuselah as she watched me tear out my knitting at least two dozen times before I finally figured out how to do each of the different stitches that were included in the pattern... bobbles & cables. I finished that afghan on Christmas Eve 1984 and it still looks pretty good considering how felted it has become. Just this past winter, I sat down for one evening and taught myself to do continental-styled knitting. It took less than a week for it to be just as comfortable as the English method and MUCH faster. Now, because I can hold my yarn in the same hand, I can literally switch from using knitting needles to a crohook to a crochet hook in one project and be comfortable with any of the methods involved.

I will say this... I am still a novice after 22 plus years BECAUSE I love to learn new techniques and haven't always concentrated on quantity. I have learned lots of awesome tips and techniques since being part of this wonderful community!
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