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You know you're a knitter when...

You're slightly far-sighted but cannot put your knitting down, even though your glasses are just in the next room and you have a splitting headache from the eye strain! (true story...)

You can read the terms k2tog, k1 p1, ssk, and rev St st without thinking it's a foreign language.

You're conquering a WIP for hours on end and absolutely refuse to take bathroom breaks.

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Originally Posted by Firey Vixxen View Post
You Know you're a Knitter When... You have organised your wallet to hold all the essentials-Highlighter, Pattern, Ruler, Scissors, Darning needle, and small ball of yarn.
Now if only I could get the needles to fit
Use circs, they will fit!
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Originally Posted by divagirl View Post
i knew I was a knitter the day I realized that while I would never spend $80 on a sweater at a store, I would happily pay the same $80 (or more) on yummy yarn to make myself a sweater!
SO true!
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You kniow youre a knitter when...

1. You go somewhere new and before you set off you google to see if there are any wool shops near bye. (yes i did this)

2. When in shops you stop buying warm cloths and think it would be cheaper to knitt that. Even tho i have not yet completed a peice of clothing.

3. You spend hours looking on here for answers.
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You know you're a knitter when
1. the husband of a friend of a friend of your mother's drops by specially to give you some needles he found on his recycling route. (Almost 50 pairs, plus some really old looking sock needles in their original packaging!)
2. you plot to escort your sisters/friends to a city for drama auditions, because it has lots of yarn shops you haven't plundered yet!
3. no one needs to ask what you want for Christmas, only where they can get it from, and what 'worsted weight' means.
4. classmates from years ago contact you by email because somehow the news got to them that you knit, and they want lessons.
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Here's one fer ya'll,
You know you're a knitter when:
You have all your "yarn porn" (vogue knitting, etc.) on the side of the tub where you can read it while doing yer bidniss on the ol' throne. Dang, I'll BRB hafta facilitate the utilities..........
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Originally Posted by sab View Post
You kniow youre a knitter when...

1. You go somewhere new and before you set off you google to see if there are any wool shops near bye. (yes i did this)

I do that too!
I knit because the voices tell me to
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one more which my collegues pointed out.

I look forward to night shifts now cos it means i get to knitt for hours. Ten hour night shifts bring them on.
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You know you are a knitter when you have read this thread three times, still laugh because you see yourself in all the posts and wonder if you should do an intervention for our teen knitter whose stash is probably bigger than many of our's combined!
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knitncook there, too!

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You know you're a knitter when:

You automatically decide you'll like someone simply because "Well, s/he's a knitter!"

The only thing you find a reasonably alternative to knitting is reading knitting-related content.

You taught yourself to read while knitting.... but you also have acquired a huge stock of audiobooks so you don't have to do the acrobatics involved in physically reading a book.

You've written a script that reads your e-mail to you so you can knit and stay up with family/friends.

Your 6-year old nephew took up knitting because he wanted something to do with you. ^_^

Ravelry has eaten your life.

The amount of money you've invested in yarn could buy a car and/or a couple of snazzy laptops.

You wonder if you can claim yarn as a medical/mental-health deduction since it keeps you sane.

You do charity knitting because you want to help out, but also secretly because all the people you knit for have all the hats, scarves, socks, sweaters, gloves, etc they could ever want and you still have yarn left!

You find yourself giving up previous addictions in order to fund your "habit."

You look at people as though they're speaking another language when they ask, "Do you really need 3 drawers full of needles and 2 interchangeable sets?"

People don't believe you when you say you don't have yarn in a certain color/fiber, because, for serious, with a stash that size, how can you not??

If you have a project in your purse, your car, your desk, your laptop bag, your backpack, your locker, your office, every room in your house and every vehicle "just in case."

You knit while waiting on line at the bank, the grocery store, the take-out window, while on the phone with tech support, while on the phone, period, while stuck in traffic, ... anywhere, really....

When you're up at 1:34 a.m., browsing a knitting forum, thinking up reasons you're a knitter and knitting between posts. ^_^

Find me on as Quiara. ^_^
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